The whole house custom fee is also laborious. It is not as good as the finished wardrobe.


I do n’t know if everyone thinks of buying a wardrobe is to buy a finished wardrobe instead of choosing the whole house to customize. To be honest, when my first house was renovated, the whole house customized this project to toss me enough. The cabinet that could choose the finished product to “swear” to choose the whole house was determined.


Fei Shen is laborious. In the end, it is not as good as the finished wardrobe. The price of beautiful items is also practical. Then, where is the finished wardrobe? On the other hand, it is the shortcomings of custom wardrobes. The two cannot choose the finished wardrobe.


Where is the finished wardrobe? 5 points are enough to make me heart!

1. Flexible internal storage structure


Don’t look at the finished wardrobe that is fixed, you cannot deploy the storage structure according to the season. The width of the finished wardrobe is 500, 800, and one thousand mm, as well as hanging rods, drawers and partitions.

If you want to adjust the internal structure, you can find the manufacturer to buy parts with extra, and you can even find his brand.


2. Select the IKEA PAX series wardrobe

IKEA’s PAX series can help you realize the free plan for finished wardrobe storage. There are many wardrobes of the PAX series, jewelry reservoirs, trousers and baskets, and hanging rods. You can also customize with your heart.

3. Do not wait for the finished wardrobe

I am a refined person. The cost of waiting is enough to earn the money I spent, so last year I didn’t have time to spend several months and wait for the wardrobe to enter the field. I chose the finished wardrobe to move home and use it immediately.

4. The price calculation is not complicated


I have such a well -calculated person who is customized in the whole house, and it is powerless to do it. The projection area, the corner of the corner are calculated separately, etc. Too many small pits are dug waiting for you to jump down, and then the heart of people will be super tired. Can’t beat! If you ca n’t hit it, choose the finished wardrobe, how much is how much is, the price is clearly marked.

5. The appearance is actually better

I believe that everyone, like me, will also go to the finished wardrobe to compare which one of the custom -made wardrobes is better. It is really much more exquisite to make the finished wardrobe. It allows you to choose what you like according to your preference, but some are all in full. The designer customized in the house did not dare to compliment. I was really dissatisfied with the effect of coming out.

Which brands of finished wardrobe are more suitable?

The first one is of course IKEA

There are one of the major cities in IKEA. The service is first -class and installed home. You can find people docking and solution at any time after sale. You do n’t know the PAX series! Be sure to go to the scene to experience the happiness of assembly. If you do n’t understand, you can ask the shopping guide. Together with your family, you can design a finished wardrobe with your own storage habits.


The second is the wardrobe of the whole friend

There is an explosive four -door wardrobe, with a price of less than 1,000 yuan. The whole friend has decoration companies, custom -made house customs, and then selling finished cabinets. It is already a medium -cost -effective brand in the decoration industry.

Although it is an artificial board, the environmental protection does not dare to be sloppy. The stability of the paint is strong. It feels super textured. It can be used by logs and versatile.


If your master bedroom is not restricted by the apartment, then buying the finished wardrobe is really fragrant, and it may be the right choice to think about it!

In addition, the finished wardrobe is very suitable for the storage needs of secondary, closet and corridor cabinets. These cabinets do not have to be customized, saving some money in the critical point, so as not to be played.

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