8 -inch digital photo frame Samsung Consumer WIFI new product listing


Nowadays, the digital frame has eighteen martial arts, showing photos, playing audio files, and playing video files. The functions such as calendar and alarm clock are already standard functions of digital frames. Recently, netizens who often pay attention to our ZOL display channel will learn through news that there are already many digital photo frames with WiFi wireless Internet functions in foreign countries, and support for wireless Internet functions has become a new trend of digital photo frame development.

Last year, Samsung launched an 8-inch digital SPF-83V that supports WIFI features (please refer to “WiFi+Video Samsung releases the top digital frame of the world”). Although it is listed earlier, it is a product launched for industry users. Therefore, this model has not been popularized. In the first half of this year, Samsung launched an 8-inch digital frame for consumer users and built-in WIFI modules. Its model is SPF-86V.

Samsung new digital WiFi function trial

In July of this year, our ZOL display channel once conducted a detailed evaluation of the new generation of Samsung’s new generation digital frame, the 8-inch product SPF-85H (please refer to “Beauty Play Touch! Samsung Retro-type Digital Frame”), which is hidden The keys and retro appearances are loved by many consumers. Compared to SPF-85H, Samsung’s SPF-86V’s appearance this time is almost the same as that, but it has greatly strengthened its functions.

Samsung SPF-86V

screen size

8 -inch


800 × 600

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市


8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市




8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

400: 1

Image Format

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市


Output Interface

1 main device (USB1.1), 1 (USB2.0) interface, mini display

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Product power consumption


Other performance

Extensible memory: SD/MMC/MS

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Other characteristics

LED touch button

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

special function

Wi-Fi network function, through wireless connection personal computers and digital frames, realize remote control transmission of built-in batteries, move freely, share at any time

In addition to the WiFi wireless Internet function, the Samsung SPF-86V digital frame still has a unique “mini display” function. Through software, we can use the digital frame as the expansion screen of LCD display, which is very convenient. So how should Samsung SPF-86V’s WIFI function be used and what convenience will it bring to us?

Samsung wifi digital photo frame function introduction

Because in appearance, the appearance design of Samsung’s SPF-86V is exactly the same as the 8-inch digital photo frame we tested earlier. Therefore Readers who are unfamiliar with 86V digital photo frames, please refer to the article “Beauty Play Touch! Samsung Retro Digital Fragment”).

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Same as the previous digital photo frame launched by Samsung, the operation interface and UI design of SPF-86V have not changed much. Due to several functions, the menu of Samsung SPF-86V digital frame is richer.

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

The upper right corner of the main interface of Samsung SPF-86V digital frame

Unlike Samsung’s previous digital framework, the SPF-86V body has a built-in lithium battery, so there is a power plug icon in the upper right of the operating interface. If the external power supply is not used, the power supply icon will be converted into a battery -shaped, and the remaining power of the battery can be displayed.

The upper left corner of the Samsung SPF-86V main interface has a signal strength logo similar to a mobile phone. Of course, this signal strength does not refer to the mobile phone network, but refers to the signal strength of the WIFI network. When the digital frame is connected to the PC host, a desktop computer will appear on the upper left.

In addition to being able to display photos, Samsung SPF-86V also adds rich multimedia functions, including audio files in MP3 format. Samsung SPF-86V has a built-in multimedia speaker and is equipped with a audio output interface. Users can connect the headset outside the 3.5mm headphone jack.

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

In terms of controlling music playback, Samsung SPF-86V has the basic functions of MP3 player, including random played music, repeated playback music, etc., which can basically meet consumers’ needs. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction of more functions of Samsung SPF-86V.

Samsung has launched a 8-inch digital photo frame SPF-83M that supports video playback and “mini display” function, and SPF-86V also has these functions.

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Samsung SPF-86V Play Movie Control Menu

The interface of the Samsung SPF-86V played video is exactly the same as the interface of played music, and its playback control menu also has functions such as repeated playback and random playback.

