7nm Navi: True. War Future! Intersection

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Since AMD launched the POLRIS series GPU that can be called a performance innovation architecture in 2016, mining, paddling water, and spending a leisurely holiday lying on the way to make money. Seeing that when Jia Weida continued to lead the GPU industry to climb the GPU industry with the GPU industry with the GTX10 series and the RTX20 series products, it finally divided the creativity from the wild power of the Ryzen series CPU and created a new graphics card. Keke ~ The “Radeon VII” that is not the death penalty here is really the “new revolutionary RDNA architecture” AMD RX5700/XT series graphics card with the “new revolutionary RDNA architecture”.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

R.DNA architecture: a new era in the AMD RX series! Intersection

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Xiaobian is fortunate to get the original version of the XFX Xun Jingjia’s original version at the beginning of the AMD RX5700 listing. Whether it has “one frame of spike” in terms of performance, the RX2060 of the home, the performance ratio “10 watts of crushing” of the family’s home. Vega64? Let all of the guess and fantasies about this “RX5700” be announced by this review one by one.

Can the RX5700 series fight again in the future?

List of core product parameters that AMD have listed in the past year (transferred from PCPOP)

Broken and appearance review

XFX News As a second son, the starting legion is indispensable for it

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Radeon RX 5700 is young, with heavy burden, heavy responsibility!

The packaging box is very heavy! FE public version of the radiator does not contribute small

Since it is AMD public version, XFX does not make any product series names

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

So, ready to dismantle a box!

Family family portrait

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The graphics card length is 270mm, the width is 110mm, and the thickness is 40mm

Keke, Radeon on the front of the card without light, please be sure to give up

No matter how many players do how to spit the AMD’s original heat dissipation solution, for a long time in the future, we are afraid it is difficult to avoid it. As a public version of AMD, its heat dissipation must go through all the tests that can be seen, hear, and thought of as much as possible in order to release the final version to the market.

The turbine radiator is a must -have for the AMD version.

Many readers will ask: “

What environment? Obviously the public version of the radiator is indeed average heat dissipation, and the noise is still big. It looks ugly. Why must you use this design?

“Indeed, AMD’s public version of the full closed turbine really has the above shortcomings, and I can add another disadvantage:” Expert! “Why is it expensive? You can search for a few of the RX5700/XT radiator made by foreigners on the foreigners on the foreigners on the foreigner. The hood is assembled together, and the internal spoiler design of the wind cover also takes into account most of the high heat such as VRM and GPU power supply. This cost and process corresponding to the cost is really not cheap.

What are the root causes of this? I guess the following two points:


开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

: Meet the problem of heat spoiler in the chassis in the working environment of the Dakaqiao connection;

The brick shape of the board, suitable for multi -road firefire installation

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测


: Reduce the effects of dust, harsh air ducts, and minimum installation size on the normal work of the graphics card.

The turbine -type confisting air ducts ensure that the calories are not available.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

These two points must be satisfied as the AMD public version of the graphics card, but it is not that other manufacturers must obtain the GPU authorization, and it is necessary to observe its own non -public version of the graphics card. This is also one of the reasons for readers in many ITX assembly articles, and they will see more proportions of use of the public version of the turbine graphics card. Of course, I will introduce the heating and noise problems of the public version of RX5700.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The RX5700 uses 8+6pin power supply specifications, and the power consumption peak is 185W

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

(All public version of RX5700) None! back! plate! police! tell!

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Keke, the LOGO of the top Radeon does not have lights, and the card is not gluttered!

DPX3, HDMIX1 A total of four sets of output interfaces

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The bottom of the graphics card is also almost fully enclosed, suppressing heat flow interference

Formation on the right side of the wind cover

Some netizens have suggested that it can be seen by the wind grille, which can increase the air output to achieve the cooling effect of 40%. Try it?

