I will issue the “Play Award” to these watches … You are worth having a sense of presence!


When it comes to the watch, the first thing we think of must be like this

Yes, the most common and traditional one in our lives is this round or square dial watch. But now, the uniform dials have not been able to meet the aesthetics of the public. How can the fashionable little fairy be willing to become a member of the general public? In fact, in addition to circular and square dials, we have many other choices. For a long time, major brands have many other shapes of dials, and each shape of each shape can be worn with different temperament to subvert your impression of traditional dials to traditional dials. Essence

You can flip the dial to tolerate me to “make” at will “


The Jaeger -LeCoultre Reverso flip series watches are actually predecessors in square watches. Its birth is a anecdotic anecdotes in the history of watch manufacturing. In 1930, India was the territory of the British Empire. The ball was prevailing. Because the competition is too intense, the watches worn by the riders often become victims of the game.


A rider asked a Swiss Swiss César de Trey, a Swiss watch, and his clockman friend, Jacques David Lecoultre, designed a flipped case – – The case can flip freely. When the back of the metal surface is turned on to the front, the dial can be protected from the collision.

Later, the watch can be turned into a patent, and it was purchased by a watch specialized company. The Reverso series watch was born, and the Jaeger -LeCoultre brand was officially established. The Jaeger -LeCoultre series watches, the square case of square cases can flip the ingenuity and add a touch of novel and interesting to the sharp lines.


Reverso One Duetto Moon No. 1 Monthly Flip the watch

Reference price RMB 180,000

1. MaxMara 2017 autumn and winter velvet suit


2. Cartier Cartier Tank Anglaise series watch


3. Jimmy Choo Romy 100 High Heels

4. Kasun London ORB brooch


5. Gucci Gucci Dionysus series leather handbag

The most feminine non -oval watch is

If you are a little woman and don’t like tough square watches, then oval dials are definitely your best choice. The oval dial shaped like a goose egg has a round and soft line, which interprets your femininity to the fullest. The goddess Bai Fumei does not quickly start.


BreadUet Breguet

Reine de Naples Queen Naples series watch


Breguet Naples series watches are simply explosive. Light purple pearl mother elliptical dial, the outer edge is decorated with coins, which can be said to be very dreamy. 64 diamonds are inlaid on the bezel surface, luxurious and elegant without losing a trace of sweetness.

Count Piaget


Classic Jewelry Watch

The county -class jewelery watch comes over the elliptical dial, and the effect of elegant curves is also high -end and fashionable. With Chinese clothing beauty, it is very suitable for attending dinner and other important occasions.

1. Chopard diamond watch

2. Dior Dior Diorama silver metallic glossy checkered pattern calf leather handbag

3. Isabel Marant long crystal earrings


4. Sele Portrait Flower Lace Slim Dress

5. Saint Laurent Opyum high heels

Set up atmospheric polygon dial legitimate road

In today’s fashion circle, everyone is doing the “simple” method. The tedious and exquisiteness has fallen out of favor. The style of comfort, casualness, and atmosphere is becoming more and more popular with tide. Gao Yuanyuan and Liu Wen are more and more popular. Of course, the watch industry will also follow the other fashion air vane. The polygon dial watch is the perfect manifestation of this style. It does not have the rounded meter, and there is no square meter. Instead, it is more casual and atmospheric, making people look particularly comfortable.


Chanel Chanel

Boy Friend Tweed Watch

Chanel Boy Friend series watches have always been regarded as square watches by many people. In fact, its inspiration comes from the octagonal outline of Li Fangdeng Square. It has a simple octagonal dial, with a free casualness. It can’t help it.


Audemars Piguet

Royal Oak series watch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series watches are also known for its highly recognizable polygon dial. This classic timepiece is written by Master Zunda, breaking people’s routine thinking about the watch’s non -circle, which can be regarded as at the time. “The most wonderful” design. Inspired by the polygon dial of the “Royal Oaks” ship permission, the casual and casual style is versatile and fashionable, which is very suitable for daily matching.


1. Gucci Guccihua V -neck Case

2. Chanel Chanel Première Chane series watch


3. GOLDEN Goose Deluxe Brand Superstar

4. Marc Jacobs Snapshot Small Camera Pack

5. DOLCE & Gabbana slim jeans

Everyone may know more or less about the shape of these novel dials, but it can really subvert your views on the dial.

Can you imagine that the dial can look like this?

Cartier Cartier


Crash series watch

There are also the bartender shapes that have been loved recently. Hip -hop producers Pan Weibai and Luhan, who recently publicized dog food, started:

Richard Mille Richard Mille

RM52-01 watch

And the following dial -like snake head:


Bulgari Bulgari


Serpenti spiga series watch

There are even such:


Hamilton Hamilton


Adventure series watch


It turns out that the watch has crocked the tiger, hidden dragon, and the small dial has so many faces. Each shape of the dial can wear different temperament and style. Little fairies, come and choose you Favorite dial shape, with a suitable watch, add points to your charm!



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