1 diagram analysis of 15 wine bottles capacity


Most of the wines on the market are the standard size of 750 ml. Some time ago, I found Bangfu’s wine and found Grange Magnum. It was a bit curious. Wondering whether there are other capacity? No, I found such a picture, and quickly share it with you:

Editor’s Note:

1. Considering that most of the bottle types here do not see much, the conversion of each bottle type and standard wine bottle is attached here;

2. A glass of wine is calculated according to 125 ml. How many glass of wine can be poured here with each bottle type, so that everyone is estimated to prepare a bottle of wine when meeting.

(1) Trippig bottles

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量


187 ml

Italian meaning “small”. “PONY”, “Snipe” or “Split” may be used on the wine label. The flute bottle is equivalent to 1/4 standard bottle, which can pour about 2 cups of wine.

(2) Half bottle


375 ml

This is a half -bottle of French. This type of wine bottle is equivalent to 0.5 standard bottles, which can pour 3 glasses of wine.

(3) Standard bottle


750 ml

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

Standard wine can pour 6 glasses of wine.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

The reason why 750 ml is selected as a standard bottle is a story:

As early as the 17th and 18th centuries, maritime trade developed rapidly, and Bordeaux’s wine was also installed to oak barrels to various places. At that time, Bordeaux was transported to the United Kingdom in the uniform 50 gallon (British 1 gallon ≈4.546 liters) oak barrels. 50 gallons are equivalent to 225 liters. Therefore, people need to find some kinds of wine bottles that can be packed on average. At that time, people discovered that 700-800 ml of wine bottles were the easiest to produce, and it was also more convenient for customers to carry. So 750 ml can divide 50 gallon wines into 300 bottles of bottle type, and naturally become a unified choice.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

Due to the use of gallon metering units, it also affects the number of wines per box. 1 gallon is equivalent to 6 bottles of 750 ml of wine. In order to facilitate calculation, since then, wine merchants have used 6 bottles or 12 bottles as sold.

(4) Magnam bottle


1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

1.5 L

Magnum bottle is mostly produced in wine production areas in various places, and the price is usually more expensive than the price of 2 standard bottles. There are several reasons:

First, the cost of Magnum bottle is higher, such as the manufacturing of wine bottles, the design of the wine label, the packaging and transportation of the bottle.

Second, Magnum Bottle’s wine has better aging effect. On the one hand, the Magnum bottle is thicker and heavier than the standard bottle, thereby protecting the disasters of the wine from thermal, too cold, strong light, and thermal. On the other hand, the Magnum bottle wine bottle is larger, and the wine has less contact with the air, so that the oxidation effect is more slow, allowing wine to develop a more complex odor.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

In addition, the collection value of Magnum bottle is also good.

Magnum bottle is equivalent to 2 standard bottles, which can pour 12 glasses of wine.

(5) Yoropan bottle

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量


3 L or 4.5 L

The names of this wine bottle and the names of the REHOBOAM below are derived from the two kings of Israel. Around 930 BC, Israel was split into the north and south countries. After the division, the capital of the southern country continued to be in Jerusalem. It was known as Judah in history. The servant Jeoropan.

The person who first named the wine bottle was named by the two kings. It is said that Pierre Mitchell, an industrialist produced by Bordeaux glass, is unknown for such a reasons.

Different capacity represents the represented capacity in different production areas in France, and the types of wine that can be used for bottling are also distinguished:

The capacity of the Yoropo bottle in the Champagne area is 3 L, which is equivalent to 4 standard bottles, which can pour 24 glasses of wine.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

The capacity of the Yerobo bottle in the Bordeaux area is 4.5 L, which is equivalent to 6 standard bottles, which can pour 36 glasses of wine.

(6) Luo Boan bottle


4.5 L

The Luo Boan bottle is equivalent to 6 standard bottles and can pour 36 glasses of wine.

(7) Marta Sara bottle


6 L

Marthara is the seventh generation of Adam. It is said that he has lived in the world for 969 years. His longevity has made his name synonymous with many ancient things.