List of electrical layout on the back of the graphics card

The scale of components and power supply indicates that this is not a cool graphics card

Installation and face value reference

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Although the public version of RX5700 does not have lights and water, it is still a bit of black technology visual effect with the scientific gray scattering radiator. In addition to heavy weight, it really feels like a high -end card in the chassis. This visual and sensory experience is not comparable to the RTX2060super of ¥ 3199 a few days ago.

The dazzling yellow of the thick PCB substrate is dotted with the gray card red text, and the color matching is very advanced

Write of turbine heat dissipation

If you want the lighting effect, pay more ¥ 500 directly to the RX5700xt, one to satisfy

However, it is slightly embarrassing to lift the lens a little, and the face value punishment brought by the back panel

Friends who need back panels,+¥ 500 to send lights and send the board to XT ~

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

If it is an RTX chassis with a reverse graphics card, the visual effect is pretty good (Jingdong search to Rui)

Forcibly turning on the lights can also be accepted.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Theoretical performance test:

After watching your face, talk about your heart. Since the RX5700 “one frame hanging” RTX2060 has a long history, then we can try to know when we try it. The following theoretical performance tests will be introduced into two graphics cards of RTX2060 and RTX2060super as comparison. If there is no special instructions (such as the GPU overclocking test), all the hardware parts of this test are performed by default frequency, XMP parameters, and conventional non -air conditioning suppression room temperature (26 ~ 31 degrees Celsius).

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The current version of the GPU-Z can not fully identify the complete parameters of the RX5700. You can refer to the specification parameters of the previous article.

Tao Digital No. 1 Machine+XFX RX5700 8GB GDDR6 (Recent Master Lu’s misunderstanding is 5700xt)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The current working status and driver version of the graphics card

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test score (2560×1440): 285708

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test scores horizontal comparison (2560×1440):

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 235434

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 278616

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 285708

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Master Lu’s graphics card test score (1920×1080 resolution) score: 299658

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test scores horizontal comparison (1920×1080):

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 261865

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 294883

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 299658

Master Lu’s performance test period Temperature peak: 78 ° C

Master Lu’s Performance Test During Test Temperature Peak Comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 73 ° C

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

GeForce RTX2060super 8GB GDDR6: 79 ° C

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 78 ° C

3DMark Fire Strike test score: 19480 (where the graphics card score 22960)

3DMark Fire Strike test score comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 17447 (graphics card score 19583)

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 19292 (graphics card score 22462)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 19480 (graphics card divided into 22960) Weak advantage “crushing” 2060super!

3DMark FSE test score: 10051 (where the graphics card score is 10837)

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme test score comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 8699 (graphics card score 9011)

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 10013 (graphics card is 10473)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 10051 (graphics card division 10837) still “crushes” 2060super ~

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark FSU test score: 5225 (where the graphics card score is 5202)

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra test score comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 4331 (graphics card division 4154)

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 5201 (graphics card divided 5076)

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 5225 (graphics card division 5202) continues to “crushed” 2060super!

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark Time SPY test score: 7637 (where the graphics card score 7638)

3DMark Time SPY test score comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 7585 (Graphics Card 7571)

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 8518 (graphics card score 8760)

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 7637 (graphics card division 7638) Oh? Are you swollen, your younger brother?

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark TSE 3465, the graphics card 3449 [2060s is 3989/4073]

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark Time Spy Extreme test score comparison:

GeForce RTX2060 6GB GDDR6: 3465 (graphics card score 3449)

GeForce RTX2060SUPER 8GB GDDR6: 3989 (graphics card score 4073)

AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6: 3461 (graphics card score 3442) is at the bottom. Oh little brother ~

In the 3DMARK theoretical performance test, the evaluation data of AMD RX5700 8GB GDDR6 is more eye -catching. Several tests of Fire Strike not only “crushing” RTX2060, but also suppressing Huangjia’s new RTX2060SUPER with a weak advantage! Of course, under the Time SPY test of the following two DX12, the RX5700 score can only compete with the RX2060, and for the time being, it cannot compete with the RTX2060SUPER.

