Analysis of Platinum Twelve E speakers (2019)


In 2019, the author did not write articles due to busy business, but during the production, several “Platinum Twelve E” speakers were sold. This box is also a very representative product in our store and customer base, and it is worth looking back on relevant experience. Therefore, sort out the text today and share with you.



Platinum Twelve E Trial Appreciation (1): Cai Qin Old Song (2018)


Platinum Twelve E Trial Appreciation (2): Classical Symphony (2018)


“In the following month, in December 2018, the author completed a pair of speakers that were also configured and sent to Nanjing. A few years later, through the assistance of the author, the 358 ceramic treble was replaced with a 258 diamond treble, and the binocar was replaced, and the speaker was upgraded to “Diamond Twelve”. This is the last word, but it happens to be burn here,


Because Aikuton treble is a square corner panel, the opening of the speaker treble can be replaced and upgraded. Of course, in addition to the unit, different frequency divisions need to be replaced accordingly.

Because of the configuration and sound effects of this box, it is completely consistent with the previously sent to Taiyuan, and there is no other recording.

In early 2019, the author customized a pair of “Platinum Twelve E” speakers with different configurations for a Shanghai customer.

The treble unit uses Norwegian E0058 铍 铍 铍 高. In addition to the advantages of strong resolution and delicate texture of this unit, this unit is quite neutral and natural.

Its sound is not the kind of stunning gorgeous type, but it is very resistant to listening and picky. Playing various types of human voices and instrumental music has a proper performance. Therefore, this treble can also change with the tone of the front -end equipment, and it is compatible with various music to the greatest extent.

This characteristic is obviously very good for the old music and the audio. Unfortunately, the merchants are obviously known, so they have risen twice in the past two years. The current price is far exceeding the top treble of other manufacturers, and it is not too high. Therefore, after this year, the author is more recommended by 6640, 7140 and T34B.

At the end of 2018, Ekdon, Germany, has launched the latest top-level mid-sound unit, C168-6-990. The appearance and magnetic circuit of this middle voice is very different from the previous C173-6-090. It is a new generation of Middle Sound products. After negotiation, Shanghai customers decided to let me try to use this latest product.


After the author’s careful measurement and evaluation of this unit, and then made a full test of speakers. The results showed that the latest medium -sound product went further than the previous 090E medium sound. The lower limit of the low frequency is deeper than 090E, so that when the author is matched with a 13-inch large-caliber bass like Eaton 12-212, there is no need to use the previous 096E medium medium medium bass, and you can still obtain the perfect medium and low frequency connection; and the 990 itself is pure medium itself. The audio unit is better than 096E in the intermediate frequency density.

In short, C168-6-990, as a middle-sound unit, can be said to perfectly combine the advantages of the previous 090E and 096E.

Therefore, since the author has customized a three -point frequency of 10 inches, the author will recommend this super -excellent mid -sound unit in most cases.


By the way, Eaton’s 12-212 bass, this excellent bass unit, is an upgraded version of the previous generation of famous products 12-680. With the experience of the author’s practical experience, the sense of clarity of the new 12-212 is even better.

Eaton’s product update is often characterized by “vertical replacement”, that is, the new generation of upgraded models can basically win the previous generation of products.


Therefore, the same roasted people do not need to be too attached to classic old products at all.


In addition, 12-212, the outer diameter is 330mm. The conversion is already 12.992 inches. Therefore, the author calls it a 13 -inch subwoofer, which is appropriate. The standard 12 -inch can only reach 304.8mm. The difference is just that the habit of titles follow, no need to be tangled.

The customized box is different from before. Because customers love the appearance of the British ATC factory box, this box will change accordingly.

The appearance style of ATC is applied, but the size, unit position and internal structure are designed according to the characteristics of this box unit combination.

Because it is also designed, tuned and tested by the author, the final boxing effect is very similar to the previous two pairs of 358+096e+12-212. The difference is mainly at E0058 铍 铍 区 and 358 ceramic treble, the small difference in sound texture; in addition, the intermediate frequency density of the 990 medium sound is slightly stronger than the previous 096E. In fact, the first platinum twelve E speaker completed in 2015. At that time, the unit combination was 6640+090E+12-680, which has established the sound benchmark of this classic good box. Even at the end of 2020 and early this year, the latest T34B+990+12-212 was completed, and the sound effects were very similar. Even noble as “

The best diamond twelve, encounter successful 75A (2018)

The diamond twelve speakers mentioned in the middle and low -frequency units are the same as the sound effects characteristics. They are the same as Platinum Twelve E. It is nothing more than a diamond treble that is more than 30,000. The tone is perfectly up to the next level.

The high -quality unit of the same level, which is produced by the same senior design tunner, the sound effects must be high -level. It is not more than the selection of the specific unit to form a small difference and characteristics.

This classic good box, the main sound effects are the clarity and layering very good, the sound is neutral and transparent, the dynamic and speed is very ideal, and the momentum is magnificent.

Therefore, it is very suitable for playing classical symphony, and the texture of the human voice is also quite good, especially the female voice. In addition, because the author has been pursuing all -around sound effects for the adjustment orientation, this box will not have a thin sound even if it is played by works such as male bass and cello, but a very strong sound performance.


