2020 Chinese Business Men’s Top Ten Brands


Men need to attend a variety of occasions. Some specific occasions need specific clothing. Therefore, men must prepare some business costumes. Unlike women’s costumes, men’s clothing is more low -key, and business clothing will be more refined and stereotyped. With the increasing business people in today’s society, and people pay more and more attention to their identity, it has spawned more and more business menswear brands.

Business men’s clothing, as the name suggests, is the costumes of men in official duties, work and other formal occasions. As the saying goes, “shopping malls are like battlefields”, business men need to have both planning negotiation tactics, but also exquisite and proper business men’s clothing as a shirt. What business men need to be on the occasion is this kind of dress that can reflect the perfect self and extraordinary temperament. Low -key luxury, simple and elegant, superb tailoring techniques, the noble luxury model created inadvertently presents the impeccable dressing style of urban white -collar workers and nobles in daily life. Business men’s clothing brands are dedicated to the service of business occasions. In order to stand out under the dual test of the market and consumers for a long time, they need to highlight their quality and good brand reputation.

In order to enhance the brand image of the business men’s “shoulder world”, the focus of style, classic style, and workmanship will be used as the focus of business men’s clothing standards. The national bidding supply chain brand promotion platform specially organized the “2020 China Clothing Bidding Procurement Evaluation Promotion” activity, which has received widespread attention and enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life in the industry and people from all walks of life. A total of more than 6.52 million votes. Each participating enterprise data is recommended by institutions, self -recommendation, big data collection, and online public satisfaction voting to select high -quality, honest, green environmental protection, innovative capabilities and service capabilities, and outstanding comprehensive strength. “Suppliers, establish the benchmark and good image of the” Chinese brand “, play the leading role of the brand, enhance the popularity, reputation and loyalty of industry brands, and provide reference for all sectors of society.

Attachment: 2020 China’s Top Ten Brands of Men’s Men’s Clothing (the rankings are not divided)

1. Luo Meng (Luo Meng Group Co., Ltd.)

Luo Meng (English: Romon), founded in 1978. In 1978, the Fortune 500 Chinese private enterprises, intangible cultural heritage inheritance bases, performed artist Pu Cunxin and artist Lin Zhiying spoke together! Luo Meng is the first batch of national ministry excellent products and the first top ten brands of Chinese clothing. The Luo Meng brand was selected as “the iconic brand of the Chinese suit industry”, and the comprehensive share of the Romon brand suit market was awarded for 20 consecutive years of sales. In the spirit of a century -old craftsman, Luo Meng customized every piece of clothing with its exclusive owner. Luo Meng hired the top European designer to serve as the brand’s chief designer to reintegrate the traditional version. Each independent version, tailor -made “new classic and new fashion” modern fashion slimming and leisure all kinds of suites Essence The company has continuously improved product design and increased investment in R & D, and brought the concept of advanced suits abroad into the Chinese business professional clothing industry. The annual sales volume of suits ranks first in the country. It is the top ten brands of Chinese clothing.

“The details are the perfection of 101%.” Behind a successful brand is the high pursuit of quality; Luo Meng is the leader of the clothing industry, and he is improving one by one. The standard quality supervision team of Romon Gao strictly controls the quality of each process, so that the quality of Romon Western service is more guaranteed. Romon West Services was rated as an excellent product by the National Clothing Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and was praised by the National Technical Supervision Bureau with the “missed inspection rate as zero” and won the favor of consumers at home and abroad. In December 2018, Romon was rated as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Textile Federation’s key tracking and cultivation brands! In May 2019, CCTV focused on the red gang tailor represented by “Romon”. In April 2020, Luo Meng, a centennial red gang inheritor, continued to lead the market, flying against the trend, showing the charm of the brand, and won the “leading brand in the market.” The Luo Meng people are performing the new era of red gang clothing art in the new era with actual actions, and use the new retail to open the Chinese clothing industry and new vane!

2. Yagol (Ningbo Yagol Clothing Co., Ltd.)

Brand is a comprehensive manifestation of corporate competitiveness. The Yagol Group has been in both the wind and rain for more than 40 years. It has established the leading position of high -end brand clothing industry, ranking among the top 500 private enterprises in China. The main brand of Youngor has continued to maintain the dominant brand status in the domestic men’s clothing field, forming a three -dimensional brand system that is based on the Youngor brand, Mayor, Hartschaffnermarx, and Hanp. Yagol has continuously increased the internationalization process, improved the brand’s international operation level, and became a pioneer in the internationalization of China’s clothing.