Tell me loudly, is it a bit fragrant!

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

In terms of power consumption and heat, the maximum power consumption of the RX5700 in the whole test is 162W, which is lower than the 179.4W of the RTX 2060super RTX 2060super, and even lower than the 164.1W of Meijieyan RTX2060! This is unscientific, this is not AMD! Hahaha ~ In terms of temperature, the RX5700 is up to 79 ° C, which is lower than the 81 ° C of the RTX 2060Super version of the RTX 2060Super, which is higher than the 74 ° C of the Meijie Yanlong version of RTX2060. The fan speed is officially set by AMD to a maximum of 42%. The chassis is not available for the time being, which is acceptable.

PUBG game test

If in the theoretical test above, RX5700 rely on a good price (the author gets the price of ¥ 2099, the lowest price of the market is ¥ 2299) The performance ratio is suppressed, and the RTX2060 has caused a serious threat to the RTX2060SUPER, then the following author will still compare the cash cash out. The famous A Black Games of Fire to see the game performance of RX5700.

Although it is lazy, the game only runs one, but according to the vast number of fans, what LOL, CSGO, or something, do n’t run, anyway, all hundreds of dollars can run smoothly. Okay, then the GTAV is not running today. The reason is very embarrassing. The Social Club account is bug again, alas ~ but the specific game test, the media is also very much, what the three kingdoms will be available (this game will buy a price reduction, I will buy it. It’s a bit expensive now), Tomb Raider, Battlefield, Biochemical Crisis, I don’t really like to play these. If everyone really wants to watch, then I buy these games to test everyone.

PUBG is still two modes of running, namely: 2560X1440 full extreme special effects, 2560×1440 tritoly extreme effects. Simulate everyone’s most common game settings. 1920×1080 resolution does not run away. After all, RX5700 is a market price of ¥ 2500 graphics card. We try to leave some dignity for it.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The first is 2560×1440 resolution+full extreme special effects (the game plus the new card is not recognized, and the small aircraft will be left)

A special indoor multiplayer battle scene: 91FPS (temperature 81 ° C, power consumption 149W)

Multi -person combat scene containing a lot of special effects: 47fps (temperature 82 ° C, power consumption 154W)

This frame number is indeed unscrupulous. Even RTX2060 starts at least 63FPS. It seems that PUBG is really a black!

Vehicle scenario: 79fps (temperature 82 ° C, power consumption 151W)

I hope to get the pot to the AMD new product driver. At present, it is unable to vomit, and then lower the special effects to look at the performance.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The following test PUBG: 2K+tritoly settings

Multi -person scene parameters: 138fps (graphics card temperature: 76 ° C, power consumption 162W)

Complex special effects+multiplayer indoor battle scene: 155fps (graphics card temperature: 79 ° C, power consumption 108W)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

After the same resolution, after the special effects have been reduced, similar scenes have been reduced from 47fps to 155fps, and the power consumption has also been reduced to 108W. This … I am afraid that it is toxic? Deeply suspect that driving optimization has ghosts, look forward to fighting the future.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The special effect of the special effects battle scene: 112fps (graphics card temperature: 82 ° C, power consumption 143W)

Vehicle driving scene: 131FPS (graphics card temperature 83 ° C, power consumption 139W)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Multi -person indoor combat scenes with special effects+vehicles: 121FPS (graphics card temperature 84 ° C, power consumption 165W)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The author’s favorite PUBG test seems to have to eat this new GPU. The same is the resolution of 2560X1440. The number of frames for the full effects and the three poles can reach nearly three times. Considering the performance and compatibility performance of all AMD graphics cards in the past five years, let’s put him a horse, let him go, wait for the driver to update.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

If this only game makes you feel full of this new graphics slot? Then look down, there is a more exciting one waiting for you (-_ -#)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Quite exciting 96 ° C copy machine experience & cooling adjustment

