Some underwear plus heavy skin itching


Source: People’s Health Network

The cold winter is the peak sales season of warm underwear, and many children will prepare a few sets for the elderly at home. However, many elderly readers have recently reported that after wearing heating underwear, they always itchy, especially after the family gave heating, it was even more uncomfortable. Why?

“Life Times” reporters visited several underwear stores. After looking at the trademark, it was found that in addition to the heating underwear removal of cotton, bamboo charcoal fiber or Modal, as long as the inner layers are above 2 to 3 layers, the connection layer and the bottom layer Basically, polyester fibers, some also contain a small amount of fiber materials such as spandex, to block the exchanges between the skin and the outside world and play a warmth effect. A salesperson told reporters that chemical fiber is not only warm, but not also bloated. However, there is only a medium -sized armal underwear on the market, which indicates that “direct contact with the skin”, and most of them do not have this logo. In fact, warm underwear is not suitable for everyone to wear, and the elderly should pay attention to the material.

Zhou Tao, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department affiliated to the Capital Medical University, introduced that with the age of age, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of the elderly gradually shrinking, and the secretion of sebum and sweat of the skin was significantly reduced. Especially in autumn and winter, the skin is more easily dry, and symptoms such as desquamation and itching may also cause itching, dry eczema, psoriasis, etc. for senile skin. The heating underwear of chemical fiber material is prone to static electricity due to poor breathability, and it is easy to friction with the human body and external clothing, thereby increasing the problem of reduced skin moisture and increasing dandruff.

It is recommended that elderly friends better choose a cotton -made underwear. Although the warmth is slightly inferior to the warm underwear, it has good breathability, sweat -absorbent, and no excessive chromosome, which will not threaten skin health. In addition, it should be noted that underwear cannot be too tight to avoid affecting blood circulation. Some poor quality -keeping underwear may have problems such as formaldehyde such as formaldehyde. Long -term dressing can induce contact dermatitis. Some free formaldehyde can also invade the human body through the skin or respiratory tract to induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc. The old man in the medical history should be avoided in particular. New clothes should be washed before wearing to remove most of the remaining formaldehyde in the fabric. (Reporter Jiang Yue)