Do you remember the most representative dowry in the 1990s, do you remember?


In the 1990s, the most representative dowry, in addition to a few large pieces, and the unique brocades of Jiangnan characteristics, are also full of sense of age and value.

This kind of thing is not ready for every family. Seeing these things, it seems that the marriage at that time was full of happiness and festive taste.

The dowry that is turned out:

The most thing is the popular brocade quilt of the year,


Five colorful, there are more than a dozen beds,

It was the most fashionable and tight goods that year.



Seeing these things, did some people married in the 1990s were suddenly pulled back to the sound of firecrackers at that time?

Let’s take a look at these artifacts again. So far, our family seems to have found it in the cabinet to take room in the cabinet.

Is this blanket?


Except for these quilts! A whole box of quilt!

A brocadage satin cloth, full wool blanket, sheets, pillow towels …

The pillow towel in the dowry comes from the age


And this special meaning


A “Zhang Er Towel” woven by my mother’s own hands


It still feels good at that time, especially a sense of grounding.