Yagol has always regarded the creation of international brands as the foundation of the development of the enterprise, and inspired by the mission of “making everyone better”, adhering to the corporate vision of “building a fashion group and casting a century -old enterprise”, inheriting the “integrity and pragmatic responsibility and dedication of uprightness, there is an integrity and integrity. The corporate purpose of diligence and frugality “, through strong brands, competitive costs, rapid response systems, good experience platforms, high -tech applications, and online and offline integration, helping the construction of smart marketing in Yagol.

3. Jiu Mu King (Jiu Mu Wang Co., Ltd.)

Inheritance, conservation quality. Don’t forget your original intention, forging classics. Since its establishment in 1989, Jiu Muwang Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing customers with high -quality men’s and women’s professional clothing. It is famous for its sophisticated materials, fine workmanship, and super quality, and is famous for its good brand reputation. As a brand with major influence in the clothing industry, Jiu Mu Wang has won honors such as “Chinese famous brand products, Chinese well -known trademarks”, “keeping contracts, and heavy credit enterprises”. Rate from 2000 to 2018 to lead the domestic trousers market for nineteen consecutive years.

4. Baoxi Bird (Baoxi Bird Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Reporting a bird, a domestic first -line brand. The company meets the dressing needs of middle and high -end business people through operating its own brands. Among them, the main brand newspaper Xixi Bird has been awarded a number of domestic current clothing industries such as “China Famous Brand”, “Chinese Clothing Brand Quality Award” and “Chinese Youth’s Favorite Clothing Brand”.


The company combines mobile Internet and big data technology to connect online and offline to provide consumers with omni -channel shopping experience that combines a comprehensive, multi -brand, interaction and service combination. Different clothing series such as business series, commercial lighting system, leisure series, joint models, wedding series and other different clothing series meet the requirements of different people on clothing. Baoxi Bird focuses on the manufacture of suits, upholds the artisan ingenuity, and create a stylish quality of life for the majority of consumers.

5. Jinba (Jinba Men’s Clothing Co., Ltd.)

Jinba Men’s Headquarters is located in Shanghai. Since its establishment in 1980, it has been concentrated, professional, and focused on the men’s market with eggplant as its core category. The product research and development design, strong and powerful brand operation management, stable and unique specialty sales system, becoming the flagship brand of Chinese business and leisure men’s clothing. It uses a unique design to end the monotonous of eggplant grams, thus becoming the leader of China’s senior fashion eggplant. At the same time, it leads the research and development design of eggplant and supporting clothing to make casual clothes more fashionable.

On the road of brand building, Jinba has always been thinking and dedicated, so applause has continued, and honor has followed. Over the years, Jinba Men’s clothing brand has not only won a number of national awards in a row, but has also won the double crown of sales and sales of Chinese eggplant market for many years.

6. Seven Wolf (Fujian Seven Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd.)

“Lead fashion and make life better.” Seven wolves, based on such a corporate mission, consistently adhere to their own design concepts, dare to try, dare to innovate, and create character with character.

Through accurate grasp of men’s spirit, we are committed to creating confident and dignified clothing for men. The Seven Wolf has continued to cultivate the men’s clothing field through the spirit of craftsmanship. It has been in the Chinese eggplant market for 19 consecutive years and has been praised as the “King of Eggs” for many years. It is constantly incorporated into the characteristics of the “wolf element”, integrating with the characteristics of the times, and designing a more fashionable and inherited classic.

Over the past 29 years, the seven wolves have adhered to the brand slogan and concepts of “more than one side, the character is always the same”, and continuously carried out technical stacking with fashion innovation, paid -in with the times, and in line with the international standards. The Seven Wolf adheres to the mission of “leading fashion and making life better”, and is good at tapping the profound and profound Chinese classic culture and the colorful world classic culture, integrates classic culture with modern life, and continuously innovate on the basis of inheritance, so that classic culture Can continue to keep pace with the times.

7. Shengdexi (Hunan Oriental Fashion Co., Ltd.)

Hunan Oriental Fashion Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, the design center is located in Paris and Tokyo. The R & D center is located in Shanghai. It has the “San Texi” men’s clothing brand, “St. Owos” professional installation brand and “Koshang” online shopping brand. The base covers an area of ​​300 acres, mainly producing, selling trousers, suits, tomato, tie, shirt, T -shirt, including 22 varieties of men’s clothing. There are more than 600 stores in 26 provinces and cities across the country. It is a large -scale clothing leader in Hunan Province, which integrates design, development, production, and sales. The company has won the “Top 100 Enterprises in the Chinese Clothing Industry, Profit, and Profit Markets” for four consecutive years. , “Changsha Manufacturing Information Demonstration Enterprise” and other titles.