It should be noted that the sensitivity of the 12-212 bass unit is very high and the dynamic is very large, but it is not easy to prepare in practice. Many rumors using this unit to use this unit mistakenly believe that “thin sound, tough, and not much low frequency”, which is really misunderstanding of this excellent unit.

It is true that the production, frequency division, and debugging of the 12-212 speakers really need a high level of boxing experience and level in order to ensure the ultra -low frequency level like 24Hz -3DB. What’s more important is not to bombard, not tightness or hard, and to be perfect and integrated with low frequency, so that the speaker itself has a prerequisite for high levels.

With Eaton 12-212 speakers, the power amplifier needs special attention. The advantages and troubles of this bass unit are from the same feature: fast speed.


Fast speed is really conducive to the clarity and layering of sound effects. It is very in place for the low -frequency presentation of the crispy and explosive type, such as 钹, metal drums, and blasting sounds; After playing, it looks not full enough, such as bass bolti, leather drums, orchestra.

Such a unit characteristics need to make up for it on the amplifier. With the continuous supply of music with a large current, whether it is the initial explosive dynamic strong signal, or the slowly decaying weak signal, it must be presented without any detail. This harsh requirement can obviously only be able to do it only by class A or high -definition A and B amplifier.

Because these two amplifiers are large -current output, especially Class A machine, it is a very abundant and stable current supply. However, it still needs to be noted that after all, 12-212 has a huge caliber and still requires sufficient power reserves to fully drive.

Regardless of the power amplifier, there is still a need to leave the room area*2 or above.

For example, if it is used in a 30 -square -meter room, whether it is Class A, C type and B transistor, electronic tube machines, at least 60 watt or more output of unpleasant power.

The author’s above -mentioned experience also obtained his own audition for many years, and he obtained in exchange with customers’ experience. Ten years ago, I initially adjusted the successful 6640+634+12-680 box. In terms of the performance of the speaker itself, it was in the same vein with the subsequent “Platinum Twelve E” and “Diamond Twelve”. However, customers use a large power amplifier with a large power but current output. The intuitive experience during audition is that although the low frequency is deep and strong, the bottom of the sound is not full enough. After that, the author did not have a good power amplifier suggestion to use Eaton 13 -inch bass speakers. It was not until 2018, the production of 75A Class A power amplifier, and the audition practice in the next few years, and the author found the way of matching.

In fact, most customers selected the 75A1 and 150A1 Class A power amplifiers (the further improvement of the previous 75A and 150A amplifiers in 2020), which was produced by the author after 2018. It is quite satisfactory. And basically use it to this day. This is really the customer’s greatest recognition and praise to the author’s many 12-212 speakers, and the biggest recognition and praise of 75A1 and 150A1 amplifiers.

In terms of mind, 75A1 and 150A1 are enough to push various speaker products of our store, especially those large -floor boxes with low frequency depth of less than 30Hz. Because they have a powerful power reserve that pushes sound effects to a very strong explosive at 30-60 square meters, extremely abundant and stable large current output, high damping coefficient and ultra-low-frequency control, and good sound texture.

Therefore, since 2018, the author has also made auditions with these two amplifiers with various speakers. It is true that these amplifiers that are designed and produced by commercially available components, although the author has tried his best to make a serious pairing adjustment of each produced machine, the performance sound effects are quite good. However, due to the aulga -processing product of the previous stage, the sound texture changes are extremely subtle and sensitive. In the terms of picky, the brand with high -priced key components is still better.

Therefore, for high fever customers, the author also recommends the selection of classic valuables such as old Mai Jingtu C38 or C40, Golden Vehicle C2150, Guifeng Athena, Gao Wen 27, Berlin Voice 035, Pumpkin Classic 150A1 post -level power amplifier use.

There are no 12-212 speakers with 75A1 and 150A1, and most of them are also strong amplifiers. For example, the above -mentioned Nanjing customers eventually adopted the PASS 160.5 Class Class Class; and the larger and more powerful “Diamond Twelve S” speakers, some customers also used the PASS 600.8 amplifier to promote it. So far, I am also very satisfied. From this, I show that I have a “large current and high power” conclusion on the 12-212 speakers.

Finally, you need to emphasize the Platinum Twelve E -speakers to precautions for medium and high frequencies. Because this box uses the latest and best Aikuton mid -sound unit, the treble adopted is also a top product such as ceramic treble and treble.

The resolution is excellent, and the sound is neutral and transparent. The sound texture of this characteristic is completely determined by the sound source and the front end, and it changes. To play a good type of speakers, the texture of the sound source and amplifier should be very paid attention to.

If the sound source and the amplifier itself are not good, the super -parsing and neutral and transparent speakers such as platinum twelve E will only show the sound source and front -end sound effects.

If you want to play this pair of large landing speakers, you must not be confused by its priced price of about 50 or 60,000. This is only in the audio entrepreneurial community in our country, and can buy such a high-profile and sound Hi-End-level speaker at such a parity.

It is obviously a reference speaker that belongs to the “one in place”, so it is recommended that you take it seriously and choose your sound source and front end. In this case, this classic product with a very good sound effect will be enough to accompany you for the rest of your life.