The reason why the reason for not doing other game testing is the temperature performance of this RX5700 graphics card. The author is a firm “7” party party, that is, graphics cards and processor temperatures must not exceed 7 red lines. Seeing 8 is never allowed. Even though the temperature of the public version of the graphics card is deeply recognized, this is 7nm. This is the core of the 180W improved version of the power consumption. Even if you narrow the chip area by more than half, the temperature cannot always play a game casually. Just 84 ° C? (Passion of the bottom, not only eating chicken 84 °, in fact, the League of Legends is still 82 ° C, so I ask you to be convinced ~)

With this concern, the game is too lazy to run. Let’s take a look at the temperature of the donut machine.

The temperature of the GPU 82 ° C copy of the GPU 82 ° C, and the terrible 93 ° C graphics card high -heat area temperature

The new RX5700 series public version of the graphics card not only provides GPU temperature monitoring, but also monitor the temperature area of ​​high heat areas, video memory temperature, video memory power supply, and GPU power supply modules. Therefore, the temperature control list of GPU-Z in the figure above is very long. In order to avoid the headline compression, I cut one alone and put it down:

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The first round of brain has forgotten the screenshot.

Through the 12 -minute donut graphics card pressure test, we can see that the maximum power consumption of the graphics card is 149W, the GPU core is up to 82 ° C, and the graphics card high -heat area reaches 93 ° C (the first round of 20 minutes of pressure test forgot screenshot. I touched 96 ° C). The GPU VRM section is 72 ° C, the memory temperature reaches 86 ° C, and the temperature of the memory VRM1/2 also reaches 76 ° C/80 ° C. This temperature is not only hot, but even disturbing.

Of course, this is only from the perspective of human perception. Old players are very clear that PCB and silicon wafers, capacitance devices, etc. For this test of 100 degrees, it will not affect normal work. However, the high temperature discharged from this goods really affected our work. The ground temperature under the entire computer table was roasted above 37 ° C. Feel friends (T_ T#)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

The table can not be lifted. Calm is not only what I want to do, but also the RX5700 graphics card to do. How to do it? Drive him!

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

For the balance of noise and temperature control, AMD chose 42%fan speed to dynamic upper limit

Here we don’t think about the noise first, directly pull the upper limit of the turbine fan from the default 42%to 62%, and then come with a round of donuts.

62%must be a turbine -like noise, and the temperature is sounding: 74 ° C

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Improve the temperature conditions of each part after the fan speed

After the fan is accelerated, the noise has been obviously heard, but it is still in a scope of reluctant acceptance (playing games with headphones can be ignored). The maximum power consumption of the graphics card is 156W, the core of the GPU is reduced to 74 ° C, the high fever area of ​​the graphics card is reduced to 85 ° C, the GPU VRM part is 65 ° C, the video memory temperature reaches 78 ° C, the temperature of the video memory VRM1/2 also decreases to 68 ° C/71 ° C.

This temperature is temporarily acceptable, and the author will increase the speed of the fan to 70%to 55%later. The temperature range is performed. In summary, the fan strategy of about 50-55%can be satisfied. However, as long as the fan exceeds 50%of the speed speed speed The noise can already be heard, and you can set it on your own according to your acceptable range.

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

Overclocking test

I have n’t had a overclocking CPU or graphics card for a long time. Since the CPU and GPU comes with a Turcurry or Boost acceleration function, the player ’s overclocking is nothing more than to increase the power consumption+temperature of about 20%. In this regard, it is completely inconsistent with cost -effectiveness, plus life and comfort (noise temperature). However, the 7nm NAVI overclocking potential circulating in the room is very against the sky. Some 5700XT can even overclock to the core frequency of 2.2GHz. It must not be tried! Start up ~

The so -called overclocking graphics card, super -saving, the global wattman point automatic overclocking GPU is done

