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Editor’s Introduction: During the year of the year, the author combined with past creation and communication practice, combining the needs and suggestions of young people at the moment, starting from ten aspects to open the “5 -minute Topic Marketing” in 2022. Interested friends may wish to take a look.

How to do a 5 -minute topic marketing in New Year’s Day? We are mainly from

Topic copywriting, video, experience marketing activities

Three creative fronts, and

9 key topic deconstruction directions

Start, plus the analysis of the classic brand marketing case of this theme, comprehensively share.


1. New/ first

Keywords: New Year, expectation, start

Topic copywriting can be like this:


“May you have a new start, new Smart”

On the creative moving map, the wheels drove a large “T” into “M” cleverly connecting the new year with the brand. and also:

“New Wish has been determined, Keep Going”

“This is the best opening white, smile and applause are coming,”

I bought the New stage calendar, open it, take a look,

“Hello, the first page of the 2022 calendar”.

Of course, the inspirational and encouragement copywriting, especially so rare 2021,

“How many unknown strives and thrilling and thrilling, make this moment of being free, I hope you are confident in the New Year, self -containing and uniqueness between dance steps.”

Give everyone who moves forward

“There is a peak in the trough, and the New Year continues to pick up the dream”

Essence In some people’s opinion, these corrections are still some direct,

“2022, a new year, continue to engage in money”.

Brand experience marketing activity:


This direction can be conceived in this direction:

“Your New Year’s Day Blessing Egg” online H5

Consumers can be here

Based on the round shape of H5, draw the items you want

(But the ghost animals can be beautiful and warm), express the beautiful meaning of New Year’s Day from 0, and finally

Generate a beautiful or humorous fission poster based on the content of the user.

and also,

The activity of “New Year New Year”,

Users participate in the topic punch card and release their new year’s new original short videos, such as

The first meal made in the new year, the first fitness, etc.

You can participate in the lottery to get gifts.

You can also combine the meaning and literal meaning of the “New Year’s Day” to create topic bundling marketing:

“New Year’s Egg”

“Successful Capsules” “Time Capsules”

“One year old and one gift” “new fairy water”

“Blessing Egg Drive”


“The first xxxx of the new year (the first cup of milk tea/first travel)”

2. Epidemic/Health


Keywords: warmth, guardianship

We have greetings every year. This year’s greetings and blessings will look particularly precious. Facing the epidemic,

We need more encouragement and confidence. This is the “emotional land” all over the world.

With this expression, it can cause the maximum resonance, but not too commercial and shallow. Look at the topic copy:

“New Year’s New Year’s Wish, World No Crown”

“Farewell to the epidemic is amazing, but seeking a smooth sailing”

“The shortcomings of the epidemic last year are paved for the beautiful New Year”

“There is no war in the new year, only warm heart”

Some new year’s small periods and small beauty:

“Thousands of sails, go to the new”

“In the new year, three meals and four seasons, save the same cutting out”


“Where, okay? Here, well! “

You can change “Here” and the city where your city and your friend you care about, and the heaviest:

“” “”


In the new year, I will give you a piece of resistance and fighting suit. The collar is called faith.


The creative copywriting thinking of the video can be like this,

“New Year Calling”/”New Year Recall”

The theme video is anthropomorphic, and a person is given to a person. The video content compares what everyone looks like when there is an epidemic and no epidemic.

Experience marketing activities

Look at Jingdong mobile phone.

2021 New Year Vulgar

“Swiss Beast Welcome New Year, Organic Luck”

For the theme innovative marketing gameplay, the event pays attention to the 2020 below the epidemic, and the pursuit of a good quality life,

Improve immunity, natural health, longevity and longevity combined with the myths of the beasts.

Cross -border Cooperation New Year Card Festival launches

Spring Festival Ruili Limited Installation and Swiss Beasts handle set

The national tide style IP creates the “preferred New Year’s goods”.

Third, wish/good luck

Keywords: New Year’s money, expectation, thanks

Although 2022 may be more difficult, I still make you make you the wish of every text.

“2022, I wish you dream as a horse, not to Shaohua”


“Thank you for your accompany, give you a new love for you in the New Year”

“Looking forward to the eyes of a gift, looking forward to the next beautiful journey”.

