Three -piece set of courtyard tables and chairs -Best Selling American outdoor table and chair


Author: Xiao Qiushi

1. Why write

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

After writing 2 originals last time, I was disappointed by the valuable friends. I did n’t make a reward last time, please take the initiative!

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庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

Later, I learned to comfort myself. I want to learn more. Will I write more? So with the third: three -piece set of courtyard tables and chairs. Gold coins, gold coins, come over!

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

Why buy

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

The landlord had a aunt in the emperor. When he first graduated, he always lived in his aunt’s house when he came to work in Beijing. I have always wanted to express my gratitude to be unable to find a chance. This time her new house was just renovated in Tongzhou, and I thought about it. To choose a gift that looks tall and depends on his wallet. Then I collected it in Central Asia, tens of thousands of thousands, thousands of thousands of people must not work. The wallet is not thick enough. Later, I saw this table and chair, and I felt good, and I could just put it in a small garden. And the price I can accept. So there is a list of this time.

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庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

3. Why choose this one

Last year, the family of the landlord originally planned to go to the Houhai to watch the dragon boat game, but at noon, they only saw the two teams who scratched the dragon boat. So I can only stroll around. When you stop, when you sit down and rest, the door of the bar is full of this style of tables and chairs. It looks pretty. The child has not been lying on it, and he has to take pictures. I found that this style of tables and chairs is really a use of artifacts. Come two photos of Xiaoqiu for 9 months and 10 days. You need to reward here.

Fourth, the secret

Satisfy the curiosity of some people, and reveal it to the landlord whether it is a man or a woman. It was announced here, of course, Xiao Qiu was her mother. Because you don’t want to come out of scary, don’t take photos!

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

5. Open the box!

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅来秀一下帅哥的手,我表弟可是没有对象的。就是第一篇亮相的那位。自从上次被黑,现在他都不愿意露脸了。

On Wednesday, it was received on Saturday morning. For a total of 4 days, I can still accept it in time. I set off on Saturday morning to my aunt’s house, but did not bring Xiaoqiu, because the road was relatively long. I received this product is really heavy, about 40-50 catties. I tried it for a while. It is estimated that the courier brother is also exhausted. Because we were not moved to the house for installation, but on the open space of the community.

Ready to open the box. The preparation tools are naturally indispensable for wallpaper knives. Let’s show off the box first. After the box is opened, you can see the round desktop at first glance, surrounded by foam around the desktop. I touched the bubble, very strong, hard. Fixed very strong. (I smelled it, but I didn’t smell the odor. The previous article said that I didn’t write any odor, this time I heard it.)

Each layer is wrapped in a bubble pad to avoid painting. I now put everything out and come to a family portrait. Except for the main components, there are installation instructions, screws, nuts, screw knives and wounds.

6. Installation process

Installation follows the instructions, requires three stars for boys’ hands -on ability. A total of 1 table and 2 chairs. The cousin installed me to take a picture, took about 40 minutes. Because of the shooting, it took some time. (In order to shoot beautiful points).

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

The chair we installed first. Two screws on each leg of the chair are installed after installation.

The back is fixed with 2 screws.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

Friendly reminder, a horizontal screw, first connect, and then lock them one by one. Lock one first, the hole in the back may not be right, and this takes some time to think about it. The screw must be locked to avoid shaking!

After a while, the two chairs were conquered by my cousin. Come on.

The next step is to install the table. After the previous practice, the table is relatively simple. The table is three legs, so soon. There are 2 screws on each leg to fix.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

After setting up the legs of the table, start installing the rack below. I think there are two benefits of the placement below. The first is to fix the table to play a reinforcement. Second, you can put a small thing for easy storage.

Come and show the handsome guy’s hand, my cousin has no object. It was the first one. Since being hacked last time, he is now reluctant to show his face.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

After 40 minutes, all were installed, and the boxes and air bubble films were left at the scene.

8. The overall effect is shown in the figure

If you put it on the balcony or a small garden, the sun is definitely good. Sitting up and feeling strong, I was 180 pounds, and there was no problem sitting up.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

Nine, summarize

1. There is not much space to occupy. The two sitting in a small garden, drinking afternoon tea, and the sun is very comfortable. There are gaps in all parts, water does not accumulate water on rainy days, and the wind blows and the sun is not afraid.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

2. The aunt family is still satisfied with this pattern. The workmanship looks delicate. There is no roughness of other iron products, which is a highlight.

3. Sitting up and cooling, it’s not bad in summer. In winter, you need to be equipped with cushions, and the comfort will improve two grades. The size is also adapted to the closed balcony area, and it is also a good choice to move a position in winter.

4. During spike, the price is quite high, and the daily price is relatively average. If necessary, start the index can be counted as 5 stars.

庭院桌椅三件套——百伽 Best selling 美式户外桌椅

5. The assembly tests a certain hands -on ability, but the difficulty coefficient is 1.0. The feeling of the index is burst.

My gold coins are coming here soon!

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