XP and Win7 systems cause Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth 5.0 adapter to work properly


Before introducing the problem, first introduce my computer hardware situation.

The following three pictures are my computer motherboard, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth adapter.

The operating system WIN10 Enterprise version I am using, as shown in the figure below:


After the arrival of my Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth 5.0 adapter, first of all, I tested on the XP professional version system and found that the driver of my Bluetooth 5.0 adapter has always been a problem. Use Master Lu and other driver software to automatically install the driver, and update the update. By the latest version, the problem is still not solved, and the driver always sends some problems. Under such circumstances, I doubt whether the Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth headset I bought has a quality problem?

So I matched the Bluetooth headset with the mobile phone. As a result, the matching was successful, which showed that there was no problem with my Bluetooth headset.


So now there are only Bluetooth adapters, so I upgrade the XP system to Win7 to eliminate system software, and the test results make me suspect that the Bluetooth adapter is really problematic again. The driver is installed normally under the Win7 system. Although it can be found that hardware information can be found, it cannot be connected normally.


I took the idea of ​​the win10 system and installed the Win10 enterprise version. The operating system version was shown in the figure above. The headset and the adapter were successfully adapted successfully, and there were unpleasant music sounds in the ear.


So if you also choose, the Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is used with the Bluetooth headset, and you may wish to install the Win10 system directly to avoid many detours.

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