How to choose a bathing supplies for pregnant women! What is important to bathing during pregnancy?


How to choose pregnant women’s bath supplies

Bathing supplies of pregnant women are indirectly exposed to the skin. If the bath products contain heavy metals, alcohol, hormones, minerals and other harmless chemical materials, it will bring skin discomfort, and it can be recovered back to skin diseases. Essence The selection of pregnant women’s bath supplies must be considered as first.

Purchase method 1: Select the public bath supplies of pregnant women

Generally speaking, the public baths of pregnant women are more sophisticated in the choice of identity, peace and not comforting, and will not cause damage to pregnant women and babies. But the quality is in charge, do not buy the product of the shoddy.

Purchase method 2: Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging

When buying, pay attention to whether the bath supplies can be packaged well. Because packaging damage will affect its quality, it is easy to change. As far as enzymes are concerned, it is most afraid of being separated from the atmosphere, or the transformation of the seizure. For example, when the enzyme should be green but white, it cannot be purchased or used.

Purchase method 3: The label of the product should be understood

For pregnant women’s bath supplies, the clarification of products must be meticulous as much as possible so that pregnant women can understand whether the identity outside can affect itself may be the fetus. About some products clarify that they are more vague than that, they still do not propose purchase for the sake of health. Because the products of large manufacturers are generally clear, the quality is also guaranteed.

To clean the skin task, pregnant mothers must not ignore it, nor can they not be washed the fetus indirectly because of worrying to comfort the fetus because of worrying to the fetus. In addition to the public baths used by pregnant women, the baby’s bath products are also flat, which is suitable for pregnant women. Em

The influence of pregnant women’s bath supplies

Some pregnant mothers are worried that the usual bath supplies will be indirectly comforted to the fetus? For the sake of health, I still use water purification to wash and clean. Notify you, this method is wrong. Washing with purification of water alone is not completely clean to clean the skin, and you must pay attention to group hygiene during the period. Due to changes in hormones in the body, the sweat and sebaceous glands are leaked, and the oily excretion of sweat and the head of the head often brings uncomfortable stickiness.

The skin performance presented at this time is often: 1. Itching of the skin and dehydration in the body; 2. Increased stratum corneum, loss of elasticity, and aging skin; 3. Dull skin, short nutrients; 4. The skin is corrupted, and it is rotten.

Therefore, pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to skin care results and bring a clean skin to me. At the end, they need to use pregnant women to wash and show their heads and figures. I feel that the results are getting better, it will feel a hundred times more comfortable, and happiness is like a fairy.

What are the sophisticated of bathing supplies for pregnant women

Should I be sophisticated about bathing supplies for pregnant women? There is no doubt about the mystery. In case the pregnant woman accidentally used her shampoo and bathing dew, it can form skin discomfort, cause boring skin, peeling, and severe allergic scenes such as rash. After listening to these, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the selection of bath supplies.

Baths are made of natural identity only, so that the harmless chemical identity outside is damaged to the skin of pregnant women, maybe it is to comfort the health of the fetus in the stomach. Bath supplies must have three characteristics of natural, safety, and effectiveness. It must be peaceful and comfortable to use, without strong comfort, and it is best to moisturize.

In addition, don’t arrange some fragrant agents in the bathroom. These breaths are not good for pregnant women and babies, especially when the identity of the fragrant agent is not clear. A small amount of flavors and chemical materials are confused.

What brand of pregnant women’s bath supplies are good

When choosing a bathing supplies for pregnant women, facing a lot of different brand products is also a task that causes headaches. I do n’t know where to choose. Especially the introduction of various brands of products is very different, making people dizzy. So what brand of pregnant women’s bath products are good? Let’s listen to the experience of netizens.

Kangaroo mother pregnant woman washing suite

Baoma Shanshan: The product packaging is exquisite, the faint wheat incense, it smells very comfortable, peaceful, without comfort, there is no allergies at that time, it is not light after use, it is easy to clean the cleaning, and the hair is smooth. The cost -effective is much cheaper than the physical store, and the moisturizing results are very good after use.


October Angel fresh skin, bathing dew

Bao Ma Qian’er: The essence of animals such as mint, which is special to wash it, let the body and mind lose intact in the bath, very comfortable and happy. However, its mint taste is stronger than that of pregnant mothers who don’t like mint taste.

Parenting rice pregnant women’s cleaning suit

Baoma Dancy: This is a Japanese brand. The essence of natural animals such as soy milk and rice is added outside. It is peaceful and uncomfortable. It is also very detailed to use. The result of hydration is also good. The hair is boring to taste this shampoo. And its bath is rich in foam, which is slippery after washing the skin and very comfortable.

Maternity treasure pregnant women’s cleaning suit

Bao Ma Ding Ding: This packaging is very high -end atmospheric, the products are also very peaceful, uncomfortable, and suitable for pregnant mothers. The result of shampoo and conditioner is very good. After using it, there is no dandruff, and the head is not itchy. It is clean and refreshing. As a result, it is dripping. The overall is very good, it is worthy of referring to!