The cracking of the BMW 5 Series wheels has become a problem with such a major defect, but BMW is so stunned


In 2017, BMW delivered 594,388 new vehicles in China, an increase of 15.1%year -on -year. As one of BMW’s main sales force, the BMW 5 Series luxury sedan sales reached 120,320 units last year, an increase of 6.3%year -on -year, accounting for 20%of BMW’s total sales share in China.

However, this is the long -standing veteran in the highly competitive luxury sedan market, but it has been frequently complained by the car owner to crack and deform. The “wheels” of the BMW 5 Series actually broke out from 2012 since 2012. Today, the cracked deformation of the BMW 5 Series wheels is still uninterrupted. Although it has been 7 years, BMW The manufacturer is still indifferent.

The special brother inquired about the well -known complaint website. The complaint about the cracking and deformation of the BMW 5 Series of wheels actually included the 2010 2010 -2017 model. One of the earliest complaints from October 4, 2012, when the 2012 530Li 3.0 leading car owner from Qingdao reflected the problem of deformation of the wheel to the 4S shop, but the “caused by personal driving” replies And the service staff of BMW Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. arrogantly told the owner that the complaint center only took the decision of the 4S shop as the standard.

A recent complaint comes from March 14, 2018. The 2015 530LE owner complained that “severe wheel deformation and rupture of the two tires in the next year’s shelf life, which seriously threatened driving safety.”

宝马5系轮毂开裂已成通病 如此重大缺陷宝马却至若惘然

Even a car owner from Sichuan reported at the 5 Series forum that his new 528Li new car suddenly burst suddenly at a speed of 40 kilometers at a speed of flat roads, and the tires were intact. According to the car owner, the new car was not bought for a month without any traffic accidents. Fortunately, the speed was not fast. If it was driving at a high speed, the consequences would be unimaginable!

宝马5系轮毂开裂已成通病 如此重大缺陷宝马却至若惘然

The most angry thing is that after the 4S shop was inspected, it was claimed that it was artificially damaged and refused to compensate! He also questioned the owner, “You said it is a quality problem, you come up with evidence!”. This attitude, this method of processing, is completely ignored by consumers’ lives!

宝马5系轮毂开裂已成通病 如此重大缺陷宝马却至若惘然

In the end, the owner was at an anger at the roadside and at a price of 200 yuan to the steel ring.

Ge Brother also searched the keyword “BMW 5 Series of Cracking and Transformed” on the Internet. There were 4.97 million search results! It can be seen that this problem has already become a 5 -series disease.

宝马5系轮毂开裂已成通病 如此重大缺陷宝马却至若惘然

The reason for the personal driving of the 4S store, the explosion -proof tires used, and the domestic road conditions are not adapted. There is no basis at all, and the BMW manufacturer is even more ignored by “the treatment method of the 4S shop”.

The BMW 5 Series has the quality defects of such major safety hazards. Seven years have passed, and no official explanation and recall have been given to now.

宝马5系轮毂开裂已成通病 如此重大缺陷宝马却至若惘然

Perhaps the life of hundreds of thousands of car owners is really worthless in BMW’s eyes.

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