Samsung SPF-86V still retains the three major functions of the traditional clock, calendar and brain. It is also a good choice to use it as a digital calendar when not playing photos.

“Mini Display” has always been a special feature of Samsung Digital Photo. Pass the digital phase frame and PC host

USB interface

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

After connecting, install a special software. The digital frame can be used as an extension of the LCD display, which is very convenient. Samsung SPF-86V also has this function. Its use method is exactly the same as the SPF-83M. We can click here to see how to use the “mini display” function.

Samsung’s new digital photo frame to play wifi

Compared with other digital frames on the market, in addition to the “mini display” function, it also supports the function of WiFi wireless Internet access. I believe that many readers will ask questions. What is the significance of the digital photo frame with wireless Internet access? Is it to browse the web?

The answer is of course negative. Because there is no browser software in the Samsung SPF-86V body, we cannot use it to browse various web pages, but it is not meaningful to look at the webpage with a digital photo frame. In fact, through the WIFI module, we can connect the PC host and the digital frame to let the digital frame remotely play the shared photos in Windows Media Player in the PC host. Below, let’s introduce how the SPF-86V realizes this function.

Choose a wireless router

First of all, we need to open the SPF-86V WiFi function and enter the “Settings” menu, select “Network Settings”. At this time, the digital frame will automatically search for the surrounding wireless routers. After searching for a wireless router, we choose the most powerful router to connect.

At this time, we see that there is a lock -shaped sign on each computer, which means that the host is not set up and cannot achieve the connection between the digital frame and the PC host. Next we set up the host. The connection to the host is mainly implemented by the Windows Media Player player. What requires the MEDIA Player 11 version here.

After opening the Windows Media Player 11 player, we select the “Media Sharing” option in the “Media Library” label and enter the settings later.

After entering the “media sharing”, the following dialog box will pop up.

Digital photo frame equipment

At this time we can see the Samsung Digital Photo Frame, at this time, there is a triangular exclamation mark on its icon. Here we need to check the two options: “Find the Media Library of other users shared” and “Sharing Media”.

At this time, we use the right -click Samsung Digital frame icon icon to select “Allow” so that the digital frame is set as a trust connection object.

At this time, in the digital frame, we see that the host’s icon is no longer locked, and we can directly select “Enter the album” to share the picture.

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

After selecting “Enter the Album”, we can let the digital frame remotely play the photo resource shared in the host.

In addition to being able to play photos in the remote host, Samsung SPF-86V can also play the album in Windows Live Spaces, as well as RSS subscribers and web image resources. In this way, users who use Samsung SPF-86V can easily realize the function of remotely play photos, that is, if you are in Beijing and your parents are in Shanghai, then your parents can dare to see you uploaded to the photos of Windows Live Spaces through the digital photo frame. Failure to sharing photos.


8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Samsung SFP-86V is a digital frame with rich features. It almost brings together all the functions of Samsung’s previous digital frames. In addition, it also includes Samsung’s unique “mini display” and WIFI function. Comprehensive performance.

Samsung SPF-86V digital frame also has excellent picture effects and craftsmanship

In this article, we are more of the WiFi function of Samsung SPF-86H, but the effect of this model is also very good, its resolution has reached 800 × 600, and the color performance is also better. In addition, the retro -style appearance and hidden touch button design will also make this model have a high popularity.

At present, the digital photo frame is no longer a screening tool that can only play photos, but a carrier that pins the emotions, which supports wireless Internet functions to enable people to use SPF-86V to share every bit of everyone’s life. Drop, especially for workers in a foreign country, gives parents a SPF-86V, and update their own Windows Live Spaces album at any time, which can allow parents to see their own gains at any time, which is also very warm. It is believed that the digital frame will have more close cooperation with the network album in the future, adding added value to the digital frame.


8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

Rich function, support wifi, the display effect is excellent


Do not support remote control operations, the price is high

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市

8英寸数码相框 三星消费级WIFI新品上市