Traditional toilets are out of date, young people are popular in this way, neat and beautiful and space -saving space, too intellectual


Buying a house is a major event in life. Decoration is even more hurtful. As people call “buying a house is not easy, the decoration is more difficult”, I believe that only friends who have experienced experience have the most right to speak. The bathroom is the functional area with the highest utilization rate at home, and it is sloppy. Whether it is decoration design or the choice of materials, a problem with a problem will be related to the happiness of future use. For small -sized bathrooms, the integrated design of the sink and toilet is convenient and practical, and it saves space. It is too smart. Take a picture for everyone!


The space optimist of small units is not only high value, but also pays attention to life needs. The hidden drainage design is too clever. It is not only beautiful but also saving water, used to rinse the toilet, clean and environmentally friendly.


The stylish Nordic style is simple and not simple. The round wash basin is very beautiful. The washbasin deepen the design and can wash it freely without splashing. Hidden paper towel boxes do not take up space, and more practical and easy to enjoy high -quality life.