There are many good markets for selling counterfeit “Tiffany” diamond ring, and they have been sentenced to compensate Tiffany $ 19.35 million


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Recently, a Costco WHOLESALE CORP of the United States sells a counterfeit Tiffany ring to infringe the trademark right of Tiffany & Co and Tiffany (NJ) LLC. 10,000 US dollars of damage compensation.

According to Reuters, on August 14, the Court of Federal District Courts in the Southern District of New York, USA, in the case of a trademark infringement case in the United States, determined that the defendant’s good cities mentioned the signboard sales ring of the “Tiffany” trademark alone, which violated the United States in violation of the United States Trademark law is responsible for trademark infringement and counterfeit trademarks.

Everyone should be familiar with Tiffany & CO. As a famous luxury jewelry company in New York, Tiffany is famous for its luxury goods, especially diamonds and sterling silver accessories. Most of its products are sold or directly mail through Tiffany Stores. Costco is the largest member of the United States in the United States, and it is also the second largest retail store after Wal -Mart. It currently has more than 700 outlets in more than ten countries or regions around the world. Don’t underestimate the city, but people are 16th in the 2017 Fortune US 500 rankings.

In the complaint, Tiffany mentioned that in November 2012, some consumers were disappointed after shopping in the good cities in Hunington Beach, California, California. $ 6,600, while Tiffany’s cheapest platinum diamond ring requires $ 11,000. Tiffany then conducted a survey and found that the Tiffany Ring sold in the good city was not a real product. It was not a real Tiffany product. It was also found that Haoshi was used to avoid testing. At the same time, the same product was sold on the Internet and did not use Tiffany’s trademark.

According to Tiffany, hundreds of members of the city used the word “Tiffany” to do false propaganda because they used the word “Tiffany” when showing the diamond ring, and mistakenly thought that they bought the genuine Tiffany.

After Tiffany contacted the city in December 2012, Hao City was removed from the relevant products and provided a refund option to the purchased members. However, after learning that Hao City has been selling fake Tiffany products for many years, Tiffany did not stop there and filed a lawsuit.

After being sued by Tiffany, the good city argued that the term “Tiffany” could be used to describe a diamond ring of a specific style; at the same time, it also stated that “Tiffany” (“Tiffany”) has evolved into a general term, so it is also affectionate to use alone. There is an original. (Xiaobian’s inner OS: There are not many people thinking so much?) However, the judge’s justification of the good city’s “unacceptable” -has evidence that jewelry is an important part of the market -wide marketing strategy.


In October 2016, the jury made a tailoring, and the city’s more than $ 5.5 million in compensation compensation compensation compensation and US $ 8.25 million punitive damage compensation compensation.

In the judgment on August 14th, Judge Laurateaylor Swain in the United States wrote that during the process of customer inquiry, the sales staff “described this ring as the ‘Tiffany’ (‘Tiffany’) ring. When the ring is actually not produced by Tiffany, and when expressing anger or dissatisfaction, (sales staff) is still calm. ” At the same time, the high -level managers of the good cities “said that the name of Tiffany’s name is very arrogant for the good city when selling and promoting the ring.

The jury had previously determined that Tiffany had the right to get punitive compensation, so in addition to $ 5.5 million in compensation compensation compensation compensation, it also sentenced Tiffany to a total of $ 8.25 million in compensation. However, Judge Swain believes that $ 3.7 million is enough to calculate compensation compensation compensation for profit loss bases. Therefore, compensation compensation compensation was increased to $ 11.1 million, while punitive damage compensation was maintained at $ 8.25 million.

In summary, Judge Swain ordered the defendant to make a total of $ 19.35 million in good compensation, including Tiffany’s three -fold profit loss of profit losses due to the good trademark infringement of the city, and a total of $ 11.1 million in compensation for compensation, and the jury last October last year The $ 8.25 million in punitive damage compensation compensation.

The judge also permanently prohibit the use of “Tiffany” trademarks alone alone, unless it follows the limited egway, such as Tiffany’s “grade” or Tiffany’s “style”.

Leigh Harlan, the general legal adviser to Tiffany, said in a statement that the judgment “passed a clear and powerful information” to everyone who might violate Tiffany’s trademark. “We mention this lawsuit because we feel responsible for maintaining the value of customers’ consumption, and to ensure that many customers in the city are not misleading.”

In the statement, “this judgment has multiple errors before the trial, during the trial, and after trial”, and said that he will appeal. Craig Jelinek, President and CEO of Hao City, said that customers’ trust in retailers is very important, but this case will not end like this.

On July 13 this year, Tiffany just hired the industry’s senior person Alessandrobogliolo to hire the company’s new CEO to help curb the decline in sales of the same store and attract the attention of the new generations and post -00s of the purchase of jewelry. Perhaps this victory is also a good sign for the new official who just took office. Let’s see how the new official responds to the next appeal of the other party.


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