These shoulder bags are practical and versatile!


The shoulder bag plays a very important role in our lives. Whether we usually go out of the street or use it to match clothes, the shoulder bag is the best accessories, so that we can easily dress up and become beautiful.


For the choice of shoulder bags, different MMs will have different views. Exquisite and stylish shoulder bags are definitely a must -have item for us to go out of the street. Today, I will take a look The value and practical shoulder bag.

TOP1. Retro cowhide handbag


The stylish handbags with full sense of style, the overall of the bag looks pure and pure, the plain white on the white purple handbrieler, the color system is extremely uniform.


Template material, high -end material selection, especially high -end, exquisite lock decoration, the overall shape is becoming more trendy and avant -garde, and the checkered lines of the bag itself are also particularly big.


TOP3. Retro fashionable shoulder bag

At a glance, it looks very retro fashion bags, exquisite lock decoration, highlighting a bit of casual big -name Feel. Simple classic models are more convenient and very practical.

TOP4. Japanese trend wide shoulder strap bag


A versatile and practical wide -shoulder strap bag, high -grade leather, the overall gloss is very good, the wide shoulder strap design of personality, we have no uncomfortable feeling, exquisite small bag shapes, especially fashionable.




The imported header cowhide makes the shape of the whole bag more strong. The warm and thick leather, the overall exudation of the casual Feel, the covered processing is very retro, the thick line of the hand sewing and the same color of the bag body is the same color system. The contrasting color is particularly eye -catching.



A particularly practical retro women’s bag, super large capacity, allows us to have a lot of convenience in the preliminary fashion. The comfortable vegetable tanned cowhide, the leather is warm and thick, and the contrasting treatment of personality is more intense.


The big name has Fan Fan retro women’s bags, elegant bucket shapes, which set off a bit of artistic and fashionable style. The inside of the bag has a design of cloth bag drawing. We are more secure and convenient to install things.