This skirt will definitely lead the summer trend!


This year’s “Descendants of the Sun” ended last week with a joy of rejoicing. Not only did Song Zhongji become our new “national husband”, but also completely popularized various roles except the protagonist. Of course, there is also a magical clothing item, that is, it, a single -breasted A -line skirt.

Although Qiao Mei just put on a short episode in the play, this subsequent influence is really unimaginable. You can find a variety of “Qiao Mei Same” if you go to a shopping website to find a shopping website. It also completely established the hotness of this skirt.


A skirt that does not seem to have any special features, what can you get the pursuit and love of so many girls? The answer is obvious, of course, because it is beautiful and how beautiful it is.

A simple solid T -shirt can be paired enough. Just like Qiao Mei, the upper body is paired with a “grandma gray” half -sleeved T -shirt. Such a colorful color, with a single -breasted A -line skirt, also puts your husband Song Zhongji into Qiao Mei’s gentle town.

In the current spring season, the most suitable for single -breasted A -line skirt, it is bound to be a shirt. The basic fine checkered shirt can make the whole person look young and energetic.

Or a solid shirt, it looks pleasing to the eye.

There is this. The single -bodied half -body A -line skirt is actually almost the same, but after the clever matching of different shirts, the dress style will appear very different. However, these bodies have a very obvious feature, that is, it looks playful and energetic. It is not too suitable for spring.

In fact, a single -breasted A -line skirt also has a very obvious feature is that it is thin. Generally, such skirts are high -waisted versions. Piece the matching top into the waist. The presentation.

The upper body is paired with a single product with a little ruffled edge, which can highlight the strong student temperament. The college is full of style.

Of course, in addition to the most common denim style, there are various other fabrics. For example, the retro -of -light core velvet, full of texture of suede, is used to make a good choice of single -bodied skirts. It also has a flavor to match.


The color -colored suede velvet single -breasted A -line skirt shows a kind of beauty that has experienced years of experience. The white -collar workers who are very suitable for work to choose to wear.

Except for short skirts, we naturally cannot miss the elegant long skirt. If you are not satisfied with your leg shape, or you have no confidence in your body proportion, then rest assured that you give yourself to the long single -breasted A -line skirt! Believe it, you will return you to a perfect figure.


With a slim top, it is thin and high. Switching style between casual casualness and overbearing royal sister, probably only a single -breasted A -line skirt can be done.


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