“Think about” Mom’s Parenting Scripture 2: Talking about childcare artifacts


Author: Waito


Artifact 1: Plastic Bib

The children in our family are pretty good, and all the foods that have been leaked. But sometimes he holds a bib, so he has to tighten it. The disadvantage of this Dongdong is a bit hard, and the baby will be a little uncomfortable.

Babybjorn soft Bib, Green/YELLOW, 2 PACK

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

As for the purchase of other clothes, it is different from person to person, each has its own taste, so I won’t go into details.


Artifact 2: Beta Bottle

The LV in the bottle is more than 200 at the price. After buying it, it seems that it is also very ordinary, that is, plastic, there is no texture, and the bottom seal is not free of trace. It is like this. If people are not available, let’s use it. The experience is still very good. The tilted bottle is the main function. It does not use vertical irrigation when feeding water. Normally give the water posture. This is also convenient for the baby to drink water by themselves. The friend who drinks water by himself with one hand is handsome and handsome!

T ッ ベ (Betta) ド ク タ ー ベ ッ タ breastfeeding び び び ジュエ ル S2-240ml (PPSU system) …

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Artifact three: steamed eggs:

Steaming a few eggs, it is best to use it to supplement food, so as not to use a beef knife to use a big pot to boil water for half a day, and wash it for half a day.

Artifact 4: Children’s dining chair:

At a very early period, I returned from 99 yuan in IKEA. Practice proves that it is very easy to use. It is flat with the dining table. When he can sit, we will feed him in the food and feed. Before eating with her husband, I was responsible for watching him. Now I can take a dining chair. The adults finally liberated their hands and have time to eat together. So that when we go out to eat, try to find a place to provide children’s dining chairs. This should be essential for children’s habit of developing themselves in the future.

Artifact five: spoon

There is a small box of this spoon, which is convenient for carrying and carrying. It does not need to be wrapped in paper. It is relatively large and feels good. It is suitable for feeding.

Oxo Tot on-the-GO Feeding Spoon with Travel Case-Aqua

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Recommended index: ★★★★

Artifact six: suction cup bowl

With dining chairs, three sets of large and medium -sized, used at different stages. It can be absorbed on the smooth surface very closely, because the baby does not eat yet, so he has not practiced his user experience. A little worried about his strong energy, which can be overturned by him anymore.

Munchkin stay port suction bowl, 3 count

Recommended index: ★★★


Artifact Seven: Little Night Lantern

The baby gets frequently at night, can’t see the lights, and the lights are very dazzling. Often, the mothers are busy. Therefore, you may wish to prepare a usual night light, which will not affect the baby’s sleep, but also make the mother clearly see it. You can go to the richest man to see it, which is very cheap.

Artifact 8: Anti -collision angle, rubber strip

Corner corner anti -collision angle thick table anti -collision angle babies protective sleeve children’s coffee table baby and young children’s anti -touch pads … Baby anti -collision bar thickened and widened baby safety anti -collision bar children’s protective bar protective bar protection bar Em

Recommended 3M, foam plastic, very soft, thick enough, enough fit.

Artifact Nine: Washing Hat

Kao Bi Yongye Shooting Hat Children’s Wash Hat can adjust the bath hat yellow

The texture is soft and does not cause a trace. My Jiabao likes to use it very much, and I am very happy to see the water flowing from head.

Artifact 10: Water thermometer

The temperature of the baby’s bath should be 38-40 ° C, and it is not good for cooling and heat. Many mothers use their own hands to try water temperature, but this is very inaccurate. The design of this water thermometer is very bright, and the baby can treat it as a bath toy. The temperature meter on the market is generally a dozen yuan.

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Artifact 11: temperature and humidity meter

LCD screen shows a dozen dollars, which is convenient for understanding the indoor temperature to increase or decrease baby’s clothing at any time. This is really necessary to have a hand.

Artifact 12: Ear Gun

Although the temperature measurement accuracy of the ear temperature gun is worse than the mercury temperature meter, it is necessary to hold the baby for a few minutes compared to each measuring body temperature. It is also necessary for the mercury temperature to break the baby. After the moon mercury thermometer, I decided to buy the ear temperature gun.

