At that time, my brother and I shared an old and thin face washing towel. Now he drives a luxury car. I ride a bicycle.


From an early age, my brother has hurt me very much, and there will be any delicious one to leave me. I love my brother very much, and I feel that if there is no brother in my life, I really don’t know what to do.

When my brother was in the third grade, I read the first day. The school is far away from home, and we all have to live in school. I slept with my brother a bed and was the same as when I was at home.

Different grades, different classes, and lectures cannot be sleeping in the same bedroom, but my family is too poor, and there is no quilt, so I asked the teacher to make a special special.

On the cold day, my brother and I crowded on a single bed and covered a quilt. He always made me cover more, afraid that I was cold.

It may be that the brother offended their bedroom. The brother had not returned to the bedroom that night, and I lay down first. The dormitory chief asked me to roll, saying that I couldn’t sleep there. I don’t know why the dormitory chief should do this to me like this, and did not dare to fight with him.

When my brother arrived at the bedroom, I told him about it. My brother was angry and immediately fight with the dormitory. The elder brother is very strong, and the dormitory director is not an opponent at all. Later, the teacher came to calm the storm.

From this incident, I saw that my brother hurt me very much, so he couldn’t give me a little grievance.

It is because of my brother, no one dares to bully me at school.

I remember very clearly that at the time, I shared a facial washing towel with my brother, and the face washing towel was very old and thin. Get up early in the morning, my brother washed his face first, and then I washed my face.


Due to too much suffering, I always hope that there will be a head -up day. I think I have a lot of stories, many emotions need to be written, and need to be expressed, so I especially like to write a diary. I have fallen in love with literature, and I can never let it go.

My brother is not as sad as me. People are very diligent and can endure hardships. Everyone said that I was lazy, far worse than my brother. In fact, I can also endure hardships, but I always feel that it is impossible to change the status quo by hardship alone. It must be well -known like those big and modern Chinese and foreign writers, so everything will be better. However, no one can understand my mood.

When I grew up, my brother became home, and I became home. Gradually, the family is no longer as simple as before, there are always such tangles, and the feelings between brothers seem to be indifferent.

Later, we all entered the city and became the rural people in the city.

My brother is still very hardworking, and I also expect to write a name for writing on the road of literature.


In the business field, my brother has become more than a small number of achievements. He has made millions and drove more than 500,000 Audi cars.

I have been drunk in my dream. Although I got some manuscripts, I couldn’t get rid of the status quo of embarrassment. With zero workers, I can’t afford a car, and I can’t afford to help the car. I ride a bicycle when I go out. After a few years of bicycles, it was very worn out. No one wanted to throw it to the street, but I was reluctant to change new.

Someone saw that our brothers were so disparate and asked curiously: “Your brother has become a big boss. You are so poor. Why don’t you follow him to do business? What else do you fight?”

I don’t know how to answer, as if I remembered that there was a brother who hurt me at this time.

However, my brother is not a brother when he was a child. He would not think for me, let alone I was afraid of being wronged. I never thought that I would live on this brother.

The relationship between the brothers was to go back to my hometown to accompany her parents for a meal, then go home, and then take care of them. This is brother.


Special Author: Old Ghost