The handmade cotton shoes bought by one yuan, why do the old people wear it from morning to night, warming their feet and warmth?


Source: Voice of China of Central Radio and Television Station


“This shoe is so comfortable,

I wear it all day long,

Except for sleeping, I will wear it together.

Can’t buy such good shoes,

Thanks! Thanks! “

Yunyang Community, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang,

Cecilia Hua, who lives alone, received a handmade cotton shoes bought by one yuan,

Happy like a child.

Master Ahong, who is making shoes, is even more pleased

△ The old man from Cecilia Cheung received cotton shoes made by Master Ahong

Master Ahong, named Shen Caohong, is 53 years old this year.

Because of the sequelae of pediatric paralysis, his legs are disabled.

The conditions at home are not good, but his life has always been full of sunshine, self -reliance.


A few years ago, with the help of the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Jiaxing City,

He opened the “Love Pavilion” at the entrance of the community;

Start selling drinks and biscuits;

Later, handmade cotton shoes were sold

Also registered trademarks.

△ Master Ahong handmade cotton shoes at home

Over the years, Master Ah Hong has received a lot of help from good intentions;

For many years, Master Ahong has been thinking about what kind of method,

Put your love from yourself


Beginning in 2016, Master Ahong made a batch of handmade cotton shoes every year.

“One yuan” price “one yuan”

For those in need, send warmth in the cold winter.

△ Double -cotton shoes are from Master Ahong’s hands

This winter, Master Ahong’s “Love Workshop”

Open as scheduled.

He handled many pairs of cotton shoes.

Because of the inconvenience

Entrust community volunteers and send them to the elderly in the community.

When I got cotton shoes, the old people couldn’t wait to wear it,

Some have to take a few steps at home and show it.

88 -year -old Wang Guiying said:

“These cotton shoes are strong and warm,


Thank you for remembering that we live alone in the elderly,

We are so happy! “

△ Community workers come to the door to send shoes to the elderly living alone

Master Ahong’s love,

Drive the Yunyang community

The atmosphere of the neighborhood of “love for the elderly, respects the elderly, and helps the elderly”;


“One yuan purchase” cotton shoes,

It has also become a brand activity of home care.

△ Community staff distribute cotton shoes for the elderly

With its Zhao Zhao, it makes people Zhao Zhao.

A little candlelight, make love hot,

Master Ahong said:

“One yuan is just a symbolic meaning,

Everyone has been helping me,

I want to be grateful and give back to the society. “

Ordinary casting great, heroes come from the people, everyone is terrible!

Your appearance is gratitude, your appearance is ordinary flash, and your appearance brings us warmth and strength!

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Reporter 丨 Zhejiang Taiwan reporter Bai Zhiqing Gao Qiuping