One Electronics Portable Wireless Conference speaker: omnidirectional pickup, high -efficiency office subversion


The meeting has always been an important form of human exchange information and solving problems.

When the epidemic has entered the normalization, the office has already broken through physical restrictions, and the remote meeting has become the daily normal office of many migrant workers. Although various types of electronic devices are becoming more and more digital and intelligent, existing equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, PADs and other existing devices will meet, regardless of the conference room, home, travel road, and distant colleagues, customers or bosses in the distance. It is inevitable that it will also mix a bad experience.

The microphone that comes with a laptop, mobile phone, and PAD is difficult to collect sounds from all directions. Multi -person needs to keep passing the equipment when meeting; reducing noise efficiency of equipment such as echo, screaming, etc. in remote calls; in order to ensure the meeting of the meeting call Wearing headphones, but wearing headphones for a long time, cause ear fatigue; call equipment consumes too fast, and the standby time is short … These daily problems will not only reduce the overall efficiency of the meeting, but also affect the accurate conveying the content of the meeting.

Recently, One Electronics launched the C015 portable wireless conference speaker used for single/multi -person remote conference scene. As a portable smart conference speaker that sets a portable function of 360 ° full -range pickup, intelligent noise reduction, 6 -hour long battery life, 1 hour fast charge, etc., this product perfectly covers many pain points of online conferences. This office artifact is worth having for frequent travel travelers and frequent corporate users.

Fashionable and small operations convenient

The overall appearance of C015 is simple, and the front covers professional speakers Mongolian cloth, which not only gives the internal components effective dustproof protection, but also meets the warm texture of the cloth process, showing the aesthetic design of the collision material. At the same time, possess

Height 32.2mm, diameter 108mm

The small body, the overall weight is only


It is very convenient to carry the position without position and the weight when it is on a business trip. The bottom of the speaker is equipped with four silicone anti -sliding pads, which can not only effectively avoid frictions to produce noise when the speaker is in contact with the surface of the object, but also avoids the control of unpreparedness on the smooth surface, affecting the radio effect.

In terms of keys, the bottom of the near -circular body is equipped with a control button area, and the volume and subtraction keys, call connection keys, and Mike closing key are connected at any time to adjust the call effect. It is very humane and convenient. There are Bluetooth bonds and opening keys on the front side of the fuselage, and at the same time are equipped with different interfaces to meet the needs of various scenarios. Users can switch between three connection methods: Bluetooth, DONGLE, and USB line. Use, simple and efficient.

Highly clear sound quality enjoy the face -to -face communication

In terms of picking up, One Electronics C015 is equipped with 4 full -directional microphone arrays, 360 ° full -range pickup. Conference scene within people.


The clarity of voice is one of the important indicators to measure product performance. Clear and noiseless call quality is the basis for ensuring the effectiveness of the meeting. C015, based on echo elimination, automatic gain, automatic noise suppression, reverberation, full -duplex AI audio processing algorithm technical guarantee, can accurately capture human sounds, meet the long -distance pickup needs, and provide high -level long -range call experience. In addition, the product has a built -in 3W vocal enhanced tin iron boron speakers to effectively restore human voice and reduce low -frequency noise interference. For example, the body is immersive, making communication more comfortable and smooth.

1 hour fast charge efficient office subverter


C015 can work continuously for 6 hours to meet the needs of most meeting time. At the same time, when the product has no electricity or the remaining electricity is not much, it supports 1 hour fast charging, which can quickly realize the needs of temporary and emergency conferences to escort users with efficient meetings.

In terms of use, Aon Electronics

Personal portable wireless conference speaker


Compatible with Windows / MacOS systems and conference software such as Zoom, Teams, Flying Books, Ding Ding, Tencent Conference. Compared with some hardware on the market, it can only match the specified conference software, which is undoubtedly more practical!

One Electronics Personal Portable Wireless Conference speakers are very suitable for office meetings, remote meetings, mobile office meetings. Whether in the office, conference room, home, ons, or during travel, it can make the remote conference more worry -free, effort and more time -saving, more time -saving and time -saving. It is the “best choice” of high -efficiency meetings.