U19 Men’s Basketball World Cup Observation: Eight Village’s example power! Five blacks in the Japanese team


The Japanese team has only participated in one event in the World Cup in the 5th U19 men’s basketball team, which is led by the Wizards Star Okamura in 2017.

List of Japanese players

This time, the Japanese team’s lineup is very good. Five elders who are more than 2 meters tall, five of which are the most black players in the previous Japanese National Youth Team.

Japanese team photo

Come and introduce these five black players!


Location: Small forward, height: 2 meters

At present, the third year of high school studies at Mingcheng University of Sendai University

Yamana Yiyi

His mother is Japanese. His father is from Guinea. He was born in Chiba Songku City. During his high school, he was introduced by Hagura High School High School, Sato, who believed that he would be the next Japanese NBA player.

Because the mixed black people are similar to the height of Bazun, and they played at the Eight Village’s alma mater Mingcheng High School, wearing the No. 8 jersey of the former Eight Village, it was called the Japanese media: Eight Village II.


Japanese team

Yamazaki is the main player of Japan’s U19. Although it is called Eight Murakami II, Yamazaki’s outer feel and cutting in are excellent than the Eight Village in high school. The disadvantage is that the figure is thinner and the confrontation is poor.


In the winter of 2020, the Mingcheng High School Finals played against Dongshan. Yamazaki scored 7 points in a critical moment to win the Tung Mountain. Through the final key lore and block, it helped Mingcheng win the championship. He is also eager to go to American universities after graduating from High School, like his predecessors, hoping to attract the attention of NCAA coaches through this U19 World Cup.

Takino ブ ル ー ス

Takino ブ ル ー ス (Bruce Kanno)


Location: Small forward, height: 1 meter 98


Mother is Miyano, who is a singer activity, was attracted by the charm of jazz and moved to New York to live. Due to the 3.11 earthquake, he returned to Japan to accompany Bruce’s grandfather.

In the second grade of primary school, he started playing basketball. He studied in Huajuan City, Iwate County, Jihua City, and chose to join Mingcheng High School because he favored Eight Village. He is a tall organizer.

Bruce intends to use this U19 men’s basketball World Cup to win the invitation of NCAA University.

Little Lawrence-Hubble

レ ー ハ ー レ ン ス JR (Little Lawrence-Hubble, John Harper JR)

Location: Guard, height: 1 meter 83

At present, I studied in Donghai University


The attacking black defender with strong attack power is good at cutting -in guards and has a strong physique. Xiao Huber studied in Fukuoka No. 1 in high school. In the first two years of high school, he got the national two consecutive hegemony under the light of Yonghui, the senior Hecun. Essence

After graduating from high school, he joined the Ryukyu Golden Emperor Club as a special designated player. The 17th month and 11 months were the youngest players in the history of B League. They were born on February 9, 2003 and grew up in Okinawa County.


After graduating from high school, he decided to follow Xuehe Hecun Yonghui to join Donghai University.

Mishan ジャバ

Java eo YoneyAma


Location: Big forward, height: 1 meter 91

Current sophomore, study at a special university

With a strong figure, if he does not hit the defender, he should have no development. He is a friend with the 2021 Japanese -controlled Sidea Tanaka. His father should be a black American and grew up at the U.S. military base in Yokosuka.

Yamana Yongdeng

Yongzhong in the mountains (Yong Deng in the mountain, Yuto Yamanouchi)

Location: Big forward, height: 2 meters 04

Born in 2003, High School studied in Ribet Academy in Los Angeles, USA. In 2019, he was discovered by the Japanese Basketball Association. He was pulled into the Japanese men’s basketball training team. Dad is an American and his mother is Japanese.

Born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, he was studying in Hawaii in the fifth grade of elementary school to junior high school. He began to contact basketball at the age of 5, but he began to receive regular basketball training.

This time the U19 men’s basketball World Cup is the first time he officially played on behalf of the Japanese team. He belongs to the 2021 session of the United States. He should have been a high school graduate. At present, he does not know his future whereabouts.


This time, there are 5 black mixed players in the Japanese team. Due to the role model for Eight Murakama, there are more and more Japanese men’s basketball players.


In addition, Chikara Tanaka is currently not participated in the U19 men’s basketball World Cup due to the epidemic. Visit San Francisco University with the club team.