Women who are over 40 years old, remember “Four Don’t” in summer, it is easy to show old no temperament


As the temperature gradually increases, the hot summer is coming. In this season, many young girls have put on various colorful clothes.

The flowers and branches are very personal and fashionable, and it has also built a landscape for the street.

But for middle -aged women over the age of 40, if you still wear it like a young girl, it is obviously a bit inappropriate. After all, at this age, whether it is the appearance or body shape, it has changed a lot.

Skin skin, blessing body, dull complexion,

If you don’t pay attention to wear, you will easily expose your defects.

But women of each age group have the charm of them. Even at the age of 40, the same is true. If you want to show your advantages through dressing,

Then remember this “four do not” when dressing, so as to avoid showing the old no temperament

, Better show your advantages and charm.

1. Do not exaggerate the color, mainly light colors

1. What color is more suitable?

I have also said before that in the middle -aged stage, because the skin tone gradually became dull, it was not as fair and translucent as young girls, so if you still choose too exaggerated and dazzling bright colors,

Then it will only make yourself darker, and even feel the sense of breath.


Especially for all kinds of contrasting colors, you can avoid it as much as possible, because the color matching is not as simple as we think,

It is necessary to master certain skills and methods,

However, with the age of age, middle -aged women’s perception of fashion trends also seems weak, and at the same time, thinking is also easy to fall into custom, so it is difficult to correctly grasp the current popular color matching method.

For middle -aged women, it is more suitable for basic color systems such as black and white and gray.

Simple and versatile and advanced

In the summer, you can also try low -saturated light -colored systems, such as Morandi, etc., which is easier to highlight the temperament and show the sense of fashion that belongs to middle -aged women.


2. Correct demonstration: shirt+skirt

The tough shirt can modify the figure, which is very friendly to middle -aged women and can make the whole person look more energetic. The lower body can be paired with a black floral skirt. The black and white color color is stable and low -key. , It can easily control, the combination of “upper and lower and complex” can ensure the beauty of the overall shape.

2. Do not be tedious in style, mainly simplicity

1. What is tedious?

In addition to the color of the clothes, when choosing clothing, the design sense of design is also very important. Many clothing in order to deal with the needs of people.


Will add a variety of personalized and complex design elements

, Make the whole clothes look very designed, fashionable, and helps the tide people easier.

But the style of this type of clothing is obviously not suitable for middle -aged women over 40 years old.

The design with too cumbersome design is easy to look fancy and messy, and it is not easy to set off personal mature temperament.

Therefore, the style of the clothes should be as simple as possible, more practical and durable, and the point is not to be out of date. So you do n’t need to spend too much effort to buy clothes on the clothes.

2. Correct demonstration: matcha green dress

In summer, in addition to black and white gray skirts, you can choose some light -colored styles, such as this matcha green dress, overall

Design is very simple

There are no extra embellishments and complex designs, eye -catching and durable, matcha green color coloring is also very fresh, not only white but also very age -reducing.

It is really age that can be perfectly hidden.

Third, the version should not be tight, mainly comfortable

1. What version is the most comfortable?


Because the figure of middle -aged women is more or less formal, if you still want to wear too tight clothes,

So it is easy to expose the shortcomings of the figure

, But you can’t wear too loose clothing,

It’s easy to appear bloated and bloated

Not only will not be thin but also fat.

Don’t be too extreme in everything,

The clothes should be based on the fitted version as much as possible

How to judge whether it is fit? It will not be tight behind you, and there are some surplus space to ensure activity. Those straight -type clothes are like this, which can bring an excellent dressing experience, loose and comfortable, and very casual and comfortable in daily life.

2. Correct demonstration: T -shirt+suit pants


The loose basic T -shirt is indispensable in spring and summer, not only versatile and comfortable,

It is also in line with the temperament of middle -aged women

It is simple and restrained. The lower body can be paired with a pair of dark gray suit pants. The fabric is also very comfortable, and the sense of verticality is strong. The effect of the legs is excellent. This shape is not only relaxed and mature.

Fourth, the shape should not be too fancy, the matching should be reasonable

1. How to define fancy?


Some people are more fashionable and high -level in order to make the shape more fashionable,

In addition to the selected design, it will also add a variety of accessories to the shape

, Want to be more abundant and further enhance the sense of fashion. Although this shape can bring a good impact at first glance, it will look fancy after a long time.


For middle -aged women, the too fancy shape is easy to increase the burden invisibly, and it looks very bulky, which will also cause the effect of pressing height.


Not only can we get a comfortable dressing experience, it will not fall into the clicks.

2. Correct demonstration: shirt+wide -leg pants+accessories

The white shirt with a khaki -colored wide -leg pants is a very simple and temperamental shape. If the style is relatively simple and tedious, it is reasonable to add some accessories.


Such as watches, belts, necklace, etc.

These seemingly humble small pieces can greatly enhance the fashion of the shape and help the wearer to better highlight the temperament and taste.

Middle -aged women who are over 40 do not need to be too deliberate in the face of daily dressing. They can focus on simple, visible, and comfortable. Often, the simpler the shape, the more advanced.

#Don’t wear it like this#