Yenova interview Wang Ying: Design has life, life has soul


Editor: Design is an interpretation of quality life and praise for life. Designing with your heart is responsible for the customer’s design concept of our teacher Wang. The guest interviews invited to this issue are the designer of the boutique design center-Wang Ying. (Y: Yenova, Wang: Wang Ying)


Y: Hello, I am glad that today you can participate in the interview with the characters in this issue. First of all, please talk about your design process and let everyone know you more.


Wang: I have been engaged in the designer for 15 years, and I have been working in the industry for ten years. I have also won many design contest awards in the years of work, and I have also been recognized by customers. On the platform of the industry, I have learned a lot, and I hope to continue to achieve results in future work.

Y: You said that design is a kind of life attitude, covering trust and responsibility, how to understand this? Wang: Good design is a kind of life attitude. What kind of life do you want? Use modern design language to express this attitude towards life. Each set of works must have a soul. This soul can run through. It is an emotional expression, an expression of life interest, a good design is the most important one, one is more practical, the second must be comfortable, and the third must have their own personality. The greater the responsibility for the designer. Without the trust of the customer and the sense of responsibility of the designer, there will be no perfect project.


Y: Many designers will feel that they are professional and keep focusing on their own views in the project. Instead, the customer’s needs weaken. How does this phenomenon from professional designers’ positions?


Wang: The design must be people -oriented. Many designers like to design the house in a way they feel good -looking, often ignoring the feelings of the residents themselves. We need to understand the customer’s preferences in detail, and to dig deeply what elements he likes. We comprehensively take into account the design plan and integrate it into the customer’s own unique design style. Works are not easy to cause disconnection of hard and soft outfit, affecting the decoration effects later.

Y: The final value of the project is to a large extent that in the customer, reflect the communication and cooperation of the owner, do you have any unpleasant experience when you are going to communicate with the customer? How is it solved?

Wang: The communication with customers is basically smooth. Some misunderstandings may occur when there are some misunderstandings, but there is no problem when explaining clearly.


Y: I have to say that the decoration industry has developed for so many years. The group of owners who can accept design fees in China are not so many, resulting in designers often struggling between budgets and effects. How to consider the economics of design schemes?

Wang: The boutique design cleverly combines different grades of materials, giving full play to different texture, color and performance superiority, and can achieve an economical and beautiful effect.

Y: After talking for so long, let’s talk about life. We all know that the designer’s work pressure is very high. What way do you choose to decompress it?

Wang: The designer’s industry is relatively competitive, and the pace of work is relatively fast. Every day’s work is to talk about customers, measure houses, design drawings, budgets, choose materials, sign contracts, run construction sites, handle various construction problems and materials connection of materials and materials connection A string is too tight, causing a particularly stress. Some people say that without pressure, there is no motivation, and moderate pressure can urge people, but once the pressure exceeds this degree, it changes the taste. So at this time, you must seek a way to decompress you, such as travel, listening to music, reading, when you feel tired, stop and rest, remove the burden on your body, relax your mood, make a slight rectification, bring a little with one A relaxed mood continues to fight.

Designer work


Lu Shanglan Bank New Town is located at the intersection of Toru Road Road and Laodong Road on the High -tech Zone. The traffic is convenient. The bus stop is Torang Road West Station. It is 20 kilometers away from Qingdao Train North Station. The total construction area of ​​the Lu Shanglan Bank New City project is 720,000 square meters, and the French garden architecture is developed in 3 phases, including town villas, stack villas, high -rise and commercial.


Real Estate Name: Lu Shang Blue Bank New City

Design style: European style

House type: villa

Area: 3300㎡


Design instructions: The design style of this case is European style, which combines the subtletism, refreshing and the exquisite and gorgeous of the traditional European style. This fashionable and connotative style is gradually being pursued by some young and new. To grasp the overall European -style effect, pay attention to the reasonable combination of various elements of the home. In addition, in particular, the European -style home must pay special attention to the use of soft decoration. Soft decoration plays a very critical role in setting up the European style.


Plane layout map


Case renderings

The color of the living room is mainly white and blue, so it feels fresh and elegant.

The floor of the living room is paved with a water knife spelling marble tiles, which adds European style.

The restaurant plasterboard ceiling is a very complicated ceiling form that customers like. They make a wall of wine cabinets, which is more overall.

As a casual space, the negative floor is made of audio -visual rooms. Mahjong tables and tatami. You can rest when you are tired. The color is mainly blue and gray, echoing a layer of decoration, and it also feels casual.


The key to the master bedroom is comfortable, and the bedside tables, bedside lamps, green plants and decorations are carefully placed on both sides.


The layout of children’s rooms is relatively warm, mainly focusing on functional and practical comfort.