Of course, players can also be fully manual overclocking. I am more lazy. I also believe that the maximum stability ratio of AMD driver (automatic overclocking GPU will automatically set the fan PWM strategy and voltage). The target clock frequency of this automatic overclocking is locked at 1789MHz (in fact, once in the test, it was directly locked directly at 1850MHz, but unfortunately I did not stay up late to forget the screenshot too late). The theoretical performance test comparison before and after overclocking is released:

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test 1920×1080: 323991

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test 1920×1080:

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 default frequency: 296658

RX5700 overclocking: 323991

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test 2560×1440: 309008

Master Lu’s graphics card performance test 2560×1440:

RX5700 default frequency: 285708

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 overclocking: 309008

Master Lu’s maximum temperature during testing: 70 ° C (yes, the fan overclocking ~)

Master Lu’s performance testing Maximum temperature: 70 ° C

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 default frequency: 78 ° C

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 overclocking: 70 ° C

3DMark Fire Strike score: 20144 (graphics card score 24150)

3DMark Fire Strike score:

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 default frequency: 19480 (graphics card score 22960)

RX5700 overclocking: 20144 (graphics card score 24150)

3DMark FSE score: 10552 (graphics card score 10837)

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme score:

RX5700 default frequency: 10051 (graphics card score 10837)

RX5700 overclocking: 10552 (graphics card score 11485)

3DMark FSU score: 5521 (graphics card score 5521) for the first time!

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra score:

RX5700 default frequency: 5225 (graphics card score 5202)

RX5700 overclocking: 5521 (graphics card division 5521)

3DMark Time SPY score: 7963 (graphics card score 8040)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3dmark time spy score:

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 default frequency: 7637 (graphics card score 7638)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 overclocking: 7963 (graphics card score 8040)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark Time Spy Extreme score: 3613 (graphics card score 3622)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

3DMark Time Spy Extreme score:

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

RX5700 default frequency: 3461 (graphics card score 3442)

RX5700 overclocking: 3613 (graphics card score 3622)

开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

After overclocking, the theoretical performance test increase is between 5%and 10%. If you have experience manual overclocking, select higher frequencies, and performance improvement will be higher. During the test period, there are almost no problems such as flower screens, blue screens, drivers or black screens. It seems that 7nm does have good overclocking potential. In terms of power consumption and temperature, because the PWM strategy will be automatically modified by the driver, the radiator takes off during the whole test, the maximum temperature is pressed at 79 ° C, the fan speed is 54%, and the maximum power consumption of the graphics card is touched to 198W.

At a list of GPU peaks after RX5700 overclocking

in conclusion

XFX News This public version of the RX5700 can basically represent all the same models of the same model in terms of performance, temperature control, and power consumption. Basically, I do n’t have an accident. The performance of this graphics card in terms of temperature and gaming performance is slightly regrettable. Of course, the flaws of temperature can be manually modified to make up for the fan strategy. After the driver is optimized in the later period, there may be better performance. In terms of game performance, we also look forward to the future chicken blood patch.

Driven optimization is still the fatal weakness of the AMD card

Regarding overclocking, the author does not recommend it, but it does not affect the playability of this graphics card. According to the soft grinding and hard bubbles of these days, the peak of the graphics card in my hand should be around 1900MHz. Although it is not as stimulating of 2.2GHz, it can also bring a lot of performance improvement. However, because the power consumption exceeded 220W at that time, the fan speed and temperature performance were really disturbing, so there was no focus on this article. We can look forward to the non -public version of RX5700 launched by various manufacturers in the future. I believe that in the comprehensive performance of frequency, temperature, and power consumption, it will definitely leap.

¥ 1999 is the most consistent pricing of this graphics card

The last thing to say is that when I got this graphics card, the market price was basically ¥ 2799. I mentioned in the previous box video of the author that the card will enter the ¥ 1999 market in three months. At the end of this article, Tmall and JD.com all paved a large number of products with ¥ 2299 ~ 2499. It seems that the author’s predictions can not be used for three months. This latest 7nm Navi new product!

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开箱+评测+降温+超频:AMD RX5700 8GB公版显卡六千字超详细评测

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