The company is the advanced level of domestic clothing enterprises in terms of product design, production management, brand marketing, and operation management. San Texi Technology Center is the first provincial enterprise technology center in Hunan’s clothing industry. The world’s advanced unit flow operations; in terms of quality management, the company has fully passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification; in terms of information construction, the company has taken the lead Management system.

8. Laz (Laz Clothing Technology Co., Ltd.)

Lotz Clothing was founded in 1991. It is committed to clothing design and manufacturing, brand franchise operations, professional ordering services, and garment export trade. It is a private enterprise with a large scale and influence in the domestic clothing industry.

In the process of development, Lotz inherited the fine tradition of Ningbo Red Gang tailor, adhering to the “five major persistence”, one is to adhere to the “fashion cutting -edge international vision”, follow the trend of international fashion, and will be internationally new and high -quality fabrics, styles and styles and styles and styles and styles. A reasonable price combines balance. The second is to adhere to “technological innovation and strict control”, adhere to the “technological lead” production concept, and excellent production equipment. Select the newly developed facial auxiliary materials to promote the “green revolution” of clothing production. The third is to adhere to the “development of personality services nationwide” and adhere to the business philosophy of “innovation, service, speed”. The fourth is to adhere to the “priority of suit craftsmanship”, strictly implement international standards, and inherit a number of unique suits of Ningbo Red Gangs, and pay attention to fabrics, lining, style, workmanship, health, comfort. In the important version, both the international style and the characteristics of the Chinese people are modified, and the unity of the style is completed in the human body, so that the suit has the characteristics of light and soft. The fifth is to adhere to the “shirt characteristics, comfortable and pretty”. After years of development and innovation, the Laz shirt has formed his own unique style.


9. Fa Pai (Fa Pai Group Co., Ltd.)

Founder Group was founded on September 12, 1997. It has registered trademarks in more than ten countries and regions including Italy, France, the United States, and Hong Kong. Headquarters, Hong Kong Global Procurement Headquarters, and French European headquarters core architecture, with a global vision of the market, the modern marketing network is located all over the world. Large modernized group companies with more than 10,000 employees.

The Fa School Group now has eight major brands: FAPAI, FrancePal, Fapailead, Thomas Baldwin, French E, Hey White Dog, Gao Ding Workshop, Shrimp Wishing Technology. Situation to meet the needs of market segments at all levels.

In 2015, the Shanghai French Trade Zone established Shanghai Law School Network Technology Corporation to integrate technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and omni -channel marketing. C2M intelligent customized business platform meets the goals of global users’ personalized needs. In the era of industrial Internet, through the “openness, sharing, social” resource synergy mechanism, reshape the industrial value chain system, and strive to become a leading global customized C2M ecological chain service provider.

In the world trend of great economic integration and development, the French Group adheres to the corporate values ​​of “keeping positive, practicing, and forever”. While achieving product upgrades, brand innovation, and scale development, the core technology of continuous accumulation is used And Industry 4.0 Internet thinking, provide open C2M cloud service platforms for more brand vendors and upstream and downstream companies, actively promote the rapid growth of innovative economies, lead the legal school into the era of intelligent industry 4.0, and realize a new leap in new normal conditions. Essence

10. Hinuel (Hinuel Men’s Clothing Co., Ltd.)

Henuel Men’s Clothing Co., Ltd. (shares abbreviated “Hinuel”, the stock code “002485”), is a company that integrates high -end suits, shirts and clothing products. The company is committed to becoming a men’s clothing company with well -known internationally renowned brands. It has won 3 honorary titles such as Chinese brand -name products so far.

The Henuel Men’s Industrial Park is the largest in domestic menu production base in China. Relying on first -class production equipment introduced from Italy, Japan and other countries, a strong production capacity has been formed.The company’s design process, sewing process, and scalding process have reached the international advanced level.With strong product quality, the company has won honorary titles such as “national credit enterprises” and “national quality and trustworthy enterprises”.

The company fully implemented the “science and technology corporate enterprise” strategy, established the Beijing R & D Center, and established a R & D team involved in many well -known domestic and foreign clothing designers.The company conducted a positive and effective exploration of the research and development and application of new materials, and the research of functional clothing fabrics, forming a unique design style and high taste of the company’s products, and was welcomed by domestic consumers and the welcome of foreign customers.