Thousand yuan tablets can also have blood performance Onda V18 Pro new product evaluation


1 The outstanding hardware configuration back to the top

【PConline Single Machine Evaluation】

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

Nowadays, the development of the tablet market is in full swing, and consumers’ vision is even more picky. Not only have a larger screen, a more beautiful appearance, a faster speed, and a longer battery life, the most important thing is that the price is cheaper. So, does this tablet really exist? Recently, Onda has produced a cost -effective thousand -yuan entertainment artifact -Onda V18 Pro. It is equipped with a 64 -bit Allwinner quad -core A63 processor first launched in the tablet to fully release the chip capacity and bring a full blood performance of 1.8GHz. Today, from this bloody A63 processor, what secrets are the secrets of Onda V18 Pro?

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

Onda V18 Pro (3G+64GB)

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

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Outstanding hardware configuration

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

The A63 processor is mainly developed based on the core of the ARM Cortex A53. At present, many mid -range mobile phones and smart devices choose this processor. The Cortex-A53 is based on ARM’s new generation 64-bit ARMV8 architecture. Compared with the previous architecture, it has greatly improved in data and floating-point unit operations and memory speed performance. In order to increase Cortex-A53 computing performance and low power consumption to a higher level, allwinner further developed and optimized the core of this high energy ratio, which fully released its potential. -Cache + 32KB L1 D-Cache, and share 512KB L2 Cache. The performance of almost blood, the power is far exceeding the core of other A53, and at the same time, it also has a better balance between high performance and power efficiency.

In order to see what the performance of this A63 processor is more directly, we used Antutu Benchmark for a pressure test. This software is a professional software that specializes in mobile phones and tablets for iOS and Android devices. The UE test (multi -task and virtual machine), CPU overall performance test, RAM memory test test, 2D/3D graphics performance test, and data storage I/O performance testing. From the figure, we can see that the overall load and core load rate of the CPU are 100%, indicating that this machine is in a high -performance working state, which is closer to the actual level. In this process, the core frequency is always 1600MHz, and the entire parameter of the CPU performance is maintained between 80%-100%. This result shows that this processor is good.

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

After introducing the processor, the graphics card is also important for tablet computers. Onda V18 Pro is equipped with Mali-T760 graphics processing. Mali-T760 is currently the mainstream graphics card commonly used in tablet computers. Mali-T760 supports 16 cores, with a maximum of 1MB L2 cache, a core frequency of 600MHz, a pixel filling rate of 9.6GP/s, a triangle generation rate of 1066.6mt/s. It reaches 326.4GFLOPS. It supports OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0/1.1, DX11.1 graphics specifications, and fully supports OpenCL 1.1 universal computing. At the same time, the Mali-T760 raised from the supported 8-core to 16 cores. ARM optimized the Mali-T760 L2 cache consistency to ensure that completely supports 16 nuclear combined lines. The direct feeling for users is to improve performance, running large games and applications smoother.

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

In addition to having powerful processors and graphics cards, Onda V18 Pro has also improved in memory. It breaks the operating memory limit of many thousand -dollar tablet computers and is equipped with high -speed memory of 3GB. This can greatly improve the processing performance, and the energy consumption is more optimized. At the same time, this machine is also equipped with a new generation of EMMC5.0 storage chips. The body memory is 64GB. It runs faster and more stable. The read speed has also been improved rapidly. In addition, Onda V18 Pro also supports up to 256GB of memory card expansion, which can store massive files.

After all, what is the comprehensive performance of Onda V18 Pro? We also used Antutu Benchmark to perform a comprehensive performance test. The score was 54245 points, of which the processor scored 24378 points, the graphics card score was 10268 points, and the storage score was 3534 points. Therefore, the comprehensive performance of Onda V18 Pro is quite satisfactory.

2 The appearance is also cool back to the top

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

The appearance is also cool

In addition to the difficulty of having the same price tablet computer, Onda V18 Pro also has the same cool appearance. The light and sturdy aluminum alloy material has a very outstanding metal texture. With the fine scrub, color, texture, and feel are mixed. At the same time, this machine also uses a precise CNC cutting process to outline the shining bright edges on the edge of the fuselage. At the same time, its figure is light enough, weighs only 576 grams, and the thickness is only 9 mm. The portability is self -evident.

Similarly, the screen of Onda V18 Pro also has highlights. It has a 2.5K ultra -clear IPS screen in a 10.1 -inch body, with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 retinal level, with nearly 4.1 million pixels, and its clarity is as high as 300PPI. Such a screen is very rare in the thousand -dollar tablet. Such a colorful screen brings a more hearty feeling to your daily life entertainment. In addition to having an excellent visual experience, Onda V10 Pro is also integrated into the newly upgraded eye protection mode, which effectively reduces the filtering blue light radiation. The comfortable backlight makes the image on the screen look particularly natural and soft Care.

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

Let’s take a look at the expansion of Onda V18 Pro. Tablet computers usually only emphasize portability, and the expansion is just the case. Andda V18 Pro has done a good job in this regard. It has 1 Micro USB interface, 1 3.5mm headphone interface, and 1 TF card slot. It is also equipped with a Docking keyboard interface, which can generally meet daily needs.

Finally, let’s take a look at the keyboard of Onda V80 Pro. In order to facilitate the input and better play the performance of the tablet, this model is randomly equipped with a magnetic keyboard, which is plugged and played. Compared with other tablet keyboards, this product does not have a soft input feeling, and the feedback is similar to the notebook. It is worth mentioning that this keyboard is also equipped with two USB interfaces that can be inserted to read files. With such a convenient keyboard, Onda V80 Pro can change productivity in seconds.

3 Application experience is also good back to the top

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

The application experience is also good

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

Let’s take a look at the game experience of Onda V18 Pro. We first selected a game with a very familiar and simple operation of the operation- “Happy Elimination”. In general, Onda V80 Pro has a good performance, smooth operation, rich color performance, the details are also in place, and the operation is also very hand -in -law. It can become an entertainment artifact in your hand.

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

In order to test the gameplay of Onda V18 Pro, we must run a large game to see it. This time we chose the current very popular MOBA mobile game- “Glory of the King”. In fact, I did not have very much expectations for such large mobile games, but the performance of Onda V80 Pro surprised you. We have adjusted the picture quality to very high and turned on the high frame rate mode. During the entire game, the screen was really maintained above 40 frames, the operation was relatively smooth, and the game experience was very good.

Many people buy tablets to chase dramas, so playing videos are also often used. Let’s take a look at the 2.5K screen of Onda V18 Pro. We played two videos with “iQiyi” and found that this machine can bring you very hearty. People feel more delicate. Let Onda V18 PRO be a good choice as your viewing weapon.

Let’s take a look at the reading experience of Onda V18 Pro? We used Fox Readers to open a PDF file. Compared with documents such as notepads and Word, PDF can display text, pictures, forms, colors and other elements more delicate. Onda V18 PRO reading experience is pretty good. The 10 -inch screen allows you to have the experience of reading physical books, and it also has a longer battery life than a mobile phone, which allows you to browse a few wonderful storyline in one breath.

千元平板也能拥有满血性能 昂达V18 PRO新品评测

PConline evaluation room summary:

In general, the performance of Onda V18 Pro is still good. The full -blood version of the A63 processor injects it with strong performance. At the same time, the 2.5K ultra -clear IPS screen at the same price is also rare. In the process of entertainment or game, they have a very happy experience. At the same time, the cool and luxurious appearance also increases its face value. The actual application experience is also very good. Onda V18 Pro can be said to be the best in the thousand yuan tablet.