Summer, loose cake sandals are new darlings


Hello everyone! Welcome to “Fashion New Time and Space”. I am the host Xiaoli. Today we are fortunate to ask fashionistas Xiaomei. We will start a fashion consultation on the topic of sandals.


Xiaomei, hello, do you like to wear flat sandals? – Like, comfortable to wear, and not tired walking.

Isn’t that you don’t like to wear high heels? – Nor, high heels can increase height, look good to wear, and have temperament, that is, it is uncomfortable to walk for a long time.

Which shoe do you usually wear? – I, the most commonly worn is the sandals of the puffy cake. It can increase the height, slender body shape, but also walk comfortably.


It turns out like this ~ Can you share your baby with our sisters? -no problem! I will introduce 6 models to you today!

Zhang Yang and unruly unruly women have pursued a lot of women. This is a raised Roman sandals with super Han Fanfeng. At the same time, it is very feminine, becoming the first choice of women in the workplace, and also the representative of elegant and fashionable.


Bring Roman sandals

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The exquisite design, the long curve and elegant temperament brought by them are intoxicating. The design of the open toe is sexy and elegant and decently interpreted with the sweetness and elegance of the feet, glowing with cool charm exuding a faint little woman’s atmosphere.

Korean version of flat loose cake shoes

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It is your comfort to adjust your comfort. Underly implicit and elegant, outline the perfect foot curve, making it more comfortable to wear!


Printed decorative off -toed sandals

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This sexy fish mouth design is naked just right, implicit and elegant, outlines the perfect foot curve, making it more comfortable to wear! Classic high -heeled design, effectively extend the lines of the legs, shows the charming leg shape and enjoy smooth and comfortable!

Sale and thick bottom dew -toe loose shoes

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Although this romantic sandals, although it is not as good as the aggressive gas field and sexy femininity of high heels, its classic matte design, smooth heels. As a girl who pursues comfort and convenience in the end, it is the first choice.


Fish mouth fashion matte sandals

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Very Han Fan’s sandals. The fashion T -shaped upper perfectly shows your elegance and sweetness, exquisite and noble, and let you feel the stylish and sweet atmosphere at the happiest moment. The perfect combination of elegance and unrestrained has distributed the noble and elegant temperament to the extreme.


Crimson with fish mouth sandals

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