Ms. Qianxizhai plus velvet flat snow boots 19.9 yuan free shipping


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仟禧斋女士加绒平底雪地靴 19.9元包邮

Ms. Qianxi Zhai’s snow boots are made of high -grade materials, which are windproof and cold, straight and stylish, comfortable and wear -resistant, and good breathability.The inside is the artificial short fluff material. The fluff is soft and dense, the skin is comfortable and comfortable, it is not easy to lose hair, wearing breathability and warmth.Boots are designed with round heads, which are comfortable and not squeezed, which can help blood circulation on the feet.The sole is a natural rubber non -slip outsole, with special anti -sliding texture design. The soles are soft, with abrasion resistance and non -slip shoes.Tmall Qianxi Flagship Store is priced at 19.9 yuan free shipping, with high quality and cheap material.

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