Jiu Jian’s Zhan Lu Strange Fog


[Fifteenth] August 14th: Linglong Valley (1)

After several people left Texas, they galloped the horse and watched the bank of the Yellow River that night. The next day, I crossed the Yellow River early and went straight to Huixian Mountain. Tomorrow is the annual August 15th Mid -Autumn Festival. If you can’t get to Linglong Valley today, it will be a great rude.

North of the Yellow River, Hyunning Pingchuan, thousands of miles. South of the Yellow River, the mountains of Taishan, and the sky. The sun and the moon are hanging, and the light shines, and the beads of rice grains are not hidden, and they are quiet. Huixian Mountain Qu Zhuanpan, water Jingshan You. Linglong Gujia is in the environmental protection. From the Central Plains, Duan Sinan hasn’t seen such a quiet place, and said: “It’s so good here! It’s like that …”

Seeing that she couldn’t say, Shen Wuxue went on to say, “Is the Xanadu?”

“Right, right,” Duan Sinan nodded, “It is Xanadu.”

Shen Wu hated laughed, but with a trace of helplessness. The scenery of Linglong Valley is definitely second to none on the rivers and lakes, but under the beautiful scenery of Wonderland, it is definitely a heavy killing.

Linglong Valley, Gu Linglong, Qiansheng and Qifan. Songyue Ming, bamboo wind clear, peach blossom source is not a fairyland. Since these words have been circulated, the nearby of Linglong Valley has become a place where rivers and lakes are banned.

Pick up the diameter and come to a boulder with two tall boulders. Shen Wu hated a small box from his arms and opened it. Duan Sinan said in surprise: “Yeah, so beautiful bird!” Shen Wu hated smiled slightly, his thumb pressed on the bird’s back, and threw it on the boulder. Duan Sinan opened his mouth and was surprised. Zhou Zhaoxue knew that it was the “colorful and exquisite sparrow” of Linglonggu’s credit, but it was just heard and never seen it. Today, when I saw it today, it was a clever work.

“Colorful and exquisite birds” Big beak, purple -eye, green head, blue wings, yellow belly, orange feet, which is wonderful, and it is generally the same as the real bird. It also installed a sprout with different lengths, the five sounds and salty relics, greeted by the wind, and a pleasant ears.

A little, only someone on the boulder exclaimed: “Oh, this is not the aunt! Hurry up! Open the door! You are a little bit, you are so stupid!” Boom Ronaldon turned and showed Tanikou.

The outside of the boulder is the same as the usual rocks, but it was cut halfway inside, and it was as good as a mirror. This exquisite valley is really extraordinary! Zhou Zhaoxue couldn’t help but praise. A Tsing Yi family stands down Valley, and said, “Grandpa, you just need to shout, and the small one will open the door for you. What is the need for you? A Ping went to report to the master. These friends must be a friend’s friend? Please, please, please, please, please? Please! “Please!”

In the valley, the thousands of trees were stacked, and the bamboo was repaired nearby. The curved diameter, the exquisite pavilions and pavilions are settled in it, complement each other. It is not no wonder that Linglong Valley is a small Taoyuan on the rivers and lakes. But in turn, there is a deadly murder in this beautiful scenery. Linglong Valley’s big name, the three souls have heard before the fugitive of Tianshan. However, he and Mr. Qian Ling did not even have a fate. Even when he arrived in Huixian Mountain, he could only look at the mountain. This time, Wanli returned from Tianshan, just wanted to see Zhou Zhaoxue. First went to Daqinshou Temple to meet the master of the Cong. Knowing from the master’s mouth, Zhou Zhaoxue has come down the mountain. It is estimated that it will not be used in Daqing Shou Temple. Sure enough, I saw Zhou Zhaoxue only after waiting for a day. Not only did I see Zhou Zhaoxue, but also met the daughter who ran out. Coincidentally, it is expected to enter the rivers and lakes that are now invincible. I couldn’t help sighing secretly.

Passing through a bamboo forest is a delicate small wooden bridge. The bridge is like the moon, and the shallow flowing water under the bridge makes a pleasant sound from time to time, such as Yu Pei lightly. Just stepped down the small bridge and two people walking on the face, Mr. Qian Ling and Mrs. Bai Qiao, the exquisite valley.

Shen Wu hated took a few steps, and he worshiped: “Xiaoyu Shen Wu hated to meet his father -in -law and mother -in -law.”

Mr. Qian Ling picked up his hands and said, “You don’t have to be more courteous. My dear family is good?”

Shen Wu hated: “Father’s body is still healthy. Thank you father -in -law. Is your father -in -law and mother -in -law?”

Mr. Qian Ling said with a smile: “Okay, okay, all good!”

Shen Wuxian stood up and took a step back, saying: “Master father -in -law, this is Brother Zhou, who is often mentioned to you.”

