Just now, this flawed jasper was sold for 98.9 million yuan


Origin from: jewelry strategy, author: tomato craftsman

The seed material is expensive, this is something that the public knows

But you can think of a piece of jasper carving

The shooting of RMB 98.9 million


As soon as the news came out, the circle of friends was swiped

This is this jasper ▼


It doesn’t look much special, there are black spots

Obviously the pure Russian jasper on the market,

Only thousands or tens of thousands,

What is the same?

The market is so high now? So hot?

In fact, this piece of jasper worth 98.9 million yuan,

It’s a treasure seal,

It is the royal jasper of the emperor Qianlong


Named [Sanxitang Gourd -shaped Treasure Seal]

There are more than 1,800 cubic meters in Qianlong’s life.

The quantity can be said to be no ancient.

The shape design of the treasure seal is extremely unique.

This is why this square Baoxi shot a high price

Not only because it is jasper,

What’s more because it is the collection of Emperor Qianlong


High historical and cultural added value attached to the attached high value

This square Baoxi belongs to “Bao”

The designs adopted are not much

One of the gourd -shaped seals

Use round carvings, fresh relief, high relief, etc.

Many techniques are one.

Baoxi round sculpture three dragons of different sizes,

, 螭 螭 hovering,


The dragon’s head is slightly meticulous, and his mouth is leaking with teeth,

The image is realistic.

The overall carvings are exquisite, and the back spine is clear.

The lines are tough and strong, and the three -dimensional sense is very strong.

Gives a majestic and stable feeling.

Baoxi is the heavy weapon of the country,


The symbol of the country, the symbol of the rule of the ruler


The material is naturally precious,

Jasper in the Qing Dynasty is very high, as royal jade, as royal jade

Ordinary people can’t minimize, wearing jasper

Jasper was made in large quantities of court jade,

Such as utensils, jade seals, Ruyi, jewelry and other good products.


Jade Jade Caiyu Tu Shanzi ▼

Jade Fangzun ▼

Qianlong himself also aimed to ban the folk circulation of jasper.

The royal family is the legal place of jasper

Also set up an organization called “Green Factory” collection management jasper

Therefore, its cultural value and preciousness are evident.

So there is a reason for this jasper to shoot such a high price.


Jade Jasper Tattoo ▼

To be honest, there are collections played by Qianlong

The chance of shooting a high price is very high,

Qianlong has a great interest in culture, antiques, etc.

There are countless categories of collection, collection

And as an emperor during the heyday,

None of his collections are boutique.

The legendary story is still spread to modern times, and it sounds interesting

4.37 million


Wrapped Silk Red agate Suzaku Baoxi “Cong Yun” ▼

Tian Huangshi Sanlian Chapters hidden in the Palace Museum in Beijing ▼

What about the value of modern jasper?

When the seed material is difficult to find, the price is soaring,

The color jade species rises

For example, yellow mouth, sugar jade, smoke green, green jade and other colors,

Moderate price, which is in line with the needs of popular players

And Jade is the first to be among them,

It is very popular in the jade market

For example, duck egg green, spinach green, apple green and other colors.

There are many places in jasper, and the quality is uneven

Xinjiang jasper, Russian jasper, Pakistani jasper,


Manas Jade, Canadian jasper and so on

But the market audience is wide, and more than 90%are Russia.

The jasper characteristics of different places are different.


There are many black spots, but the oily moisturizes is good

If you like the oil moisturizing and jade quality of Xinjiang ingredients

You have to learn to accept the lack of black spots.

Russian Jade

, A good jade, less black spots

Steady on the position of the top of the Chinese Hetian Biyugu Market

Manas, Pakistan

These two are not very popular


There are too many flaws, black spots and cracked cracks,


There are more low -end routes.

The good jasper today is not cheap,

Take the Jade No. 7 Pit, for example,

Someone had previously issued 300,000 kilograms to acquire No. 7 pit jasper

Obviously, the price of Jade in the past few years is still affordable for everyone

Who has pushed the price of Jasper?

Merchant hype is one aspect, and players love is also real.

The most important thing is that the sauce is less and less.

The price is naturally kept up.


You think the jasper outside is like this ▼

But the actual situation is like this ▼


The shortcomings of cracks, black spots, and dirt are on jasper,

What kind of high -quality finished products can be made?

Qiao daughter -in -law is hard to cook without rice!


So you can’t just talk about the hype of the merchant,

Resources are getting scarce, this is a fact

If a few years ago, I started the best jasper,

Today is the winner of life,

After all, this market is not cheap.

—— END –

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