Wang Ou’s new shape is too successful, and Morandi’s suit jacket is equipped with daddy shoes, but it is unexpectedly fashionable


The suit suit is a combination that many female friends will decisively choose when commuting get off work. Urban beauty walks through the city. With her three -dimensional cutting, she shows the capable and elegant independent women. The Morandic suit suit is quite high -level, and can even wear an artistic style. It is more consistent with Wang Ou’s temperament. It easily interpreted the elegance of full scores. What surprised people was that she did not choose to wear high heels, but put on daddy shoes. Wang Ou’s new shape is too successful. Morandi suits are equipped with daddy shoes.

Wear knowledge points:

The color selection of the suit suit is very particular. The more common suit suits are black, but due to the characteristics of color, it will bring some dull and rigid boards, which is not in line with the personal temperament of many gentle women. Although Wang Ou’s facial features are relatively cold, if she often uses black, she will look a little old -fashioned, making the whole face look serious.

If you want to show a feeling of affinity, it is best to change the idea of ​​color selection. Morandi’s color is quite high -level, and it is not easy to be outdated, and it can wear a strong artistic atmosphere.

Small tips:


The lines of the silhouette suit jacket stand upright, using it to make the whole person’s body more upright. Many people have problems in the shape, which will have a significant impact on the manner. If your humpback is very serious, it seems that the whole person is walking slightly, covering the good temperament completely.

Try to use the models of the single product to cover up the shortcomings of these figures, and to avoid weaknesses. This is the correct way to open it. The length of the suit jacket is medium, but the hips are covered, and there is no cover too much to the thighs. This is not short of legs.

Single -product combination skills:


When choosing the inside that can be matched with the suit suit, the white basic cut T -shirt is often among the best. White is a very versatile color, especially when traveling in summer. Choosing too dull colors will feel that some are not incompatible with the season. , And not perfectly interpret the characteristics of the season.

Its color rendering function is also very strong, and it has played its setting effect, which perfectly shows the color characteristics of the suit suit. When the photogenic, such a color combination can also show a harmonious scene.


The version of the suit pants is usually very loose, used for daily travel, especially to get off work, in order to make yourself more relaxed and comfortable, use wearing to get rid of the tension.

Dressing too much will cause a serious sense of restraint on the body. Many people will form an X -shaped leg due to long -term tilled Erlang legs. Long and straight.


The hair is fluffy, which is quite a goddess. Use the eight -character bangs or use the medium time to pay special attention to the position of the hairline. Do not pull it too high. It will show a sense of vision of a bald girl, which affects the value of the face. The necklace shows a sense of exquisiteness, and it makes up for the pure color to wear with accessories. Her nails are very gentle, and other items on her body will not feel very abrupt in color matching.

The tailoring of the tube top -style dress conforms to the line trend of the chest, firmly wraps the chest, and effectively avoids the problem of glowing. Its overall version is relatively slim, and the waist seems to be twisted together, so that the solid color design items look not so monotonous.


Its length is slightly longer, dragging all the way, showing curve beauty. From the side, the body line presents a S -type, which is a very important point that shows femininity.

With the heat of various draft shows, the combination of female group style is also loved by everyone, wearing youthful beauty. Standing on the stage, Wang Ou’s upper body is a color -fighting top. It uses the popular BM wind this summer, which once again shows her small waist. The lower body is wearing an orange pleated skirt, wearing full of vitality.

According to the needs of the stage performance, the choice of clothing also has different requirements. Wang Ou put on a moon white cheongsam and jumped up jasmine. The whole person was like a fairy who came out of the wonderland. The use of cheongsam can show the classical beauty of female friends, combined with exquisite embroidery patterns, like wearing a artwork.

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