Ran Yingying is too hard for beauty! Wearing a pleated short skirt in the winter, it is really not like having three baby


Recently, the boxing champion Zou Shiming joined hands with his wife Ran Yingying to appear at the airport. Compared with other celebrities, Zou Shiming and his wife did not respect the winter at all. Not like a mother who had three dolls right at all, the figure maintained!


Ran Yingying, who appeared at the airport, was very cool. A pink pleated skirt not only reflected the sweet girl, but also interpreted the modern fashion atmosphere. The simple style is still beautiful.

Ran Yingying’s sweet wind style dressing guide


Highlights of styling: self -cultivation; dazzling series; solid color system; exposed umbilical outfit; pleated element;

Sweet style can be described as the best style of age reduction and tenderness, but it requires high color and styles of styling, and generally more fashion elements that are integrated. It shows the playful and modern fashion atmosphere, and the simple style is still full of high -level sense.

All pink look; shape a sweet age reduction

When matching the sweet girl style, the choice of color is quite the key. Generally, the eye -catching series is the main.


Make the overall shape more eye -catching. Among them, the pink mix in the dazzling colors can be described as one of the colors that many girls cannot refuse. This can not only add beauty to the shape, but also render the stylish playful atmosphere.

Ran Yingying’s shape is combined with the full pink series. The pink itself can give the shape beauty and fashion atmosphere, but also create a superior dignity, and then the shape is more eye -catching and fashionable. It’s good under the dazzling colors

Holding her complexion and complexion, interpreting an elegant and dignified fan.

Contrasting color; reflect the “one dark and one bright” series

In the process of color matching, we must choose between fashion items. Generally, the color is mainly divided into three combinations of contrasting color, same color, and solid color system. It can make the shapes more abundant but also complement each other.

① Basic color+basic color: create a sense of layering

② Basic color+dazzling color: play a decorative role, give the shape “one dark and one bright” series

③ Bright colors+dazzling colors: rich shapes, interpretation of diversity

Ran Yingying’s shape is combined with basic colors+dazzling colors, and white is biased towards the refreshing and clean effect. The pink is showing a sweet age -reducing fan, which interprets the playful and modern fashion atmosphere.

Slim style match; reflect the superior figure

When choosing a skirt and matching, be sure to combine the self -cultivation style. After all, the style is mainly self -cultivation.

It can not only reflect the clean and neat fashion fan, but also to modify the superior figure. The simple style of the simple style is still to set out the dignified and dignified atmosphere.

Ran Yingying’s shape is a combination of slimming. It is a good figure to build her superior figure, and she can also create a sexy and beautiful fan. The simple style is still full of atmosphere, and it can also add sweet age reduction.


Pleated element sets out aesthetics reduction model

With a single match with a skirt, it can be checked in combination with fashion elements, combined

The pleated element match, under the pleated element can not only enrich the shape, but also interpret the age reduction model, it is still a goddess fan.

Ran Yingying’s shape is combined with pleated elements to create a modern fashion and playful fan. It can also set out a beauty reduction model. The simple style is still elegant and dignified.


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