Luo Jin dresses “Chinese style”, and wearing suits must be improved.


#What to wear today#




For men, the items that show the face are nothing more than watch, cars, and wearing. Watches and cars are bonus points, and wearing is the main item that shows their identity and temperament. This means the best The suit that shows the quality of temperament is for male compatriots

How important is it


However, although the ordinary pure black suit is very handsome, it is also very domineering to wear, but it is always too formal daily wear to give people a kind of

Weird feeling

So as a man, how to choose a suit that suits you in daily life?

You can refer to Luo Jin. Luo Jin dresses the “Chinese style”. Wearing a suit must be improved. It is not obvious to wear. Luo Jin is simply a men’s wear template. The “Chinese style” suit is simple and novel. Refreshing and casual.

Can you satisfy it very comfortable when you are satisfied with the good -looking? This may become a question that many male compatriots need to think about. In fact

The answer is still very simple


Let’s follow the steps of Xiaobian.

Different styles of suit matching

Recommendation for leisure suit wearing:

Recommended color: light blue

Recommended style: sloping placket style

For loose outside, the sloping placket is the characteristic that can retain the loose itself and not

A bloated style.

And this style is very Chinese -style, the Chinese -style classical and Western style formal combination, the design is very simple but very novel, and can be able to

Very good to modify the figure.

Even the male comrades with a small belly can be well modified, and the combination of the upper saturation is relatively low

Blue or rice color


, Don’t feel too impressive.

Compared to those who are super thin on the body, such a suit is

Really fresh

It is also very convenient to match when it is matched. It is more suitable whether it is paired with suit pants or casual jeans.

In addition, the choice of such a suit is also

It’s relatively free,

The solid colors or shirts of the middle collar or the high -necked collar can wear a very personable feeling.

Trendy suit recommendation:

Recommended style: denim suit

Cowboy represents young and wild, while suits represent maturity and stability. Two unreasonable elements and styles can be produced together

What kind of chemical reactions

Woolen cloth? Most suites are old -fashioned, especially for pure black suits, this dull feeling is even stronger.

But after combining denim elements, it is more

It looks young

When matching, it can be combined with relatively simple but stripes inward, so that the overall color is more active. In addition, there is a retro sense of Hong Kong style.

It’s really good

And this suit has no contrary to the slightest suit with suit pants or jeans. Boys can also wear a sense of sight of the handsome guy.

It’s worth gay to get

Leisure board is in a suit recommendation:

Recommended style: conventional black models

The conventional black suit can be said to be said to

The most classic in the suit

One style, wearing it on the body has a very positive feeling.


For those who are not confident in your temperament, or you feel yourself

The figure is more average

The handsome guys are recommended to achieve a correction effect through a suit. The loose black suit is more slim than that, although it looks more old -fashioned, but at the same time

It looks casual

For the fat and handsome guys, obviously wearing such a suit is more handsome than wearing a slim suit. When choosing inside

Recommended dark colors


More suitable, and the whole set of colors is also very.

Analysis of the Playboy suit wearing:

Recommended color: ink style

A suit with a colorful suit is a great item that can show the mature side of the dressing person, especially

Classical elements like ink and ink

After the combination of each other, with the black lining, the overall is very harmonious and very handsome. It has a cynical feeling of Huahua Gongzi, but there is no lack of scholar temperament.


All in all, it is still very tasteful and decent. It is also very important to attend a major occasion to attend a major occasion.

Versatile and good -looking


When you are wearing such a suit.

If you want to look more sexy by yourself, you can buckle two shirt buttons downward, just show your chest and collarbone.

Don’t be too domineering.

When choosing shoes, you can choose a more delicate solid -color leather shoes. It is really versatile and reflects the taste of dressing people.

In addition, it is also very suitable for age reduction as a middle -aged person, and it is also very very very suitable

Follow the aesthetics of middle -aged people

Don’t forget to recommend it to their boyfriend while recommending them to their boyfriends

Recommend to yourself


Mature suit recommendation:

Recommended color: dark blue

Although the suit itself is a very versatile item, some light -colored suits are not suitable for older men, so

What kind of suit

What’s more suitable for gay men? That’s a dark suit.

What I want to recommend here is a dark blue suit, combined

A certain degree of reflection


It gives people a sense of vision of shark skin. It has a very advanced feeling on the body, and it can also show the taste and value of dressing people.

Such a low -luxury suit is very suitable for the upper -level leaders to see the customer service.

Single buckle slim design

It is also very helpful to reflect the figure of the dressing person and make the dressing person look more upright, but such a suit

A sense of maturity

A bit too strong.

Relatively speaking, it is only suitable for the older handsome guys to wear, and for young boys, they may

It has the effect of showing old.

Fashion summary:

Relatively speaking, the loose suit is even more

Follow and daily

So if the handsome guy wants to wear daily trends through a suit, you can choose a loose color suit, especially the light color, which will help

Towards youth


If the dark and loose suit is long, the style is more biased towards the coat, so you can use the matching skills of the coat when matching

Mature and rational direction

Walking, it is also very good -looking with turtleneck sweater.