Smoke Mi Mi! Pulse power


Smoke Mi Mi! Pulse power

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Smoke Mi Mi!

Pulse power


Miwu machine, low -volume spray plant protection, sanitation, and epidemic prevention machinery.


Misty smoke two -purpose machine uses modern new rocket technology and maintenance pulse jet engines. There is no need to rotate parts, no lubrication system is required during work, and the structure is simple. Simple maintenance. Less fuel and high work efficiency are high -tech ideals for spraying pesticides, epidemic prevention and disinfection.

Miwu machine

The Miwu machine is widely used. This machine is widely used in greenhouses, agriculture, forestry, orchard, and grassland city environmental protection. Such as greenhouses, fruit trees. Corn, cotton, rice, wheat, tea, citrus and other crops can be used for insecticidal killing and sterilization of forest trees. The effect is fast and effective. It can also be used for hygiene and epidemic prevention and disinfection, such as urban underground lanes, garbage dumps, toilets, warehouses, stations, docks, airports, disinfection, sterilization and gem (water fog)

1. Precautions for use

Working environment: temperature at -10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Working environment: air humidity 30%-80%

Spray volume: 80-120L/H


Pharmacular capacity: 15L

Fuel tank capacity: 2.0L

Fuel: 93#and the above pure gasoline

Net weight: 11.5kg

1. Before use, carefully check whether each connection part is tight, whether there is oil leakage and water leakage, and add lubricating oil to each lubricant. Before adding the medicinal solution, try to spray water with water and confirm that there is no leakage before starting to work.


Second, do not pass when adding medicinal solution, so as not to overflow from the airplane or overflow at the air outlet from the filter, cause mechanical or personal accidents. After adding the medicinal solution, the medicine box must be covered tightly.

Third, when spraying, the nozzle should be tilted slightly down and swinging left and right. The number of swinging times is generally one step and once, so that the medicinal solution can be sprayed evenly. The nozzle port should be kept at a distance of 30 to 40 cm to avoid damage to the crops due to wind.

Fourth, strictly control the amount of jets. Because the fog machine is extremely fine, it is not easy to directly observe the spray effect. Generally, as long as the crop leaf surface is blown by a nozzle, it indicates that the fog point has arrived. Do not compare with the manual sprayer compared to the manual sprayer. The concentration of the medicinal solution of the Mi Wu Mo is 2 to 10 times higher than that of the manual sprayer. If the amount of sprayer is sprayed, it will cause drug harm.

5. After the operation is over, pour the residual medicinal solution in time, and then use water to clean the drug liquid box, pump pump and pipeline. After cleaning, remove the water and dry it to prevent corrosion parts.

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Miwu machine

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