Counterfeit, unlicensed! The pharmaceutical regulatory bureau reports two cosmetics again


Also fake products and “certificates” products.

Text 丨 Wu Ruoyu

Yesterday, the State Drug Administration issued a notice on the cessation of the cosmetics such as Bayuncao Skin Clear Cream (soothing repair type) and other cosmetics. The content of the notice shows that the labeling of the currently sold on the market is the Ba Yuncao Skin Care Cream of Jiayou Jiabao (Beijing) Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. and the entrusted party as Shandong Lvheyuan Washing Products Co., Ltd. (soothing Repair type) is counterfeit cosmetics; indicating that the manufacturer is the old Chinese medicine six -flavor acne cream of Wenzhou Chimei Skin Co., Ltd., which shows that it has not been registered or filed. Since the beginning of this year, a number of fakes or registered cosmetics have been reported by the drug supervision bureau.

True and false “Eight Yun Cao”


It is not uncommon for fake cosmetics. Due to the large market capacity and low falsification costs, enterprises imitate the quality of 70%-80%of the original products, coupled with extremely low sales and promotion costs, they can gain higher profits in the market. There are also some bad businesses to compress the cost by reducing the standards of raw materials and lowering production management standards to maximize benefits.

In this notice, the attorney is marked with the Babei Skin Care Cream (soothing repair type) of the Yutong Jialibao (Beijing) Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., and the entrusted party to the Shandong Lvheyuan Washing Products Co., Ltd. Counterfeit cosmetics. After investigation, the product is similar to the eight -rhyme grass skin care cream developed by Beijing Union Biomedical Cosmetics Technology Development Co., Ltd., all of which are moisturizing and moisturizing creams for children’s sensitive skin. However, the notice identified as a product “Eight Charming Cao Toning Care Cream (Solid Repair)”, and did not find relevant filing on the official website of the State Drug Administration. At present, you can still search for the “Bayuncao Skin Care Cream (soothing repair)” on the e -commerce platform.

What’s more noteworthy is that according to the “Regulations for Children’s Cosmetics Supervision and Administration” issued by the State Drug Administration on October 8 this year, children’s cosmetics are cosmetics with cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing, and sun protection. This product belongs to children’s cosmetics, but it uses the vocabulary of adult skin care products such as sensitive muscles and repair on the e -commerce business platform, which has blurred the boundary between children’s skin care products and adult skin care products.

No “certificate” product

Another labeling manufacturer is the old Chinese medicine six -flavors acne cream of Wenzhou Chimei Skin Co., Ltd., which found that the product was not registered or filed without registration. On the official website of the Drug Administration, the filing date of the six flavors of the six flavors of the old Chinese medicine was 2014-12-23, and it has been canceled and filing. But on the Taobao platform, the product is still sold.


Since the promulgation of the “Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations”, the state has more strict supervision of cosmetics, and comprehensively controls the production and operation process of cosmetics. Some companies still take risks and choose to sell or produce unregistered cosmetics. The State Drug Administration and local drug supervision bureaus have also notified such products many times. Not long ago, the State Drug Administration issued a notice on cosmetics such as “Ai Shengbao Baicao Wang Yuyan Meisore” and other cosmetics. (No. 79, 2021). These products in the notice are products that have not been registered or filed.


Consumption channels have changed, consumers have poured into online platforms, and online sales are intricate, and the supervision work needs to be more thorough. Therefore, in response to the counterfeit and unregistered cosmetics in the market, the State Drug Administration launched a special operation of the cosmetics “online net net offline” on October 11. Cosmetics that are registered or unpacking: cosmetics that have not been registered or have not filed, used by others, and have been required to stop operating. Recently, the notification of a series of counterfeit cosmetics and unqualified enterprises is precisely the efforts of the relevant national departments to screen step by step and clear the net.