This summer, wearing “vest+skirts” is simple and beautiful, cool with a summer


As a fanatic enthusiast, I can’t accept that there is no half skirt all summer. But, this seemingly simple item is actually quite difficult to match. Many people are helpless in their hands. Because there will always be a strange phenomenon, people wear beauty bubbles, and it is like a ham to packaged by themselves. Is there no solution? Of course not, learn these universal formulas below, easy to get fashion skills.

Part1 -vest+skirt


The suspender vest is really the greatest invention of human beings. It is a representative of sexy, unruly, casual and lazy. Matching with the hip skirt is simply a combination of heaven, and it looks good at the same sex. The classic leopard printing satin skirt is paired with a white camisole with the same fabric, and then choosing a word -buckled nude sandals is a beauty that can be controlled by any body and complexion.


People with a wide cheekbone may not think so. It doesn’t matter, there is a way to solve it. The high -slit skirt exists to enjoy. Although it is also high -pocket hips, the room left in the slit can resolve the embarrassment of lack of figure in the lower body. Similarly, the small camislars falling down with the puppets and cuffs. As long as the color is not conflicted, how can you choose? However, remember that those with folds in the abdomen must not be suitable for people with protruding small belly, and they will look fatter.

For people with good figures, wall cracks recommend this style that is relatively unusual. The upper body is a bellyband -like design. The lace on the edge is concise and clear. With a colorful oil painting wind skirt, the artistic atmosphere was full. This type is suitable for a long neck, obvious collarbone, and a superior figure.

Part2 -shirt+skirt

Don’t think that the matching of shirts and skirts is common, it is tantamount to holding it. Because of the particularity of the shirt version and style, it is very skillful in the selection style. It is not recommended to choose the silhouette. It is better to replace it with bat sleeves or wide sleeves. The overall OVER style is not necessary, otherwise it will appear very swollen. This is a simple style of this neutral style. It is matched with the super literary print skirt, and the waist is held in one knot. Then use slippers to increase the sexy, which can make the weight ratio better balance.


Speaking of which, you have to mention it. Generally speaking, it is more difficult to control the color of the color of the color. It is relatively simple, such as the basic white model, and it is more likely to produce temperament and brightening skin tone. So for people at the entry level, white shirts are worth get. In order to prevent the overall not excellent, the skirt can be bright and bright, which is in line with the sense of opening up in summer.

Or the same color matching can also be considered, the most classic is red. The red suspender is equipped with the same color shirt, and the skirt chooses a red and white plaid model. This kind of deep color matching can look more temperament. In the same way, other colors can also be done in this way.


Part3 -high waist T -shirt+half skirt

Why must it be emphasized here? This is easy to occur because the conventional length T -shirt is prone to occur. Too much stacking on the hem causes the visual abdomen to protrude, or because the length of the skirt does not control the effect of wearing five or five points. No matter which one is not conducive to our concave shape.


The advantage of high waist T -shirt is that it can automatically divide our figure to the ratio of three or seven points. At the same time, in order to ensure the effect, you can choose a high -slit skirt for matching. The positive slit can modify the thighs, and the simple black and white shows a tenderness. Such a style is very suitable for pulling the route.

If the waistline is good, you can also show it boldly. The T -shirt of knitted fabrics has a sense of lightness, but it will add a sexy style with connotation with short skirts. For example, the style of two different factions is superimposed, and the director is particularly foreign.

Ordinary T -shirts, especially Over T -shirts, are not unable to wear, but most people may not be able to hold it. Rather than taking risks, it is better to enjoy it. And we only said high waist, and we did not require it to be tight.