Instrument Encyclopedia | Do you know what vacuum drying box is? What cases can be used?


The drying box is a dry equipment commonly used in laboratory, but some thermal, easy -to -decomposition and oxidation substances will be decomposed and volatile with commonly used drying boxes, which will easily cause laboratory safety accidents. At this time, the vacuum drying box needs to be played.

1. What is a vacuum drying box?

The vacuum drying box is dedicated to dry

Thermal sensitivity, easy decomposition and easy oxidation substance

仪器百科 | 你知道什么是真空干燥箱吗?哪些情况下能用?

The design can keep the studio in the studio a certain vacuum and be able to fill the inert gas inside, especially some items with complex ingredients can also be quickly dry, and with the advancement of technology, most vacuum drying boxes can be used. Setting, displaying and controlling the temperature of the intelligent digital temperature regulator is more convenient to use.

Vacuum drying boxes are widely used in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceuticals, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection, etc., and are used for disinfection and sterilization of various types of glass containers.

仪器百科 | 你知道什么是真空干燥箱吗?哪些情况下能用?

2. Why do I have to use a vacuum drying box?

Compared with conventional drying technology, the drying of vacuum technology has the following advantages:

仪器百科 | 你知道什么是真空干燥箱吗?哪些情况下能用?

◆ The vacuum environment has greatly reduced the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be removed, so the vacuum drying can be easily applied to thermal substances;

◆ For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other particle samples, the use of vacuum drying method can effectively shorten the dry time;

◆ All kinds of complicated mechanical components or other porous samples are cleaned after using a vacuum drying method, leaving no residual substances after completely drying;

◆ Safe uses safer to use in vacuum or inertia, completely eliminating the possibility of oxide and explosion;

◆ Compared with ordinary dryness relying on air circulation, powder samples will not be blown or moved by flowing air;

What are the characteristics of vacuum drying boxes?

Lichen vacuum drying box has the following characteristics:

1. PID temperature control technology, black film process LCD screen display set temperature and current temperature, clear and intuitive;

2. It has the functions of time, over -temperature alarm, automatic correction error;

3. The studio is made of high -quality 304 stainless steel plate or high -quality steel plate. The four -corner arc design is easy to clean;

4. The tightness of the box door is adjusted, and the overall molding silicone sealing strip to ensure the good sealing of the box;

5. Use double -layer thick glass large windows, the interior heating items are clear at a glance;

6. Cold -rolled steel shells, use static spray plastic treatment processes to resist corrosion and aging.

仪器百科 | 你知道什么是真空干燥箱吗?哪些情况下能用?

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