2022 Everyone’s wishes for the wishes of all kinds of material, the wishes of the sea and the world of the world, most of the wishes, most of the wishes returned to the family and the people around them.

“The beginning of the heart is still, never will be the same”, “accompany you to cross seconds, but also want to spend the rest of your life together”, “New

Nian Ruyi, good material as one “.

Haha, since there is no distance for the time being, come to the kitchen with me.

“New Year’s Cakes” (pastry class).

Video dissemination of this topic deconstruction direction, see before

Nike’s “New Year’s Nothing”.

W+K was inspired by “Chinese -style red envelopes”, and staged a story of a pair of aunt and niece chasing each other every year with dramatic exaggerated plots. Life atmosphere and theme.

There is also the experience activities of Naixue CUP Art Museum,


This is a series of art plans launched by Naixue’s tea

“Swiss Beast Good Fair”

, Naixue Beverage Cup

6 Swiss beasts present “Nai Xue is in hand, I have good luck, I have it”,

Consumers around the theme series have poured in and took photos.


There are also some friends who learn from the experience activities,

“The First Sign in the Tiger” extracts his first signature of his New Year.


“Good Luck Explosion” makes a dynamic poster with a lot of wishes, which contains the wishes of “good luck explosion”. If you can get this copy quickly, you will get a good luck package.

What are the new “new” in the new year’s new year, such as: a new lipstick/a pair of new socks …

Fourth, one year old/growing old

Keywords: time, ordinary, last year

The topic copy is here:

“Congratulations on everyone, the day of retirement is almost a year” is so lost “

“After growing up, I found that only the New Year is fast, less happy”, this is also the adult world without happiness

“I can’t solve the problem of life, just turn over this night”, and continue to solve it next year


“Driven of the Years, Try to Respect” is the rhythm of running first, it is drinking

“Maybe life is like this, see another cycle”

This is really great, I hope to inspire you,


Good communication is derived from detailed insights, plus the skills and methods of expression,

4A Advertising Company is good at,

“Aimer’s Aimer: New Year, it’s better to grow up”, “You care about whether you are one year old, I only care about whether you eat well (new food retail).


Experience marketing activities in this direction:

“2020-2022” two years ago and the current comparison,

Show in the form of a circle of friends or videos.

“This Normal Day”


The daily life of the day before the New Year with career and different identities

For every little story, the general day is the unusual pursuit of everyone. New Year, continue to go.

E -commerce: “Guide to the New Year Gifts of the Workers”,


Take a humorous and humorous expression, take a male migrant worker as an example. At the New Year, how

Give your girlfriend, mother, father, etc. to send the most satisfactory gifts instead of the scene.

In fact, you can also express the rollover scene of the New Year home, entertainment plus theme.

5. 2022 / Start

Keywords: beautiful, chasing

Still in inspirational, but more topic copywriting:

“Pick up the light along the way, go to the new direction”

“There is no wealthy overnight, only the ambitions of life, a new starting point in the New Year! 》 This year is so difficult, even if you get rich overnight, you can be rich in one year.

Forgot to be unhappy and difficult “Turn over this year, remember this moment”

“The four seasons of 2022, sweet and powerful with you”

If you love you in 2019, 2020 loves you and loves you,

2021 still loves you, then 2022 just loves and loves it.

“New Year, New Meeting, striding for a lot of New Year, no advance”

“No matter the new year, just want to see your smiley face”, the merchant is alive from anthropomorphic social marketing paradigm


“No matter the New Year, your face will not be New Year’s Eve” is always 18 years old (beauty/clothing)

“Old Year over, everything is like new, the new year will be red” (beauty/clothing)

If you don’t feel enough, come on, “


2 Happy 2 -person World 0 Two Two -off Shopping Models 2 times salary “.

Experience marketing activities’ creativity and implementation reference,

## On the first day of the New Year, it is another good time to stand FLAG. Forward Weibo to say your little wishes, you have the opportunity to get my surprise.

“Personalized Customized Print Patch”

Set off an offline experience point offline, consumers can design personal stickers through online applets, offline

Free printing, create an atmosphere of the New Year by adding the element pattern of the year of the tiger,

At the same time, add another drainage activity of “with free stickers to replace XX products at low prices”.

