Those who dislike the subway flavor, you are less human flavor


Those who dislike the subway flavor, you are less human flavor

The subway is an Ukiyo -e -painting and sentient beings in contemporary cities, and it is a cut of real life. Figure/unsplash

The noisy subway, the mixed smell, is disorderly in the eyes of some people. In the eyes of more people, it means the order and civilization of the city.

The Internet is a noisy world. We can never predict that in the day after day, there will be any new concepts and new nouns falling from it.


For example, last week, the freshly baked hot words were

“Subway flavor”

The matter of the matter is also very simple: Last week, the super typhoon Lichima swept across from the south of the river. Unfortunately, the female writer Zhang Xiaoyan was in Shanghai with a 20 million yuan house in Shanghai. The balcony of the water, the leaky toilet, the property that has not come in the wind and rain, and the Korean movie “Parasitic”, which just watched, let the writer and lady start thinking about life.


The film “Parasitic” faces the dark reality of the bottom of society.

That night, a paragraph appeared in the writer’s Weibo, and a few of them were particularly stinging: “… Living in a house of 20 million yuan, doing the so -called human elite work, living the so -called TOP5 life, hearing others, you can get someone else. The taste of the subway station on the body is not the same as those who run in the heavy rain. In fact, nothing changed … “

One stone stirred up thousands of waves. In the evening of this Weibo, I don’t know how many Chinese netizens silently lowered their heads, carefully smelled the smell of the subway left on the body, and quietly opened the search engine, and entered into the input, entering

“What is TOP life”

The problem.

This week, according to the rules of typhoon names, a messy Lichma stopped the number behind him. The name will never appear in the summer of the Asian people. It is conceivable that if it is not too long, the “subway flavor” will be replaced by new hot words.

After everything calm down, we can look back, sort out why the “subway taste” became popular, and re -examined the writer and lady, and those who were stabbed by her.

After the overthrow of public opinion was overturned, Zhang Xiaozheng deleted the Weibo.

The flavor of the subway on the mouth, in fact glass heart heart

One thing we don’t have to deny, that is, when Zhang Xiaozheng wrote this Weibo, he didn’t have much maliciousness. In the wind and rain, facing the chaotic situation in the room alone, a person feels emotionally out of control, leaving some excessive text on social software, which is fully understandable, without losing a true temperament.

It makes people feel uncomfortable.

At the beginning, she politically stated that her typhoon was not called takeaway, in order to show her perception of “everyone is not easy.” But at the end, the female writer was revealed, and the property was aggressive and asked the property to come to repair.

The former can show the author’s empathy and care: I don’t want to buy takeaway services in the rain. The latter is out of the central class of rules: I paid the property fee, and even if the other party was in the wind and rain, I also had reason to enjoy the service at any time. If these two points come out alone, it is no problem, but put together, immediately show the value of values.

The tenderness to others is just a masturbation emotional embellishment. Hidden behind the text is a high -top view.


From this perspective, the toilet of 20 million yuan of houses should not leak or leak water. Once the water is leaking, the building management must run to the door for repair. The boundaries of “people who are running in heavy rain” are clear.


The tightly separated barriers are not only reflected in the revenue of real gold and silver and the real estate of the land, but also infiltrated the words and deeds of everyday life. The title of a writer.

In fact,


Zhang Xiaoyan ignited the fire, but the high firewood salary was not piled up overnight.

Looking around, wealth weave a phantom. In the popular TV series, Hai Qing, who had a well -planned Hai Qing for the small snail house ten years ago, became Li Xian, who played the domineering president in the large flat layer today.


It should be a workplace drama that rescue Chinese science fiction, because the office workers do not need to work overtime, and they can fly downstairs anytime, anywhere for love.

The subway is the blood of a city. It will be sent to the heart of the city in the city, and they will return them to the most remote corners. Figure/unsplash

The bottom perspective gradually disappeared. Instead, it is a layer of filter sprinkled with gold powder. At a glance, the house, car, and glorious clothes become standard. Until one day, when the subway is also a kind of original sin, this is no wonder the majority of netizens I can’t sit still.

Ms. Zhang, who has the same indifference as the writer, must not be in the same way. They must not be in a small number. They watched “Parasitic” with a glass heart and thought they were the poor who were squatting on the toilet. The rich in the nose disliked the taste of the poor.

The lifetime of the dislike of the subway

At the beginning of 2018, the just -opened Qingdao Metro Line 11 became the object of watching. Most of these lines on the ground and known as the “most beautiful subway” are open for free test ride, which attracts citizens to be beyond their imagination, especially a large number of elderly people, competing for the progress hall, sucking a fresh subway, a fresh subway. taste.

On April 23, 2018, the subway of Qingdao 11 was opened for operation at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Figure/Figure insect creativity

It may be the experience of Qingdao, and Jinan next door adopted the practice of queuing numbers, limited time and limited supply of subway flavor.

On January 1 this year, Jinan opened the first subway line. During the trial operation, 1,000 test tickets were issued every day. A large number of citizens also kept the ticket in front of the computer.

Zhang Xiaoyan’s eyes are worth pining the smell of the nose, but it is the fragrant of many Chinese cities.

As of June this year, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, there have been nearly 40 cities across the country.

