Strategy | Enron: Open a new journey of high -quality development


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战略 | 安然:开启高质量发展新征程

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Anran’s market will work in terms of cultural leadership, product leadership, digital upgrades and business models, and help Wuhua landing through the operating service system of the three, four ends, and Wu Li.

From January 18th to 19th, 2022, Enron held a working conference in various regions and branches across the country. Work planning, explore how to adhere to high -quality development in the new market environment, and welcome the new chapter of Enron’s development.

In response to the development plan of Enron’s new year, Zhang Shuo, president of Anran’s marketing, was interviewed by “Knowledge Economy” to introduce in detail from the aspects of cultural leadership, product leadership, digital upgrades, and business models.

Zhang Shuo, Chief Marketing of Anran Company

Zhang Shuo told “Knowledge Economy” that in 2021, Enron formulated a 10 -year development plan, led by the “technology, digital, experiential, younger, agile” as a leading strategy to comprehensively deploy great health fields. Since 2022, Zhang Shuo will lead the marketing company to carry out work from the aspects of cultural leadership, product leadership, digital upgrade, and business models. Through the three -network, four -terminal, and five -force operating service system to help Wuhua landing.

Anran currently has more than 300 high -tech products, covering five major categories: functional textiles, beauty skin care, nutrition and health care, electronic technology, and home life. In 2022, Enron will continue to increase its research and development. It is planned to launch healthy foods such as antibacterial anti -mites series, microcirculation underwear series, heating series, and clear suits. At the same time, in response to the status quo of different degrees of gastrointestinal problems in 90%of the Chinese people, Enron will also launch a plant beverage of rock algae polysaccharide mushrooms that care for gastrointestinal health. “The ginseng drinks made of plant stem cell technology will gradually realize mass production in 2022 to meet the eagerness of the market and benefit tens of millions of families in scientific and technological innovation results.” Zhang Shuo introduced.

战略 | 安然:开启高质量发展新征程

As the sales methods are becoming more and more life -like, community economy, online and offline interaction have gradually become the mainstream in the marketing field, and improving customer experience has become an important trend. “Enron relying on nano -high -tech products, through a series of scene marketing, to create a new product experience and consumer experience for customers, let customers experience the beautiful life experience of nano -high -tech products, help them improve their quality of life, and thus become become a life, and thus becomes becoming a life. Faithful consumers. “Zhang Shuo introduced, offline, Enron established a health science and technology experience center at Weihai Headquarters, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, respectively, and based on the Nayi Health Health Museum to build a health management service platform for Naibi therapy; online An Ran will design rich design activities and various ways of social activities, so that consumers like Enron more and enter Enron.

战略 | 安然:开启高质量发展新征程

In terms of youthfulness, in 2022, it will be tailor -made for young people to make products and market activities that meet their needs in many aspects of product research and development, design concepts, categories, packaging, price, marketing activities, and services. Enron and Enron products.

Agility refers to the comprehensive construction of the product supply chain and the intelligent, automatic, and informationization of the enterprise operation management system, and achieved the three networks of the Internet of Things, the Internet, and the Internet, which greatly improved the efficiency of enterprise operations. “In the future, internally, we will continue to ensure the efficient operation of the process, system, and mechanism; external response with the market and customers in a timely manner, maintain good and efficient communication with customers to ensure the agility of customer experience.”

At the same time, Zhang Shuo said that on January 30, 2022, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Notice on the Management of the Management of Comprehensive Implementation of Administrative Licensing Matters”. The healthy and orderly development of the industry is of great significance.

Speaking of market trends, Zhang Shuo believes that no matter how the times develop and how the policy changes, the nature of business -customer -centric does not change. “Beyond product thinking, establish customer thinking, and use products and services to express their love and respect for customers, is the real trend of future market development.” In 2022, Enron will continue to improve strategic thinking, based on customer thinking, in product and service in products and services Eliminate savings for all aspects, use new technologies, new methods, and new tools, and launch new marketing strategies to ensure that the market is operating stable, integrate into the torrent of the development of the times, keep pace with the times, and develop innovation.

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