Dongguan Parent -Child Activities Pleasant Goat, Becken Bear … Tens of thousands of dolls are waiting for you to carnival


The opening scene of the opening of the first China (Dongguan) doll carnival in 2017 was taken by reporter Chen Fan

Citizens take pictures on the carnival

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Children, your exclusive summer vacation has been “arrived”. How should you play this summer vacation?

May wish to go to the Wanjiang South China Mall to laugh at the world! On July 8th, the first China (Dongguan) doll carnival was opened, and tens of thousands of cute dolls waited for you to have a carnival with you!

东莞亲子活动 喜羊羊、贝肯熊…… 数万只公仔等你来狂欢

The doll carnival is guided by Dongguan City’s care of the next -generation work committee, and jointly organized by Guangdong Harbin Harbin -Hazari Animation Culture Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Parent -Child Activity Platform.

On the opening day, Wang Fuguang, former member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, commander of the Dongguan Military Division, the current deputy director of the Dongguan Municipal Customs Work Committee, the deputy president of the Dongguan Newspaper Media Group, and the editor -in -chief of Dongguan Times Tan Junbo participated in the opening ceremony.

It is understood that the doll carnival has attracted the participation of many well -known IPs such as “Happy Goat and Big Big Wolf”, “Super Flying Man” and “Obligatory Bear”. Many well -known cartoon characters formed the ocean of dolls will bring you an unprecedented visual experience.

The activities are not only visible, but also play. Citizens at the scene can complete the group photo mission with the doll according to the guidelines and receive a genuine small doll souvenir.

This year’s doll carnival exhibition period is one and a half months, and the end of August 20. Do not miss the interested citizens.

东莞亲子活动 喜羊羊、贝肯熊…… 数万只公仔等你来狂欢

/Doll ocean/

Well -known anime IP first gathered in Dongguan

On the morning of July 8th, the reporter came to the fourth floor of the Mall on the fourth floor of Wanjiang South China to see the grand occasion of the doll carnival. As soon as I arrived at the scene, the lovely puppets such as Super Flying, Kumamoto Bear came warmly to welcome, and the carnival with the doll opened.

It is understood that this doll carnival has attracted the participation of many well -known IPs such as “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, “Super Flying Man”, “Instant Bear”, “Domineering and Plant War”, “Star Inters”, and “Stupid Mouse”.

At the scene, many well -known cartoon characters such as Sheep, Gray Wolf, Le Di, Little Ai, Becken Bear, Star Ant, and other well -known cartoon characters formed the ocean of dolls, bringing unprecedented visual experiences to citizens. The staff introduced funnyly: “This is the Global Doll Congress.”

As one of the organizers, the relevant person in charge of the Dongguan parent -child activity platform introduced: “All the dolls appeared in the carnival are genuine, they are the original outstanding anime characters. This event will be a cute image on the screen with plush toys with plush toys. The form of moving to reality will bring a brand new experience to the public. “


Various kinds of interactive play for one day

In addition to a “dating” with various anime cartoon characters, the audience can complete the group photo mission with the doll according to the guidelines, and receive a genuine small doll souvenir.

On the opening day, thousands of cute “black baby” ocean with a little anger, tailor -made two meters of bear bears two, creative super flying man turntables, grabbing the limelight of the activity. The audience also lost their resistance and took a photo with the doll.

In addition to the group photo experience, the “Block Kingdom Interactive theme area” was also set up at the scene. As long as the audience completes a simple small task, they can bring their children into the theme area to play blocks. More than 20,000 Lego, stackle, and giant castle building blocks allow parent -child families to play for a whole day.

In addition, the doll sales area was set up at the scene. Cartoon images such as “Le Di”, “Bear”, “Hi Sheep” transformed into a smart toy that was enlightened. Citizens could also bring their favorite toys home. It is worth mentioning that the event is genuine whether this event is displayed or sold.

/On -site close -up/

67 -year -old man transforms into a “mermaid”

In the “Blue Ocean” area, the blue set is paired with dolphins, sharks, starfish and other dolls. Under colorful lights, it seems like entering the “Crystal Palace” in mythology.

The hottest area is a white mussel shell. As soon as the children arrived here, they couldn’t help but lie down on the mussel shell.

In order to facilitate the citizens to take pictures, the organizer purchased four mermaid skirts. As long as they were put on the legs, they could be transformed into the princess of “mermaid”.

Some mermaid princess dream is not just children and young girls. On the morning of July 8th, Aunt Cui and their sons and grandsons came to play on the scene. When the 67 -year -old Aunt Cui also put on the dream scene, she also put on it. The mermaid’s “tail” was lying obliquely on the mussel shell as a princess. The son took a lot of photos for her, and after sending to the circle of friends, he immediately received countless praises.