White hair dogs are clean and cute, what kind of white hair dog varieties are there?


There are many varieties of white hair dogs. There is no way to determine the dog’s breed simultaneously. White hairy dogs include West Gaosan White Stalk, Big Bargain, Pomeranian, Samoyed Dog, Big White Bear Dog, Silver Fox Dog, Beijing -Pakistan and other types. This kind of all -white dog is widely loved as a companion dog.

Western highland white stalk


The white stalks from the highlands of the western Scottish and pure white western parts originated in the 19th century. It is a variety with a good artistic temperament. It is a small body, playful, strong and strong, and has a strong combination of power and vitality.

From the perspective of white stalks in the western highland, the face is a bit like a fox, and the bridge of the nose is relatively long. Personality will be very negative, but its leg muscles are developed, showing strong strength and vitality.

Bichon Frise

The bears are gentle and observed, and a pleasant attitude is the significant feature of this variety, and it is easy to satisfy small things. Big Bear dogs are sensitive and naughty. They have light yellow, cheese or apricot shadows on the white body. Its head is round and stubborn.


Pomeranian is a German fox dog. It is a kind of played dog. Most of them are white and brown. They are one of the most lovely breeds in the world. Pomeranian’s tail is curled and cute, and it looks like squirrels, also known as squirrels. Bomei is loyal to the owner and is well -known. He is enthusiastic about the guests. It is not only a companion dog for rewards, but also as a housekeeping dog.


Bomei is small, cheerful, and agile, and is loved by people. It has a strong adaptability and is suitable for small houses.


The color of the Samoyed dog is white, and some of them will be light brown, cheese, and light brown. Other colors are lost.

The Satsuma dog is one of the popular display dogs and partner dogs. Its Satsuma -style smile is also very famous, and has the name of a smile of angels. It is also one of the three silly sleds.

Samoyed’s movements are very elegant, with a lively and cute appearance. It is very smart, learning is fast, but the offensive is not strong. Samoyed dogs are large, long hair, mild temperament, loyalty to the owner, and strong adaptability.

These characteristics of Satsuma have attracted much attention and are also popular.


Big white bear

Big white bear has the advantages that small dogs cannot compare. The big white bear dogs are larger, and their bodies are strong and coordinated. They are beautiful and elegant and show solemn and majestic. They have the emperor -like manner. They are one of the most powerful dogs today. Under various climatic conditions, you can loyal to your posts.

The hair of the big white bears is thick and thick, and the whole body is white. It is emotional and confident, gentle and friendly, calm and patience, not only strong sense of responsibility, but also loyalty and brave.


Silver fox


The silver fox dog is a Japanese dog, and the appearance is a pure white quilt. Not only is the owner’s life partner but also a very good watch dog.

The silver fox dog has a high alertness, independent and timid personality, and has a deep relationship with his first owner and is not easy to change.

Kyoto Dog

As a breed of dog breeding in China, the status of Jingba dogs in the minds of many dogs can be seen.


The Jingba dog is very emotional to the owner, it is very easy to integrate into the family, and establish a peaceful and trustworthy relationship with the owner. The Jingba dog’s figure is petite, with a pair of large watery eyes, and her personality is quiet and quiet, her feelings are delicate, loyal and smart.