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Braun Ear Thermometer


Artifact 13: stroller (high landscape)

After studying for a long time, I found that the high landscape cars were beautiful, earthquake -resistant, and good through, but weighing more than a dozen kilograms. The umbrella car is light but the earthquake is not mighty. The two are the relationship between fish and bear’s paw, so the local tyrants buy two or more for children. In order to save money, they pick up and find a website for renting a baby car. It won’t waste it. What’s more important is that this website is doing activities, just one dollar rental a year. And the car is also good, Babyruler, Taobao sells above 1500. Of course, for this, I will pay a deposit of 1599 yuan. Such a cheap thing is worried that there are people who do not refund the money in a year. To this end, we organized a WeChat group early, and prepared to organize their rights to defend their rights when they did not refund the money. Do you want to be so greasy!

The Babyruler Tornado weighs 12kg, which is not ordinary. It is not recommended that you buy it separately. The rent is still okay. If the child is old, you can take it off when you are in an umbrella.

Artifact 14: stroller (umbrella car)

Regarding umbrella cars, I do n’t buy this type of goods such as STOKKE (I ca n’t afford it ~~), because I have experienced the heavy landscape cars, I want a light car, heart water yoyo YOYO For a long time, I have also seen all kinds of real objects and the mother who pushed Yuyu, Yaya, YOYA, YUYU, but in the end, the reason for us to give up buying this car is that YOYO has too poor ability to pass through. Press the handrail and lift the front wheel, but take two people to lift. China’s national conditions are relatively poor, so YOYO is still forgetful. Finally, I chose the more affordable Mountain Buggy Nano baby car. I got the workmanship of my hand and felt that the work car was quite solid. There was no legendary experience of pushing the umbrella car. Although it cannot be closed in one click, it is relatively easy to collect and carry. There is no problem with the measured luggage rack in the actual measurement, and there are many more space. However, the carba rack is not available, and the luggage rack of the motorcycle is too narrow, and you can only let go of the aisle cabinet.

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Mountain buggy nano stroller, Ruby (discontinued by manuoFacturer …

Artifact 15: Belt

Ergobaby classic model, but I couldn’t bear money at the time, and I bought more than a hundred imitation (if the baby is big, will he hate his father too stingy ~~) ​​later found that the use of the strap was very high. Full straps are done. Mainly, we do n’t pick it up, and we are very good in the strap. I regret not buying genuine products at the beginning, but now I have grown up and I don’t need a strap. The disadvantage is … you walk outside the day, your waist is about to break, and you still have to get a cart in shopping.

American Ergobaby Basic Baby Belt-Black/Camel BC6CANL

Artifact Sixteen: Pamentate pacifiers

Babies in the oral period can get comfort by sucking and reduce crying. Moreover, compared to eating hands, sucking pacifiers is better for the baby’s teeth, and it will be easier to quit in the future. Don’t worry about being addicted. My child loves to eat hands for about three months. We are habitually thinking that this is not easy to try to stop him, but then ponders that he should be more disadvantaged by himself. Later, slowly he didn’t like to slap his hands. Now he doesn’t like to soothe the pacifier, so a lot of things are the same as clothes, and they don’t fit when they are older, haha.

Artifact 17: Anti -Disposter Chain

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

When the baby uses a pacifier, the biggest problem is that it is easy to loosen to the ground. At this time, the mothers will be tangled: pick it up and send it back to the child’s mouth, it will definitely not work, the ground is stained with dust bacterial virus, but it can be disinfected again. Come.

At this time, a simple anti -off chain can help you solve this problem. On both sides, the length is moderate, and his pacifier can be baired on the baby. You do n’t have to worry about the old on the ground and have to wash it, especially the door must be.

Artifact eighteen: diapers

In view of the different characteristics of diapers, we are used with it. Hua Pan diapers (daily), king angel diaper (night), pull pants (out of use).

Amazon | メリーズテープ(tape) さらさらエアスルー新生児用(お誕…Amazon | グーンプレミアム天使の産着Lサイズ(9~14kg) 38枚入| お…Amazon | ムーニーマンエアフィット男の子用Lサイズ54 Mei (パ ン パ …


Artifact Nineteen: Plastic Blocks

At the stage of putting everything in the mouth, the solid wood building blocks were all his dental marks in minutes, and the wood scum can be swallowed. And the solid wood building is a bit hard, worried. Plastic blocks meet his demand, don’t worry about stalking, and can have pores, squeezing can sound. Although he will not pile up the block so far, he loves the building blocks that his parents set up.