6. Endurance/ progress


Keywords: positive energy, dream, power

In the past year, electrical energy vehicles, charging learning, mobile phone charging, the new year is now, whether your power is sufficient to start at 2022, theme copy:

“The Past of the Past, Sailing Today”, in the face of the new year, we must be blank, but we must be brave, because we have no way to retreat

“The world is big, sometimes afraid of; there is dreams in the new year, bring your own armor”

“For this day, we have prepared for a year, and the new year will be sail”

“2021 successfully break through the level, 2022 to the next layer”, it will be easy to pass 2021, 2022 may be more easy

“Everyone at home, the family is a good New Year”, if you are unfortunately isolated, this sentence is so confident

“Nothing to do with your wish, only arrange your heart arrangement” (shopping mall), I hope 2022 will no longer have too many accidents

Experience marketing activities in this direction “Highlights of 2021”

Topic, talk about your achievements of this year, to encourage and comfort yourself, the 2021 is still very happy and very successful.

In addition, you can also plan the theme blind box marketing activities.

This should be played. Combining the concept of the tiger with the products and activities, the fox fake tiger prestige, the tiger leave the mountain, and the tiger’s tail will be very interesting.

Also, let’s design the product experience package of “Draw the Wine Order”, similar to drawing

The form, such as:


“One cup with the most hair volume”

“Do a glass of beautiful women present”


“The fattest and thinner cup of dry cups”


You can also be some small challenges in the meal, such as:

“Choose a plate of dishes to eat light”

“Interacting the people who drink the most”,

“Dancing for 30 seconds or dry cup”

“Eat the dishes everyone holds you for you”

Through the wine order to make more joy for the New Year’s dinner, the amount of alcohol is far away.

7. Looking back/past

Keywords: inventory, commemoration, goodbye, nostalgia

Although there are too many not good at 2021, many people will reluctant. Topic copywriting:

“Drinking the old regret, full of new hope”


I hope “Everything is unexpected is an error, and the future will be blossomed.”

“New Year’s Objects, Non -year -old is not heavy

This is not aimed at girlfriend, but for advertising marketing for changing houses.

I still envy the mentality of this kind of person

“I entangle whether to eat next year, or eat again next year”

“The 202 Epidemic, the Later will be lifeless”

I hope the epidemic can really see you. Many people have to say goodbye to the past year as soon as possible,

“2021, dissatisfied with retreat 2022”

Look at the big -name Land Rover Aurora:

“Don’t dare to appreciate yourself, don’t dare to pet public, don’t dare to like the new and hate the old. Farewell, 2017 “,

This is a advertising movie. I came to see it empty. I just finished watching it seriously. I was deeply moved. The boss, I want … lizhi (inspirational). Our department friends give you a high imitation version,

“No, fear of hands and feet, no longer, give up lightly, no longer, polite and humble, goodbye, 2021”

Lake, bravely go down, haha.

Experience marketing activity: Come a one

“Your Annual Keywords”

Topic marketing, as well as annual reports, such as NetEase’s annual listening report, Keep’s annual sports report, etc.

“Annual Soul Questions and Answers” topic marketing:

Did you lose weight?


Have you been promoted?

Did you get rid of the order?

Are you still using a 6 -digit password to protect the 4 -digit deposit?

Is the credit card?


Wuliangye New Year’s circle of friends launched a video card advertisement with the theme of “letting down and lifting”, focusing on the new middle class, starting with the video story of “put down and lifted”, crossed the north and south of the river, recorded the moment returning to the hometown, and also launched a lot of lottery lottery and harvesting a copy of the new year. “New Year Declaration” activity. E.g

“Let go down with the stream, raise your heart”, “

You can also use upload photos to win the topic of wine.


8. Go home/accompany


Keywords: reunion, midnight meal, love


This direction is the most tender and anticipated group:

“Seeing a new round of strangeness, the bottom of the rivers and lakes, with you” with you “

Sogou Map “The Road to Go Home”: Love Let us go home, “The Road to Go Home is Being Lips”

Dongfeng Automobile Smart Double Customs: “This Spring Festival, take AI home”

Lego: “Lack of you, it’s not round, you are the year with you”

There are also many classic video ideas in this direction.


Boss electrical appliance

“Mother -in -law’s Year”


, Funny the products are to be implanted.

Small red book


“Another name of love is to cook for you”

, Happy and beautiful promise.


