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Jeonia three cute fun mascots

In order to add a little new ideas and fun to Christmas this year, Jenia deliberately designed three cute mascots, Romeo (Romeo), ENZO (Enzo) and Luigi (Louisi), inspired by three Jenya classic fabrics.


Romeo (Romeo) is decorated with classic Trofeo wool fabrics. It is a gentleman who is gentle and elegant in social occasions;

Enzo (Enzo) is wearing a coat made of TechmerInotm wool. The appearance of woolen and woven caps on the top of the head creates a strong Christmas atmosphere;


LUIGI (Louis) shows the Pelle Tesssutatm woven leather that symbolizes the brand’s superb craftsmanship. Wearing sunglasses and headphones is the most noticeable existence on the party.


The Pelle TESSSUTA ™ woven leather adopted by the holiday selection series cleverly combines the traditional weaving process with modern technology. It is also injected into the collection elements of the 1968 human character pattern in the design. The table tennis suit is quite chic!



ESPRIT in the winter of the 70s

A group of friends replaced in the 1970s style of winter shapes, with unique style of twisting rope woven sweaters with other clothes to make the shape more layered.

ESprit this season’s new colorful sequins sweater, chic and cute.


Zippo is a koi in his own life


At the end of the year, the Zippo lighter brought you a koi in the firefighting machine industry. The flowers and shadows that are delicately etched on the Zippo lighter and the size of carp that runs upward means that they are not afraid of the obstacles of the environment and upside down.


The faint “Fortune Fish” of the lighter fuselage is the best interpretation of Chinese koi in English.

2018 has entered the countdown. May everyone in 2019, like a koi, a steady recruiting cat, and smooth sailing.


Diabla Meng pets too festival


The designers of the pet house are the two architects of the Eight Classics Violeta Alcaide Weishaupt and Manel Jimenez iBanez. They believe that “Meng Pet also has the right to live a fashionable life.” Is it too happy!

The design uses a slot type without any screw. There is a mobile lid so that it can be cleaned.

Touffu has two sizes, one is suitable for larger pets, and the other is suitable for smaller pets. Suitable for dogs, cats or hamsters.



The global lifestyle brand Herschel SUPPLY joined the Starbucks China to present a special cooperation series this winter, covering 2 HERSCHEL SUPPLY classic bags, and 3 Starbucks hot cups and 1 Star gift cards. Stores are limited to sale.

The design of the Micatote Bag Tot is inspired by the classic MICA shoulder bag of Herschelsupply. The overall black and jungle camouflage stitching up and down, and the arrow wood and yellow shoulder strap as the details, vividly interpreted modern fashion, lightweight and convenient storage.


CORX Biometric Smart Watch

CORX smart watch is developed by Saluber MD and uses a special SALUBER APP to connect users to a remote medical platform. The platform has hundreds of medical experts (including heart disease experts, endocrine experts, neurologists, orthopedics, and pediatricians) to provide remote family care, monitoring postoperative conditions, family physical therapy, pregnancy support and prescription enforcement Essence CORX biometric watches will be listed in the United States in early 2019.

CORX combines the most advanced smart watch technology and eternal design. The 43mm stainless steel shell is treated with matte charcoal gray. The texture of the texture of the silicone strap ensures the comfort and breathability of in any case. Ponti Design Studio designed products and packaging and won the 2018 IF Design Award.



Tang Qi Seven Life Art Exhibition


Life aestheticist Tang Qi Seven presented a daily life art exhibition with the theme concept of “bowl” as the theme concept of “bowl”.

| Picture Photography-April


Ten famous Japanese artifact writers (Nishikawa Cong, An Qixian, Ishihara detailed charging, Lin Zhibao, Takada Masaru, Igarashi Yugui, An Yongzheng, Watanabe Liao, Morita Spring Cai, Takino Okura) Overcoming.


Mr. Gibi’s wooden wares, each of which is artwork. The creation is completely based on the characteristics of the raw material trees itself. The wounds, cracks, and texture on each piece of work are the most precious personality of the artifacts in the eyes of the writer. In particular, in addition to the bowl of the bowl, in addition to the bowl of art, it also includes two sizes and large paint with large paint, which can be used to put food. It is also a rare attempt for writers to try. ,worth collecting.

Mr. An Yong is a famous master in the field of art in Japan. The exhibited works are full of the writer’s personal style. The pottery shows a unique strange touch through the complex firing process, sometimes as glass, sometimes mottled like unearthed cultural relics. There is no need to match more modifications, and its work itself is a powerful artwork.

The most famous series of Mr. Watanabe, a Jin worker, should be inspired by the “stones that can make sounds” series of metal ornaments inspired by a child when he was a child. The signature of the writer can be used as a device for storage or suspension, and the creativity is unlimited.

Ms. Morita is a remarkable pottery artist in Japan in recent years. Her works often have a “meaningless beauty”, or in turn, her work “beauty is meaning”.

All works are manipulated by hand, special glaze drugs and complex firing processes full of imagination, so that each finished product is unique, rich and complex color and texture full of artistic flavor, which can be regarded as artistic installations. Swing is also a wonderful match for making flower art works.

This is the first domestic aesthetic exhibition to prepare exhibits with the theme of curative themes and prepare exhibits through the form of targeted invitations. The purest “white” contains the most brilliant light. A bowl, appears on the table every day, is unusual. Our attitude towards it is our attitude towards life …

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