For ordinary people, when you come to a strange city, you can roughly understand the layout and scale of the city. If you sit back and forth a few more times, there will be a dialect here. I have no understanding.

Every day cursed the subway in the morning and evening peaks, but did not expect that I would fall in love with it unconsciously. Figure/unsplash

Of course, not all cities can build subways will be arbitrarily. Some people in the eyes of some people are actually a big guy to burn money.

According to statistics, the cost of building one kilometer subway is about 500 million yuan. For large cities with a concentrated population and economically developed, the subway can meet the travel requirements of a large number of population in a short time, and save expensive ground demolition costs. This money naturally spent worth it.

But for small cities, the population is small and the scale of the line network is small, and the money of the subway is a bit extravagant, and even completely can’t afford it.

On November 7, 2013, the construction site of Shenzhen Baoan was built at the construction site. Figure/Figure insect creativity

Inner Mongolia City, which has a population of less than 3 million, has high hopes for the subway, with a total investment of 30 billion yuan rail transit projects. It is also the highest investment in infrastructure projects in Baotou history.

But after the lively construction ceremony, the Baotou subway appeared on the news again, but because it was suspended.

In early August 2017, due to the problem of insufficient local financial ability, the construction of the Baotou subway was suspended, and the project that started to start abruptly. Subsequently, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th subway line construction project of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which was close to Baotou, was stopped for similar reasons.

The six subway lines of the Prairie City and the industrial city Baotou planning. In the next many years, it may only be temporarily lying on the paper–

Not all people in the city are qualified to dye a subway flavor.

In other words, Chinese cities need subways, and Chinese people also need subways. It is worthy of respect for their own efforts to buy cars and houses. The relationship is really ridiculous.

Metro is an inevitable result of urban development. It can improve the efficiency of urban transportation and protect the landscape ecology of the city. Figure/unsplash

If the subway tastes

What is the taste in the subway?

We might as well organize it: the paint smell of the new subway station, the dust flavor blowing from the old central air conditioner, the breakfast flavor of the morning office workers in the bag, the flavor of the wardrobe on the thick clothes in the first day, the hot summer day The sweat sourness of the workers …

They may be really bad, but they are all the atmosphere of real life and the taste of all beings.

In “The Song of Ice and Fire”, the little finger said: “Chaos is not a deep pit, chaos is a ladder.” The noisy subway, the mixed smell, is disorderly in the eyes of some people. In the eyes of more people, it just means It belongs to the order and civilization of the city.


Having said that, if it is measured by taste alone, in fact, the world -famous Paris subway, the New York subway, and the London subway should have a more sense of existence than the Chinese subway.

The chaos of the New York subway must have been appreciated in American dramas. Through the screen, the humid smell comes from the dark.


In 2016, the election opponent asked Hillary how Hillary took the subway, and she casually made “coins”, but in fact, the subway card has replaced the coins for many years.

In order to prove that he would take the subway, Hillary specially experienced a early peak of the New York subway. It is embarrassing that the subway card was swiped five times before the gate was released.

Hillary admitted in an interview on the subway that the last time I took the subway was a year to one and a half years ago.

In 2002, Shanxi girl Li Di’an had not yet become a famous female writer. At that time, she was just an ordinary international student. She came to Paris to study. After sitting on the old Paris subway, the young Di’an wrote such a paragraph:

“The Paris Metro Station seems to be in the same era as the cities above. If it wasn’t for those automatic vending machines selling beverages, I thought I had become history. For example, those rails that look like the nineteenth century, such as those compartments that need to open the door manually. “

This summer, the heat swept Europe, and the Paris subway without air -conditioning became the object of vomiting. In this ancient underground network, there must be some strong sweat odor.

Built in Paris Metro Station in 1975. Figure/ wikipedia

In January 1863, the world’s first urban subway line was opened to traffic in London, and humans entered the era of subway.

The 2017 film “To the Dark Moment” also specially arranged a plot, allowing the Prime Minister Churchill to enter the subway, standing generous in the masses, and inspiring everyone to defend the confidence of the motherland.

However, in reality, Churchill, who was born in a noble family, took only one subway in his life because he couldn’t bear the embarrassment of Honor. I don’t know if this embarrassment is the subway taste in Churchill’s mind.

In the film, Churchill gathered the power of the people through his speech in the subway. Figure/”To Dark Moment”

It is undeniable that the transportation is often a class tool, but the smell permeated in the subway car does not have anything to refer and despise, and it cannot be used as a superior raw material.

Carefully, the scent of buses, subways, taxis, and private cars on people, and the proof of the provenance of themselves on a class, in fact, only shows the meanness and sharpness after losing empathy.

Especially as a writer and screenwriter, the insulation of life makes people even more interesting to their works.

The subway is the shortcut that allows you to fall in love with this city as soon as possible, not a tool for you to build a sense of stratum. Figure/unsplash

The subway screamed and walked away. Many hopes of hopes to the end. The subway is the Ukiyo -e -painting and sentient beings of contemporary cities.

When you walk into the subway, you can understand what Mr. Lu Xun said, “infinite far away, countless people are related to me”, so that the poet Mu Dan wrote in “Praise” Infinite, he can’t cry. “

This is a philosophy belonging to the public and belonging to life. Of course, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyu and many classmates in Beida Tree Caves probably disdain and cannot understand this philosophy.

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