Will you choose this children’s clothing that you have to watch?


TOP1: Impression of childhood 1-8-year-old children thin and thin mosquito pants boys pure color air-conditioned pants baby summer pants

Impression of I.K in the UK, the brand children’s clothing IK (Impression Fkkids “Impression Childhood”), which is from the British brand children’s clothing.) It integrates environmentally friendly and comfortable fabrics into childlike design concepts, pays attention to children’s healthy growth, so that every childhood has different colors. When we looked back, we found that our childhood was so crystal and brilliant. The impression of this childhood was deeply engraved in the depths of our soul, and it was always the memory that could not be erased … Selected high -quality fabrics, elastic pants feet, light and light mosquito, baby summer pants. If you use a black card member to buy it, it is expected to save 01.20 yuan.


TOP2: Classic Teddy Classic Teddy Children’s Children’s T-shirt Three-piece Boy Girls IP Short Sleeve Short Sleeve 1-7-year-old Half-sleeve T-shirt Summer Baby Middle Pack


Classicteddy Classic Teddy, Classicteddy, Classic Teddy Classicteddy brand started with children’s clothing. So far, it has more than 40 years of experience in clothing production and manufacturing. Classic Teddy Classicteddy is unique as the royal noble manual customization. The products are exquisite and elegant, and they are always elegant and tasteful to raise their hands and dress. Classic Teddy Classicteddy uses its stylish touch to interpret the trend of the new season, so that the sweetness of childhood is integrated into the fashion. The IP Bear Pattern is colorful and multi -color.

TOP3: OISSIE O’ISI 1-7-year-old male girl light sunscreen jacket+short-sleeved T-shirt+anti-mosquito pants 3-piece children’s set zh

From Oissie Oissie in China, Oissie O’ISIST is focused on baby clothing 0-7 years old and children’s clothing. It is a infant brand that integrates design, production and sales. During the design and production process, pay attention to the safety and comfort of clothing when wearing clothing! Adhering to the rigorous design ideas, pursuing personality, simple design concepts, creating a high -cost and price -performance product for the baby to create a quality -choice for the baby! Multifunctional light jacket (100%full cotton material, can be used for sunscreen jacket, air conditioner, and skin jacket) cotton T -shirt (INS net red explosion, 95%cotton 5%spandex material, the addition of ammonia Washing) colorful mosquito trousers (100%cotton material, fabric characteristics smooth and affordable, essential items in summer).

TOP4: [59 yuan optional 3] Shu Beiyi Children’s summer anti -mosquito pants baby pants, men and female baby lantern trousers, sports breathable pure cotton trousers


From Shubeiyi, China, Shu Beiyi’s main product series covers clothing and supplies. There are products suitable for babies in spring and autumn, summer, and winter. Need, comfortable cartoon casual children’s clothing, all products are designed according to the needs of the baby’s different stages, giving more care for new life, and advocating to provide babies with high -quality and comfortable services to make high -quality healthy infant clothing. Lightly breathable anti -mosquito -proof skin.

TOP5: Disney children’s clothing male and female cartoon fashion short -sleeved T -shirt children’s baby baby girl T -shirt pure cotton summer sweater


Walt Disney, which is from Disney Disney in the United States, provides consumers with a high -quality home entertainment experience, was founded in 1923. The premiere of the “Steamboatwillie” in 1928, which is the first sign of the world’s sound cartoon and the birth of Mickeymouse. “Disney”, as a well -known brand in the world, is loved by children from all over the world. It also enjoys a very high brand awareness in China’s cartoon market, bringing unlimited joy to Chinese children. Comfortable and breathable fabric cute Disney printing.


TOP6: 10 color options | minizone spring, summer and autumn, male and female baby children, children’s anti-mosquito pants casual pants 1-7 years old

From MINIZONE, China, Minizone-focuses on wearing infants and children’s clothing 0-7 years old, pursuing fashion and simplicity, natural comfort, pay attention to the baby’s dressing experience, the style is simple but not simple, the fabric is preferred, the quality is strictly controlled, and the babies are given to the babies. Bringing cotton soft clothing that can breathe, passing warm, optimistic and love positive energy, becoming thousands of mothers who are pursuing quality. (Do not open the crotch) Baby trousers that can also be worn in summer, thin, will not be stuffy. Cotton fabric is comfortable and breathable. You can wear it indoors and cool nights of air -conditioning. You can also prevent mosquitoes. The style is simple and colorful.


TOP7: CiciiBear Qi Qi Xiong Boys Summer Fitting Baby Vest Set Thin Baby Clothing Two -piece Cotton Children’s Set Summer [Multi -options]

From China CiciiBear, Qi Qi Bear CiciiBear’s quality baby clothing, focusing on the 0-4-year-old infant clothing, Korean designers carefully created, using soft fabrics and careful tailoring to protect the baby’s delicate skin. High -quality products and perfect after -sales service ensure the comfortable experience of each baby. Qi Qi Bear only makes soft and safe clothes, making your baby grow up and healthy like a bear. Personal cartoon pattern fresh color baby is very fashionable, fresh and beautiful.


TOP8: [2 pieces] Antarctic children’s mosquito pants baby pants baby thin summer boys and girls pure cotton gauze pants summer


From the NANJIREN Antarctica in China, Antarctic, founded in 1997, created armal underwear and created a new path for the development of the Chinese underwear industry. After 20 years of growth and transformation, the Antarctic people have achieved outstanding product lines of 9 major categories of major categories such as underwear, mother and baby, clothing, bedding, kitchen, shoe, clothing accessories, outdoor, and home appliances. Gets brings “all category consumer goods kingdoms” to the Chinese people, and strive to create products that make users scream and create a good user experience. Antarctic people sell hundreds of millions of pieces/set of products each year, providing a comfortable and high -quality daily life for hundreds of millions of people. Light and breathable, two -piece outfit.

TOP9: Roberta by Nobel 3 pieces in combination with new summer products 0-6 years old infant cotton T-shirt baby short sleeve top

Mrs. Camerino, a well -known Italian designer, was founded in the 1940s, which has a history of more than seventy years. At that time, the three art masters of the well -known Wesian Asian school in Italy at that time inspired the color of the Nobel children’s clothing unique to the red, blue, and green brands. In the three primary colors of the Nobelda, red represents gorgeous and publicity; Color represents low -key and elegant; green represents vitality and leisure, forming Nobel’s unique and classic children’s clothing style. Robertabyroberta Nobel baby cotton short -sleeved T -shirt, pure cotton texture, comfortable and breathable, cares for the skin, suitable for summer baby home clothing.

TOP10: [Hard Core] Balabala 2020 Summer New Product Girl Short Sleeve Set 2 Pack T -shirts+shorts

Balabala, China, Balabala (Balabala), a well -known leisure brand in China, Semima owner of China Semima Group in 2002 in Hong Kong, China, and Balabala advocates the brand concept of “different childhoods” to provide children with stylish and practical children. Clothing products are suitable for different occasions and activities, allowing children to enjoy a beautiful childhood. 2 pieces of Bara girl.