Experience: I have used the best wireless microphone UHF


All the garbage wireless microphone used before



Then, then, then

It was nothing when I first used it. There are more and more problems in the back, which has caused me to lose a lot of customers. Mom is a chicken.

I plan to change some wireless microphone



See if the effect can be improved, I don’t know the wireless microphone when I find it.

What brand is easy to use, at the end of the year, the event has begun to increase, and the old microphone is not too dare to use it. If you drop the chain on the event, you will drink the Northwest Wind later.

Go online and find it. I don’t know what brand is good on Taobao. I dare not buy it. If you want to be in place at a time, you can use it for a long time. I found a lot of people saying that the little goldfish wireless microphone was pretty good that day. of

I originally wanted to buy it, but I didn’t see their products on Taobao, and I didn’t see it on JD.com. I thought there would be a lot of Pinduoduo. I specially downloaded a lot of Pinduoduo. I still didn’t see it. I was so tired that I was so tired. At that time, I thought that this brand should be closed down. Otherwise, how can there be no product?

I went to find it online again, and suddenly saw a video. The video also said in the video of the small goldfish wireless microphone, which is really strange. I searched the small goldfish wireless microphone in the Baidu search box. I saw a website now, and I click in to see that it is their official website.

I didn’t want to add WeChat at that time, because the factory was generally not sold to end customers, but I just felt that a factory had no shops on the Internet, and so many people said he was good.

I added WeChat on the website and asked him if there was a wireless microphone

He said that all their products are

Essence Yo, my tone is not small. I watched his circle of friends and his WeChat video number.

After chatting for a while, I asked him if he could buy a trial. He said that I bought it immediately. I thought it was not sold. I have to say that their logistics is really too bad. How far, it takes three days to receive

After Lianhao Line, I sang for a long time, and I was reluctant to stop.


The paragraph is so much, I didn’t expect the wireless microphone

So easy to use