Youth is responsible! Listen, adhere to the self -report of the post -line 90s and post -00s of the epidemic prevention and control


CCTV Beijing May 5th News (Corporation of CCTV, CCTV) At present, the situation of the Beijing epidemic prevention and control situation is severe and complicated. Many areas are classified as seal -controlled areas and control areas. No one is out of the area. ” How can the demand for emergency medical rescue in the masses meet in emergency management?

In Chaoyang District, from the 120 Emergency Medical Rescue Center community protection positions, to ordinary social workers in grass -roots street communities, and to the volunteer service team organized by the Chaoyang Communist Youth League, we woven a guarantee network to protect the health of the masses. A group of post -90s and post -00s young people took the heavy responsibility and persisted in the first line of epidemic prevention and control. Yesterday (May 4th) was the May 4th Youth Day, come to listen to their voice.

The busy Wei Wenjing (the interviewee confessed)

Wei Wenjing:


I am Wei Wenjing, the Nursing Department of the Emergency Medical Rescue Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing. I am a post -90s, a newcomer. Recently, in order to ensure the needs of the people in the jurisdiction and control the people in the community to go out for medical treatment, we have established a special working group. In the community security group, I mainly responsible for collecting and controlling the people in the community for medical treatment. All members of the center’s May holiday stopped, and they were in the post of “war”.

On May 2nd, my colleagues and I helped the Judge of the special emergency value. Through the hotline of the people of the people of the Chaoyang, the citizens in the community were required for medical treatment. Recently, there are really a lot of medical staff in the sealing and controlling communities. We have touched the recent medical needs of 50 maternal women in the near future in more than two hours. During this period, I got a medical information about a pregnant woman. She has been 38+2 weeks and is planned to go to Beijing Maternal and Gynecological Hospital for examination on the morning of May 7. At 11 o’clock that night, I received the news of this pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid. She was particularly anxious. I immediately reported to the center and said to her at the same time, “Don’t worry, we have learned about your situation during the day. We will send a car immediately. Go pick you up, you are ready. “

The center specially dispatched the shuttle unit to transfer, and the ambulance set off immediately. In the seal -and -control community, in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, the process of medical treatment will be more complicated, but the situation is very urgent. The center specializes in related channels to notify the Beijing Maternity Hospital for protection, emergency consultation, and open green channels. However, her family also contacted the police when calling our center’s medical hotline, and the police car had been assisted in the road to the hospital. Although it was not successful, the center continued to follow up and learned about her situation, and learned that she had taken a smooth medical treatment. They also thank the center for helping communicate the green channel of pregnant women. At this moment, a heart I was hanging finally let go, and I felt very satisfied, hoping that the mother and child were safe.


Because the ambulance and staff of our center must be washed and eliminated by vehicles and personnel after performing the transfer of immune -related personnel. For a while, the workload of the center was particularly large. At most, I was washed and eliminated. Vehicles, ambulances, business cars, China -Pakistan cars. To be honest, I feel that I have been washing and eliminating. It is really hard. When I am busy, the protective service cannot be taken off for several hours. After finishing the matter, my body is soaked, and my face is full. And we have to be very careful at work. Follow the standard process to wash and eliminate every place that may be contaminated, because we are the protector of the vehicle group, our washing work is to protect them, and the vehicle can return to the subsequent task quickly middle.

I am now a member of the Communist Youth League. This year’s May 1st (holiday), although we all spent in work, this may be the real May Day Labor Day. I think it is particularly meaningful! We young people have to experience, practice more in the front line of the post, and be tested! Become a medical staff who is really beneficial to society and protect the health of the people!

Wang Lei:

I am Wang Lei, a social worker of the Nanli community of Panjiayuan Street Mocho. The matters that are responsible for medical treatment for medical treatment in the epidemic prevention and control is to accompany the residents who are accompanied by the residents in the feeding area. There are WeChat groups in each building. They report to us in the WeChat group. What are the need to seek medical treatment and what needs the next day. Residents are very urgent to seek medical treatment, and more are for dialysis. In addition to dialysis, there are other unexpected things, such as he breaking his leg, or his heart pain, or some other severe patients who need to seek urgent medical treatment, all need me to follow the ambulance and accompany it to accompany it until it is accompanied by the ambulance and accompanied to it until it is accompanied by it until it is accompanied by the accompany Go to the hospital.

I have been in 90 years. I just worked for a year and was the first time. Although this job sounds easy, there are still many difficulties. For example, about seven or eight o’clock one night, a patient is a late bone cancer and needs to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment. During the medical treatment, he had a low fever. Because he had communicated with the hospital before, he did not have a fever. After arriving at the hospital, through the leadership of the street, including many coordination, it had been communicated with the Health Commission for more than an hour, and patients with advanced bone cancer successfully admitted to the hospital.

Such emergencies occur almost every day in work. At the latest, at 3 am, a child was a bit uncomfortable. It was only two or three years old. We helped coordinate the Children’s Research Institute, called 120, accompanied by the past.

In fact, the biggest difficulty is that we must be an intermediate coordinator. First of all, we must ensure that residents in the controlled area and control areas must be guaranteed to seek medical treatment. In the process of closed -loop transportation, we must ensure the safety of residents. Finally, I went to the hospital and handed over with the hospital.

We do these things almost every day, and there is also a process of continuous running -in, almost 24 hours of standby. Although I am very tired every day, I think it is worthwhile to solve the real difficulties for residents. Everything I pay is worth it.

Volunteer Dong Hanqing in the flow tone (pictured by the interviewee)

Dong Hanqing:

I am Dong Hanqing. I am currently studying at the Clinical Medicine of Capital Medical University. After 00, I am also an old volunteer with 833 hours of volunteer. In this round of epidemic in Beijing, my partner and I signed up for the flow volunteer of Chaoyang’s illness and control.

Streaming volunteers are actually subdivided. We are the notification group in the flow. The main task is to check the secret information based on big data. First notify my home isolation, and then send it to the community to let the community control it.

A few days ago, we worked overtime for two hours. After getting out of the door of the illness and control at 11 o’clock in the evening, we received a notice. There was a takeaway brother to Yang Yang. He needed to call his delivery customer and notify the isolation. So we walked back tacitly and started a new round of call. Unexpectedly, many residents have fallen asleep at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, but they still cooperate with our work with a sleepy voice. Most of them are very cooperative. Do n’t forget to thank us before the phone. It was impressive that a lady cried when she received the news of secretly. I quickly comforted and tried to find out the reason for crying. After one or two minutes of chatting, it turned out that because the lady lived with the elderly and children at home, she was afraid of being infected with her illness. It was simple to find out the reason. We helped her recall whether there was any protection at the time, explaining the secret policies, and ordering health monitoring. Accompanied by time and discourse, the voice of the lady returned to calmness and promised to do a good job of home isolation and health monitoring.

There is a saying in the medical community, “Occasionally healing, often helping, always comforting.” Although I can’t eliminate her disease risk, I can comfort her mood, give health suggestions, and practice biological-society-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological-psychological The medical model should take on the social responsibility of young medical students.