Vipshop’s New Year insight

Our sentence is casually speaking, that is, the parents’ great movement, each parent has a small book. The passwords they can’t learn are actually looking forward to we go home more.

Vipshop advertising “New Year this year, go home early”.


Airbnb’s Creative Communication Marketing


I won’t go home this year. I really want to take you to see the outside world and meet new friends. Parents, live together in Aiyang’s home together and don’t go home this year this year.

“This year, Live of My New Year”.


There are similar cultural tourism brands that can spread and marketing like this: “Parents turn around you throughout your life and find some time to accompany them”.

The story begins with the parents’ pay for the child, and at the same time shows the child’s current living conditions: busy work, less companionship. For the places where parents have always wanted to go, the child has no time to take the transfer. On the occasion of the New Year, take the parents out to go around and turn around. Bar.

Nine, poems/famous quotes/lyrics

There are really many creative materials and copywriting in this direction,

and also,






Familiar songs, poems, celebrities, folk stories, sayings, etc.

Endless. carefulness

Apply “Massive Light Creative Method” to combine product selling points with these materials to combine creativity.

Last night, I returned to the north, and since the age of this year.

How many reincarnations at the beginning of life are the first month of the year.

Diligence day, noon next year.

There is always a conclusion: Although life will be unsatisfactory in the world, you can still choose in happiness and misfortune. ——Wang Xiaobo.

“A cup of respect tomorrow, a cup of respect, supporting my body, and heavy shoulders, although I never believe that the so -called mountains are high and long, so why not forget my life.”

Try to work hard, the young man can be exaggerated. –Su Shi.

Maybe in the past year, you have been decadent and disappointed by the wind and waves, but in the new year, I hope you will take the wind and waves. —— Han Han.

Cheers to a new year and another financial for us to get it right. ——Prah Winfrey Opora Winfeli

And now we welcome the new year. Full of Things that have never ben. ——RAINER Maria Rilke

Nothing is word more than this day. Nothing is better than today’s preciousness. ——Goethe Goethe

The object of a new year is not that should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes.

The so -called New Year is not purely to welcome the new year. We should have a new soul, a new sense of smell, new journey, new backbone, new hearing and vision. ——Gilbert K. Chesterton Gilbert Cheston.

10. Classic brand marketing

1. iQiyi “New Year’s First Like”

On the occasion of the New Year, iQiyi is on the pedestrian street of the first -step business industry


Let everyone say “First Like the New Year 2021”.

Some people give girlfriends, dogs, and some people want to give their mother and give them to the motherland. Everyone

The career I want to like the most, I have mentioned the protection of our medical staff in the same way

And the dedicated takeaway, courier brother.

When everyone’s New Year’s expectations and gratitude need to vent their exports, iQiyi released the topic of celebrities with the topic of#New Year’s first praise#.

Netease Cloud Music “2018, see yourself”


Theme activity.

Leaving everyone’s space for thinking and personalized interpretation, it also imply a new year. We will write a new chapter in life through our own hands.

2. LEVI ′S New Year forbidden to let mouth guns

When the topic around you, from the star gossip to the Spring Festival home,

It means that the Lunar New Year is about to arrive as scheduled.


Regarding the taste of the year, what I was most impressed was that relatives and friends sat together and used their hometown to talk about the New Year’s wishes.


Sometimes the ideal of talking is just a comparison between relatives and friends, but never turns dreams into reality.


In the new year, he refused to put a word of words.

3. NewBalance New Year’s advertising theme

After another year, are you growing up or adults? This is a question that needs to be asked repeatedly.


4. Xin Shi Xiang: “The Last Night of 2019”


“The Last Night of 2019” wants to ask you:


Have you realized the dream 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, did you see the result?

Do you still insist on love 10 years ago?

Those things that you believe in 10 years ago, do you still believe it now?

The stories in the short films are adapted from the real events that occurred this year. We went to New York, Beijing, Hangzhou and took them out.

An international student who has studied for 10 years, can’t make it up anymore

A 10 -year -old restaurant owner collapsed on the road


A couple who has been married for 10 years has nothing to say face to face

But when they looked back for 10 years, they found that some things deserve forever.

Believe in ideals, believe in love, believe that life will be better, believe that you are not alone …

Before the next 10 years, I wish you in vulnerability and still believe that some things can live forever.

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