Use 3 Australian lambs to woven scarves, soft clouds, warm as lover embrace


There are several scarves in each woman’s wardrobe, but only pure wool scarves can be both in the cold winter

With bright light and warmth and comfort, it can better reflect your taste and temperament than jewelry



Love to wear black and white and gray, make a bright scarf,

The crowd is fashionable and dazzling


Wearing a bright sweater and jeans, the impact is too strong, with a dark red or gray scarf, the whole person is soft and close, and the sense of fashion is not diminished.


You are in front of you

Australian lambs first shear


Mu wool scarf


Even the cold winter, it can make you show your beauty.

◎ Australian pure wool wool,


1 scarf = 3 young sheep 1 year yield

◎ Velvet over 19 microns,

4 times thinner than adult hair

, Light and skin -friendly unimaginable

◎ Many years of experience, the master handles it by hand


, Disposal to double -sided velvet, no stitching is more delicate and smooth


◎ Weighing only 180g, fluffy as clouds, firmly block the cold wind

The classic style that is never out of date, whether wearing skirts and pants, feels high -level,

Give it to your lover and friends, resist the cold wind with warmth, and thank you for your companionship for a year.

There are many options for men and women.


, Warm like lovers and similar temperament.

Winter warm heart price


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In all scarfs, my favorite is the weaved scarf.

Australian lamb cutting wool at the beginning ◎


4 times thinner of fluffy hair

This scarf used “riding on the back of the sheep



First cut lamb hair in Australia

In winter, the weak lambs will grow more dense and heavy fluff to resist the cold.

When the lamb is over the cold winter, it is time to change to the spring,


The first stubble of the sheep on the sheep will be kept as warm as Chunyang.

The small fluff on this lamb’s body reaches 19 microns, which is thinner than adult hair, soft and smooth,


It is also more precious than ordinary wool.

1 scarf = 3 lambs 1 year yield

100%wool, precious and soft every inch

It is delicate,

1 scarf takes 3 lambs to produce a year of 1 year.

Touching the soft and fluffy, the warmth is several times the ordinary wool

, Weaving into a scarf, the feel is delicate and not tie.

The good and slender wool, if it is processed with a machine, it is easy to damage the fiber structure and cause the velvet.

So this scarf is experienced through experienced teachers

Using double -sided fluffy methods, hand -woven, gentle feel, no curl -side miscellaneous lines, everything is smooth

The number reached 100, which is more delicate and soft than ordinary Mer Nu cashmere (40-60)

Essence In the past, only harsh and high -end luxury goods were willing to use it.

The fine thread is wrapped,

Wrap the heat tightly


The neck is gently cared for at any time and feels particularly comfortable.

The needle feet are delicate, warm and breathable

Even if you walk into the heating room outdoors, you will not feel hot.

It is more stiff than ordinary scarfs. Whether business trips to work, or participating in banquets, festivals and New Year’s Days, they all show their body without losing their standards.

The price of less than 100 yuan has the texture of the thousand yuan big name.

Female model adoption

Popular color matching in the season

The style is very high.


◎ Camel, light pink

: Classic versatile, brighten the skin color, show the gentleness and elegance of a woman


◎ Rice white, light gray


: Elegant and purple, stand up to temperament, suitable for women who like simple

◎ Positive red, wine red

: Expensive and fashionable, suitable for Chinese New Year, no matter what style can be controlled

Men’s model is adopted

The lattice design on behalf of the British gentleman

Regardless of whether it is formal or private, men can make men look handsome.

◎ Wide style

: Personality, elegant and stylish, are suitable for talking about work dating

Light blue, blue -red

: Low -key and calm, elite men’s standard standard

No matter how cold the weather, as long as there is a wool scarf, there is warmth and fashion.

Give your lover and parents, and let them pass warm throughout the winter.

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Winter warm heart price

Special offer limited to the day of the tweet