Kawa, dividing a equal number between Yunnan and Thunder Ghost


Who is the best thunder band in China? In the past, this is probably a question that is difficult to answer, but in the past six months, many people who have watched the Yunnan Thunder Ghost Band Kawa did not hesitate to cast the tickets to this unknown Southwest minority band Essence



On May 28th, Kawa made a new album first performance in Live House in Beijing.

“Come and close it with us, because we will return to Yunnan the next day. Those pigs and sheep in our house, and a kind of vegetables are waiting for us to take care.”

This is like a basin of cold water, poured coldly on the music with the music for a long time, and the city people’s hearts are tip.

“What about the trendy people standing on the stage, how about raising pigs by themselves?”

It is estimated that many people at the scene mutter like this, I think.

Kawa Jinjin in Xinjiang

But this is Kawa, “tide” and “soil”, which are completely opposed, so they have harmonious coexistence in them.

The day before the performance, I and their friends got together for 2 hours.

Eat and chat together,

This is the strongest feeling they brought to me.




“Kawa” is the name before the Minority Ethnic minorities of the ethnic minorities in my country. The name of the KAWA band comes from this. When most members of the band come from the border between China and Myanmar, the Music of Pu’er in Yunnan, the Western Union Langbu Autonomous County, and the second band’s music of the band. Many are created based on the Folk Music of the Lang.

Except for Bass hand, Ai Yong has lived in Beijing for a long time,

Other members of the band have always lived in Kunming, and retained the way of life close to the land. They grow vegetables, raise pigs, cook, brew, and live a slow -paced life.

Everyone lives together. The main guitarist and producer Lao Hei is responsible for cooking. “We are still cooking on fire now. This is a particularly luxurious thing.” Lao Hei proudly said.

The main voices guitar, producer Lao Hei

The lead singer Lao Yan is okay to love to go to the old goods market Taobao, clothes, backpacks, utensils … what you see, “especially cheap,

I was worn on my body.

“Lao Yan said.

Their rehearsal rooms are particularly simple. “We bought a lot of second -hand equipment, and all the equipment of the studio’s equipment may not have the money to spend upon a microphone in a general recording studio in Beijing!” Everyone said.

Ai Yong was the BASS hand of the mountain band before. After living in Beijing for nearly 10 years, he returned to his hometown due to physical reasons.

After a high -paced life experience of the city, Ai Yong specifically cherishes this natural lifestyle.

In his opinion, it is a more correct choice for both the body and the creation.

Bas Aiyong



In contrast to “soil”, the “tide” of KAWA is also obvious, and

This “tide” is derived from “soil”


Take Tao second -hand clothes, for example, Lao Yan explained: “These things I am Tao are all I like, it is not available in the store, and it will never hit with others together. They are unique.” The old man and the stage on the stage are no different. The personality from head to toe allows him to catch the attention of others for the first time no matter where he goes.

“We are natural, the same as the stage in life.”

Lead singer Lao Yan Photography/Cuij Inghua

Because the rhythm of the Folk tunes of the Puppets and the thunder and ghost music that emphasizes weak shots naturally meets,

Lao Hei first tried to combine the folk music of the Dai people with modern music thunder and ghosts.

And founded “Yunnan Thunder”, such an attempt not only excited Lao Hei himself. When he shared the music on the music website, he was sought after by a large number of thunder ghost enthusiasts.

After forming the KAWA band, they continued to explore on this road, and

Continuously add the world’s most modern music elements such as rock, DUB, and electronics to create a kind of music language that can make people instantly intoxication.

Sampling Delong


Natural Lord


Aside from the superficial division of “soil” or “tide”, in the final analysis, KAWA is a firm naturalist.

As the descendants of the Dai people, music itself is just like eating and sleeping. It is something they are born with, and it is an indispensable part of life. They just follow the footsteps of the times to give new forms of traditional music, or

They are protecting the original purity with a pioneer attitude.

As for the theme of the Kawa band, most of them are related to life and nature. They express their in -depth recognition and love for rural life, understand and awe of nature, and convey a natural beauty of the current lack of natural lack of urban music, just like the sky in Yunnan in Yunnan. , Earth, wind, humanity.

And they are close to the primitive lifestyle, and they are also following the natural avenue and respecting the laws of life, just as they sang in the “Rights on the World”:

People who live to the grain also die to the grain

Fire comes from nature and is destroyed naturally


Everything in the world is natural

Drummer Xiaoxiong

I asked Lao Hei, wouldn’t it be bored if you just made a style of music? Lao Hei said, how could it be bored? This is something that belongs to your blood, just like people in a region may like to eat a certain food.

It is impossible to get bored.

suddenly see the light!

Eggs at the end of the text:

Quickly answer


Whose music do you listen to?


Bob Mali affects us more in ideology.

What do you think of the music of other domestic Thunder bands?

Doing it well, others may be a more pure thunderbolt, we have merged many other elements.

What causes Kawa’s music to make different production?

In the production, we borrowed DUB’s mixing method.

Ai Yong’s feeling is similar to Chen Sheng.

I (Ai Yong) particularly likes him. The first song I learned the guitar was his.

Keyboard/trumpet coating

Why signed in the grass platform echo? Are you worried about the signing company to disrupt your rhythm of life?

Ge Fei (Caotai Echo CEO) has come to us many times, and we have taken him deeply to experience our living conditions. Everyone can recognize and accept each other, so they signed. If you talk about it, you will not worry about disrupted the original pace of life.

It is difficult to dance by listening to your music. Have you ever encountered the audience?

I have encountered it.

Your names are strange, do you do this on your ID card?


Some people say that KAWA is a band with international potential. Do you plan to go abroad to develop abroad?

We want to go around a country with Thunder Music Tradition.

Today, Kawa’s new album “Out of Yunnan” was launched around the world. Go to major music platforms to search for audition!



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“Lao Yan said.