The Marthara bottle is equivalent to 8 standard bottles and can pour 48 glasses of wine.

(8) Assyrian Bottle


1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

9 L

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

According to the Bible, in 725 BC, the Assyrian King conquered the Kingdom of Israel to suppress the rebellion of the King of Israel, Hexia. This wine bottle is named after the name of the Assyrian King.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

The Assyrian Bottle is equivalent to 12 standard bottles and can pour 72 glasses of wine.

(9) Baltaza bottle


12 L

It is said that when Jesus was born, there were three Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar who saw a big star in the Eastern Sky one day, so he followed it to Jesus Christ’s. place of birth. Everyone presented the same gift, namely gold, frankincense, and no medicine. Baltasa bottle is named after the last philosophy, and it can also be used as Belshazzar.

The Baltasa bottle is equivalent to 16 standard bottles and can pour 96 glasses of wine.

(10) King Babylon Bottle


15 L

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

Nebuchadnesar II was the greatest monarch of the Kingdom of New Babylon. He praised him because he built a famous air garden in the capital Babylon, and he was well known for destroying the Solomon Temple. The name of this bottle comes from this.

King Babylon Bottle is equivalent to 20 standard bottle and can pour 120 glasses of wine.

(11) Melkio bottle


18 L

The name of Melkio bottle comes from one of the “Oriental Three Tels” mentioned earlier.

Melkio bottle is equivalent to 24 bottles of standard bottle, which can pour 144 glasses of wine.

(12) Solomon bottle

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量


1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

20 L

According to the Hebrew Bible, King Solomon is the third king of the Kingdom of Israel, the last monarch before the division of the Kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of the Southern Judah. It is said that King Solomon is the builder of the first temple of Jerusalem, and has the wisdom of superman, a lot of wealth and supreme power. This wine bottle is named here.

Solomon bottle is equivalent to 26 bottles of standard bottle, which can pour 160 glasses of wine.

(13) Princess bottle


25 L

Taittinger may be the only winery producing this bottle. In 1988, a monarchy bottle champagne was released, which was baptized for the largest cruise ship at the time -the Sovereign of the Seas.

The monarch bottle is equivalent to 33 bottles of standard bottle, which can pour 200 glasses of wine.

(14) Giant bottle

Primat or Goliath

27 L

The term “Primat” may be derived from Latin. And Goliath is a Philistine Warrior, known as the battle with the young David (the future of Israel), and is recorded in the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament (the Gulan Jing also briefly records it briefly recorded This matter).

The giant bottle is equivalent to 36 bottles of standard bottle, which can pour 216 glasses of wine.

(15) Sprinkle king bottle

Melchizedek or Midas

30 L

MelchizeDek is the king of Sama, known as the “priest of the highest god”. McKeid is to be “king of justice.” The name of the king bottle is named.

King Friga in Greek mythology of Midas (Midas) is known for its wealth; the story about him is very famous.

The king bottle is equivalent to 40 bottles of standard bottle, which can pour 240 glasses of wine.

Having said so much, in the end we will summarize

Where is the presence of a small bottle? Where is the existence of a big bottle?

The presence of a small bottle:

You can spend less money, buy more wines in the production area, and drink it at a time (of course, it is quite convenient to drink alone).

It is quite convenient to store.

The exquisite appearance also attracts some people’s attention.

The presence of a large bottle:

Old potential is better. The oxidation speed of wine is slower, which is conducive to maintaining the complex aroma and rich tannins of the wine.

There is a certain amount of investment appreciation space. Things are rare, especially the famous Zhuangjiu. The older the older, the more attracting investors (of course, the wine is well preserved).

Suitable for gatherings, celebrations and other occasions. The size of the bottle itself is a highlight, plus a bottle of wine can be enjoyed at the same time, which is convenient and happy.

1 张图解析 15 种葡萄酒瓶容量

Generally speaking, considering the reasons such as cost and preservation, large bottle wine is more expensive than the standard bottle.