Zhou Zhaoxue arched his hand and said, “Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu, Zhou Zhaoxue is polite.”

Really talk about the rivers and lakes, Mr. Qian Ling still lowered Zhou Zhaoxue’s generation, and he flashed beside him.

Shen Wuxian also introduced: “Daddy, this is the hero of the” one -size -fits -all soul “hero.”

Duan Sanhun hugged his chest as a chest, and said, “Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu, Duan Lao San will not be self -confidence, and I still hope that Haihan will be one or two.

Mr. Qian Ling did not expect that this big man with a strong face was the “one -size -fits -all soul” that made the rivers and lakes famous twenty years ago. This little valley peeled!

Mrs. Bai Qiao also blessed. Duan Sinan did not understand the courtesy of Central Plains at all, and also hugged his fist as his chest. He said: “The junior Duan Sinan has seen Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu.”

Mrs. Bai Qiao smiled slightly. Although this little girl did not understand the courtesy, she was quite pure and cute. She reached out and said, “The niece of the sage does not need to be more gift. This is not a place to be hospitable, and I also ask the hall to talk about it. Aan, I said that a female guest arrived, and asked the lady to go to Shuizhu House for guests. “The latter sentence was ordered to order the servant. The servant Aan led him and walked quickly. However, he was not very anxious, and there were colorful and exquisite sparrows, but I was afraid that the lady would have known.

The colorful and exquisite lady was made by the lady. From the beginning to the completion of the production, it took half a year to make the production. Although I dare not say that there are no ancients, there are no one afterwards, but if you want to imitate one, it is not a one, but it is not one. Simple things. This kung fu, I am afraid that the lady has already gone out of her embroidery room. Sure enough, it’s not far away, and a little girl came on the face, Agui said: “Cui Er, what about Miss?”

Little girl Cuier said: “Is it a water bamboo house?”

Aan said: “Yes. Miss has thought of it.”

Cui Er said: “Which aunt is not going to the water bamboo house first? The favorite place of the aunt is the water bamboo house.”

Aan said: “How many people are here this time, how many?”

“Really?” Cuier was very surprised. “This time, it will be a lively Mid -Autumn Festival.”

Aan said: “Don’t be happy first, you are tired.”

Cui’er glanced at him, and said, “I am willing.”

The water bamboo house is a bamboo house floating in the small pond, all of which are used. Although not large, if a few people are sitting inside, a pot of tea is put on, and the light wind is mixed with the depressed bamboo fragrance, but it is vulgar.

When the crowd came to the water bamboo house, a girl stood at the door earlier. The girl was about 17 or eight years old. It was more playful and elegant than Sinan. Seeing everyone, he gently converged, and said, “Father, mother.” His eyes floated to Shen Wu hated, and a faint blush was raised on his face.

Mrs. Yu said: “Daughter, come over to meet the ceremony. At this time, Zhou Gongzi, this is Duan Hero, this is Duan Hero’s thousand gold. This is a little girl.”

Without waiting for the girl to speak, Duan Sinan grabbed her hands and said happily: “This sister is so beautiful. My name is Duan Sinan, what about my sister?”

The girl was a little embarrassed and whispered: “My name is Yu Linglong.”

Mrs. Bai Qiao likes Duan Sinan’s straightforwardness, saying: “Daughter, you take the niece of Duan Xian to walk around, and your parents will do his best to the friendship of the landlord.”

Yu Linglong was well -behaved: “Yes, her daughter follows. Zhou Gongzi, Duan Hero, Seven Brothers, the tea on the hall is ready. Please.”

Duan Sanshen laughed and said, “My third child is a rough person, and my girl does not understand the courtesy. I still hope that Mr. Yu, Mrs. Yu, don’t laugh.”

Mr. Qian Ling laughed: “Duan Hero said there. Making love is the golden golden jade, how can it be comparable to the ordinary people of others.

After entering the water bamboo house, everyone was divided into guests. As the master, Mr. Qian Ling and Mrs. Bai Qiao sat at the top of the upper head. The left head was Shen Wu hated, Zhou Zhaoxue and Duan Samu, each with a bamboo. There is only Yu Linglong and Duan Sinan on the right. It seems that the seating is not worried, but it is more anticipated.

The tables and stools in the water bamboo house are also made of bamboo, including tea sets of tea and water. Yu Linglong poured tea in turn and sat down.

Mr. Qian Ling raised the tea and said, “Please.”

The tea soup is immersed in the bamboo cup, and it adds a faint bamboo fragrance. The tea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLinglong Valley was baked by Mr. Qian Ling himself. The crowd held the tea cup respectfully and squeezed it gently. Duan Sinan also held the tea cup with a kind of learning. When she saw the tea in the tea cup, she couldn’t help but skim the corner of her mouth. Just a little, there is no bite of wine, it is more than half a mouthful, it is very fragrant. When I got my mouth, I fell into my mouth all at once.