Jinan Odyssey enjoys a blessing bag plan National Day Hi buy Festival Don’t miss it?


The company is not busy, the daily subway station is congested, what should I do if there is any personal space? I want to buy Odyssey, I want to buy Odyssey, I want to buy Odyssey. Important things say three times!

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[Bloom Fun Golden Autumn National Day Hi Buy Festival] started

Enjoy the unlocking treasure + blessing plan

济南奥德赛享福袋计划 国庆HI购节不要错过呢

Ten Quanshi: During the event, send a beautiful signing ceremony to the store

Ten-face treasure hunt: Buying a car during the event, you can participate in the golden ingot, 100% award

Ten Take Nine Stables: Fill 10 Special Seconds During the event

Ten exquisite: some models mortgage car enjoy 3 years interest-free

Jiujiu Daji: The four visits after the ID number included 9 customers to send a pillow.

Jiu Ding said: Successfully introduced friends and relatives to buy a car, you can get a comprehensive voucher of 1,000 yuan

Promotion time

September 28, 2021, October 02, 2021

Odyssey latest offer


Manufacturer guide price / subsidy price

济南奥德赛享福袋计划 国庆HI购节不要错过呢

Favorable price

Jinan offer

2.0L Rui · Enjoy the Welfare Version

349,800 yuan

0.3 million yuan

346,800 yuan

2.0L Rui Wei Welfare Version

376,800 yuan

37.38 million yuan

2.0L Rui · Shu Xiang Edition

229,800 yuan

226,800 yuan

2.0L Rui Enjoy Edition

255,800 yuan

252,800 yuan

2.0L Rui Zhi Xiang Edition

275,800 yuan

272,800 yuan

2.0L Rui exclusive version

294,800 yuan

291,800 yuan

2.0L Rui Supreme Edition

323,800 yuan

3208 million yuan

济南奥德赛享福袋计划 国庆HI购节不要错过呢

0.3 million yuan

0.3 million yuan

0.3 million yuan

0.3 million yuan

0.3 million yuan

0.3 million yuan