900 grams of premature babies are dying, and the mother does not give up creating a miracle


There is a bone without worrying — this may be the awareness of many people in the baby, and it feels that it is only two catty.

However, in fact, premature babies generally suffer from different degrees of brain injury due to lack of oxygen at birth. The process of survival and growth is very difficult, especially the two weeks before birth. Urcemics. In the later period, a large number of intervention treatment should be performed. If it is not timely, the child’s development will be seriously lagging behind.

These premature infants are very helpless. Today, the annual cake mother invited “Little Watermelon Mother” to share her story, hoping to bring confidence and encouragement to premature babies, and let more people understand this group. The little watermelon mother has been paying attention to our public account for more than two years, and is a strong premise mother.

Jinan, Shandong, an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, nicu monitoring outdoors.

After giving birth for a full month, the little watermelon mother saw her child for the first time here -while he came out of the guard room to do a CT.

Prior to this, she could only know the child’s condition from the doctor: the birth weight of 1050g, lung bleeding, cerebral hemorrhage caused obstructive brain water, and regular breathing suspension, she can only live in a newborn monitoring room for treatment.

At this time, the little man in front of him was dark and purple, his feet were similar to her fingers, and there were all kinds of cold catheters on the body. The nose was carrying the respirator, the mouth was inserted in the mouth, and the foam was spit on the mouth, and it was tirelessly shrinking into a ball. The monitoring instruments on her body kept calling the police all the way, reminding her that her child forgot to breathe again.

She was stunned, this is her own child? The small body was lying on the huge inspection bed alone, as if it was gone at any time. At the door of the CT room, she cried with the head nurse outside.


Many people advised her to give up, but she said, “My child, I know he can.” She lay in bed for two months before childbirth, and her muscles were shrinking. Walking down the ground, guarding the child outside the guardian, preparing breast milk for him.

Now that the baby has been discharged from the hospital, although it is receiving rehabilitation treatment, the indicators have greatly improved, and even the attending doctor is shocked.


Sepaway, she shouted “Keep the child” before the operation “

In December 2014, she risked with a huge pregnancy risk to conceive the small watermelon, because the child was very difficult to surgery before, and the child was very difficult. It didn’t take long for she to have a sign of a threatened abortion. The B -ultrasound showed the placenta low, and the result was very bad.

By 4 months of pregnancy, her body had a strong response. Sometimes a slight movement would cause bleeding. She could only stay in bed to protect the fetus. , Full of arms and purple arms, even the position of blood vessels can’t be found, the drug response is also very serious. Often, his hands are panicked, and the heartbeat beating is 140.

She wants to do something for her children, but her body is too weak. In addition to adjusting the speed of the drip to the limits that can be tolerated, she can’t do more things every day with her fingers.

The little watermelon mother only persisted for 26 weeks, and even the minimum standard 28 weeks did not reach. The director of the department shouted before the operation: “Children can’t keep it!” She struggled with all her strength in the drowsiness: “Keep the child!” She never scolded others, and she was anxious for the first time.

After waking up, she became a celebrity in the department. Dare to scold the master doctor before the operation, she was the first!

After the child is born, life is dying, and the doctor has repeatedly advised her to give up

Fortunately, the child finally retained.

When the small watermelon was born, the weight was only 1050g, and the minimum record was 900g. It took 17 days to barely recover when it was born. Compared with his mother, his sin is not hesitant. Licensed lung hemorrhage causes the lungs to be extremely susceptible to infection. Cerebral hemorrhage causes sequels to stagnate the stagnation of the brain. The sever obstruction cannot be absorbed. Too much water is accumulated. It must be extracted multiple times.

No matter how big, I can’t exercise itself, I can’t even do my head, and even drink milk, I will be angry.

At that time, the small watermelon head circumference increased sharply, and the last ring permanent diversion surgery was imminent. More than one doctor told her that the probability of cerebral palsy in the future is very high, and the intelligence will be very low. It is better to ask for another child. Even the moment before the operation, the doctor also reminded: “Even if it is successful, whether the child can grow up in the future is still a problem.” She was killed to treat, and the child was very angry. , High fever and unable to eat, but the next day, the fever was miraculously fever, and I was able to grute to drink milk!

The child stayed in the guard room for 112 days. Most of the time, she couldn’t see anyone. She sat at the door and kept cheering for the child. She heard that it was best to drink breast milk. Three large refrigerators.

Under her care, the baby is better

After the child was discharged, the development was lagging, and the muscle tension was high, and intervention must be received in time.

The treatment is very hard. It takes 4 hours to go to the hospital to take a car back and forth. Sometimes the body is really unbearable, and the family will replace her to ensure that the child can train every day. Because the situation is really not optimistic, look up, turn over, climb, sit in these actions, the little watermelon will not.

Caption: Little watermelon is receiving rehabilitation training

So after going to the hospital’s course, she continued to take her child to the masseur’s house. Because there was no direct bus, she could only take a tricycle. On the other hand, the child had blowing all the way, and came back to launch a high fever. She regrets both and sad.


But the child does get better a little bit, and will look up in two months, and will turn over three months later. By 9 months of correction, the child’s height and weight standard, and the muscle tension was also controlled. When she was one year old, she took her child back to the department’s birthday. The nurse saw the white fat little guy in surprise. No one expected that the child could recover so well!

Now the small watermelon is two and a half years old. Although the language development is relatively lagging, most of them are still stacked, but they love to laugh and make trouble. They are busy with all two -year -old babies. Many children of the same age are not even as good as him! The little watermelon mother said she is particularly content and gratitude now.