Desk purchase solid wood or glass? The material is right, the desk is more comfortable to use


Whether it is from work or learning, it is definitely necessary to equip a desk in the home. So, how to choose the desk? Below, let’s briefly analyze it.




How to choose the desk material?

The quality of the material is absolutely the texture of the desk, and it also decides the comfort of the desk.

Solid wood desk


High value, style versatile


Need maintenance and expensive price

The solid wood desk is comfortable and gentle, with a variety of color choices, which can be matched with Japanese style, Nordic style, minimalist wind and other home design. But the solid wood is delicate and needs to be carefully maintained.

Glass desk

Dirt resistance and waterproof, easy to clean

Fragile reflection, sticky arm

The quality of the glass book table has a hazy and light -transmitting visual effect, which is suitable for modern wind, light luxury style, and industrial style study design. However, the glass is fragile, and the sweat will stick to the arm in summer.

Baking lacquer desk

Licenic and shiny colors

Easy to drop paint, not wear resistance

The desk made of paint technology is smooth and bright, comfortable and convenient to use, rich in color, and diverse selection. But the paintboard desk is easy to paint and is not durable.


How to choose the desk type?

There are many types of desks, you can choose according to actual needs and daily habits.


Ordinary desk


Ordinary desk is a desk without any additional functions, which can only be used for office learning. Simple shapes, diverse styles, can choose freely.

Storage desk

The storage desk is a desk with a storage function, which can not only meet the needs of the office, but also increase the storage function, which is very suitable for small units.

Folding desk


The biggest advantage of the folding desk is that it can be freely stretched and folded, reducing the occupation of the furniture to the space, and in line with the concept of minimalist home life.


Desk purchase point


In the desk purchase, in addition to materials and types, you should also pay attention to the following points.


The lines of the desk and chairs should be smooth and smooth, and the round or curved edges should be better. Avoid injuries to the corner of the table. In addition, the material of the desk requires environmental protection without taste and cannot affect health.


The size of the desk and chairs must match the height, age, and body shape of the user.


The size and specifications of the single desk are about 75cm*130cm, the height is below 75cm, and the size specifications of the double desk are about 75cm*200cm. The height is the same as that of a single person desk.

Desk color

The color of the desk should be matched with the overall style, and the user’s needs must be comprehensively considered. If it is a children’s desk, you can choose bold and bright colors to stimulate children’s curiosity.



How to choose a home desk? The above is the sharing of Xiaobian. I hope to provide you with some new ideas.

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