B. Elemenosqueeze Blocks

Artifact 20: Bed Bell

As soon as he was born, as his first toy, he was still very emotional. How many times, the melody familiar to the bed bell was attracted and forgot to cry. Ling turned to solve the thousands of sorrows.

Artifact 21: Feixue arch

Also as a toy that has been enabled from a month, he has been with the baby until now, but he still likes it, but he was lying down before, and now he is riding on the arch …

Fisher Price, a puzzle toy, a new piano fitness device BMH49

Artifact 22: Bathing duckling:

Use every time you take a bath, do not take a bath, and tell him that he can only play when you take a bath. Similarly, he only played a specific toy when he changed the diapers, so he was lying in the wait there and waited for you to change it, and he would not twist.

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

[Global Purchase] Canadian direct mail McKinzi Munchkin temperature sensing duckling yellow duck yellow duck infant baby babies bath …

Typical items:

hair dryer

What is required is the white noise from the hair dryer, which has a sedative and hypnotic effect, but unfortunately it will be immune to the magic after two months. Be careful not to get too close, and the sound hurts the baby.

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器


“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

As long as it is clean, it can be any piece. Play with him, cover his face or cover himself with cloth, hiding him or hiding himself. He likes this game very much. The moment he opens the cloth, he will send an angel -like smile. Sound, and you will be stopped by this laughter. This method varies from person to person, you can try but do not force it. In addition, the use of cloth is too large. You can be a huge turban, a mouthful of saliva, wiped your mouth, and covered with things. The two cloths let him find the Eastern Tibet. Bula to get what you want.

cell phone

Based on his strong curiosity and his mouth before the age of one, he saw his parents tinter a glowing block all day, so that he had a strong appetite for his mobile phone. As long as he found that the phone was not in the hands of his parents, he would light up his eyes, rushed up, and then licked it before. Try it repeatedly. Therefore, when we need him to perform new sports skills for grandparents and grandpa, we only need to adjust the position of the mobile phone. The plane of the distance is the animal world, the sofa is displayed on the sofa. Shit, the exploration is found to be found in the pocket, it is time to wash and sleep.


Headphone cables, data cables, laces, trousers, and so on. In fact, it is more fresh, and sometimes he played for a few minutes, and he feels that he is not interested in nothing. So we might as well let him try it, and don’t react the first reaction to stop.

Outside the question:

Many of the above items were bought by Haitao. Most Made in China, some people have to ask, why do you want to go far. First, many things are mainly for exports, and they are generally not available in China. Second, the domestic regulatory mechanism is incomplete. Even if the export is transferred to the domestic sales, mostly sells the goods in the name of the original order, and I have no energy to verify the authenticity. I would rather choose a relatively easy to operate Haitao. Third, the standards of foreign products are strictly regulated on infant and child supplies, and products circulating in foreign markets are more assured. Fourth, many things are often cheaper than domestic buying around the earth than domestic. The typical is the water cup of the stoles. It is sold in luxury goods in domestic shopping malls. Hundred. Milk powder is even more irritating. Domestic miscellaneous milk powder is sold for 300 to 500. In fact, foreign milk powder is generally only 100, and the shipping tariff is only more than 200 to China. The export tax refund of my Tianchao is very powerful, coupled with other various taxes, logistics, and agency reasons, which has caused this strange phenomenon that foreign things are cheaper than China. It ’s a bit expensive, why do n’t you do such a good thing? Fifth, take the peaches of Tianshui Gansu as an example. The first -class product provides the European and American markets. Supply Shanghai and Guangdong. This makes us want better products, and it is necessary to go around the earth for a week before we forget to return to the original point.

Personal views, it is inevitable that they misunderstand it. If you also have a lot of experience, you are welcome to write it out to share with you.

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

Recommended index: ★★★★ ☆

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★★

“想想”妈的育儿经 篇二:聊聊育儿神器

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★★

Recommended index: ★★★

Recommended index: ★★★

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